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Welcome to the camp of exercise, motion, action, workout and fitness. It’s time to get sweaty and dirty to get the adrenaline going and moving.

Have some time to encamp along to make way to move your body. Stay in a campsite of workout, physical activity, training, physical movements and keeping fit because you are born to move, act, work or do something.

Your body needs to burn the fuel you intake and release the energy inside you for you to gain more, expand more or increase more.

Check the articles below. It’s now time to move!


stay safe_bodybuilding workouts_c

How To Stay Safe During Bodybuilding Workouts?

Are you using potentially dangerous exercises in your workout? You have to be very careful with strength training equipment because ...
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strength training

How Strength Training Helps In Fat Loss And Getting Ripped Abs?

Have you considered including strength training in your fitness routine? In this article, find out how strength training burns fat, ...
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how to prepare for pilates class_c

How To Prepare For A Pilates Class?

Are you planning to soon join a Pilates class? If so, are you using Pilates mat exercise? How about music ...
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dancing to be fit

How Dancing Makes You Fit?

How To Dance Your Way To Great Physical Fitness? Now are you one or more of the following: Don’t exercise ...
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bodybuilding for teens

Teenage BodyBuilding You Should Know

Teenage bodybuilding is becoming ever more popular. Teenagers have always wanted to impress and greater numbers than ever are looking ...
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strength training leads to fat loss

How Strength Training Leads To Fat Loss And Ripped Abs?

Have you considered including strength training in your fitness routine? In this article, find out how strength training burns fat, ...
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Workout With An Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are a great way to burn calories and lose weight to stay in shape and fit. They suit ...
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Exercise and Movements Eases Arthritis

First off, check first some simple tips to relieve  arthritis pain and preventing arthritis through exercise. Afterward, find out how ...
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strength training

How To Start Your Strength Training Program?

View more on edocr Start a Lasting Strength Training routine. Find out the initial steps that you must do, some ...
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fitness for busy women

How Busy Women Should Exercise To Stay Fit?

Are you always busy? Fret no more. It’s not an excuse. There are still ways to be fit and live ...
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20 fitness tips

20 Fitness Tips For Beginners To Get Started

Are you planning to get fit today? Find out some few tips that can help you to take action to ...
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running for fitness

Why Running Is Best For Your Health And Fitness?

Running for weight loss is known to be one of the best methods to lose weight fast and get in ...
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Bodyweight Training for Strength to Weight Ratio

TRX and gymnastic rings mix things up a little because they involve bodyweight training instead of lifting weights. Bodyweight training ...
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women exercise tips

How Women Get The Best Out Of Their Exercise?

View more on edocr How often do you exercise? That’s a common question we often heard but how effective do ...
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How To Get Chiseled Abs Even At Home?

View more on edocr If there is one standard that most of the world uses to determine whether a person’s ...
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swimming cautions

What Are Some Cautions To Know Before Going For A Swim?

Do you love swimming? If you love this water activity, keep on reading to find out some of its benefits ...
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What Are The Functional Strength Training Tools?

We talked about functional strength, the compound movements and primal movements along with 'relax intro stretch' and foam rolling in ...
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relax into stretch

Find Out The Relax Into Stretch And Foam Rolling Routines

Discover the process relax into stretch and foam falling into your exercise routine. Does this help you more flexible and ...
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How To Get Started With Mountain Biking?

Here’s an overview of mountain biking, an outdoor activity you can consider to be fit and healthy. It makes sense ...
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functional strength_c

Why Functional Strength Stands Out?

How can functional strength different from the other so-called fad right now? To be clear, it is not really a ...
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lose weight functional strength

How To Lose Weight With Functional Strength?

What can functional strength do with weight loss? But before that, let us find out first the importance of functional ...
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back exercise_cover

Which Back Exercise Gives You Better Relief?

View more on edocr What are the best exercises and stretches for back pains? Have you been asking this question ...
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The Truth About Fitness Of The Body, Mind And Spirit

Physically fit is great! But, do not forget to take care of your mind and spirit as well. Find out ...
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Pilates_principles and movements

The Principles And Basic Movements Of Pilates

Speaking of the basics, find out here the principles and movements of Pilates. It is just logical that Pilates is ...
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benefits of cycling

Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight?

View more on edocr To gain benefits from cycling you don’t have to be super fit, an athlete or anything ...
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Why Pilates Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight?

There are many forms of exercise programs. Pilates is among the most popular. Did you know that there are numerous ...
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resistance training

How Resistance Training Gives You a Beautiful Body?

View more on edocr Do you want to have a stronger and more beautiful body? Then the best thing to ...
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Why Walking Is Fantastic For Your Health And Fitness?

View more on edocr There are a lot of good reasons to go for a walk. It is fun, it’s ...
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brain function exercise

What Are The Brain Function And Brain Activity During Exercise?

There seems to be no end to the benefits of exercise. Research says it will improve brain function. But before ...
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meal plans for bodybuilding

How The Meal Plans For BodyBuilding Should Be Done?

Choosing the right way to eat to build muscle can be a little overwhelming. But once you start eating the ...
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walking_low impact exercise

Why Walking Is An Excellent Low Impact Exercise?

The great thing about walking for exercise is that you can do it anywhere.  You have absolutely no excuse for ...
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equipment for home gym

What Equipment To Use In Your Home Gym?

Are you planning to build a home gym? Find out some concerns and what equipment you could use. There are ...
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CrossFit Workouts at Home with NO Equipment

Are you thinking of having some workouts at home? How about CrossFit workouts that will not use any equipment? These ...
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active ways to lose weight

30 Active Ways And Tips To Lose Weight

How to lose weight without purchasing a gym membership? One of the key factors here is to get your body ...
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What is CrossFit Training?

What do we know about CrossFit? Many of sports enthusiasts are becoming interested in CrossFit training nowadays. Actually, this training ...
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12 Recipes for BodyBuilding

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to cook nutritional meals that can complement your body-building program. Cooking can ...
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The Truth About Supplements for BodyBuilding

There are literally hundreds of supplements on the market targeted at body builders and meant to increase your body size ...
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What About BodyBuilding For Women?

What do we know about bodybuilding for women? If you're a woman and would like to slim down and tone ...
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Rest in BodyBuilding for Better Performance

Bodybuilding is the process of developing muscle fibers through various techniques. But what about resting? How does it affect your ...
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power foods for bodybuilding

What Are The Power Foods For BodyBuilding?

When you decide you want to undertake a body building program, the foods you eat can make a huge difference ...
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Sample Plan On BodyBuilding Extensive Workouts

Before proceeding to some sample plans on bodybuilding extensive workouts, check first some tips and considerations that are helpful in ...
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19 Common BodyBuilding Training Exercises

Are you familiar with the training exercises for bodybuilding? Let’s take a look at just some of the most common ...
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pedometer_get you walking

Why Using Pedometer Can Get You Walking to Lose Weight And Be Fit?

Why would you start walking using a pedometer to lose weight? When it comes to losing weight, a simple approach is ...
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CrossFit Exercises and Setting CrossFit Goals

CrossFit training is considered as a series of exercises that is intended to improve your conditioning and strength. Basically, it ...
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What are the Primal Movements and Compound Movements?

Are you familiar with the primal movements, compound movements or big lifts?  Check below which exercise movements you have been ...
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Discover The History And Annual Games Of CrossFit

Are you familiar with CrossFit?  This form of training is already gaining popularity these days. Though the overall nature of ...
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What Are The Benefits Of CrossFit Training?

In this day and age, we all know that making fitness a part of your life should be a high ...
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Why Zumba Is Great For Your Fitness and Health?

Have you tried joining Zumba classes in your community? Zumba is a widely popular workout program that integrates Latin dance ...
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workout program

How To Start Your Own Workout Program?

Are you wondering how to start a fitness program on your own? Although many are not advocating this but if ...
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fitness at home

How To Stay Fit Even If You Are At Home?

View more on edocr Staying fit and healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not ...
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Why You Should Choose Metabolic Conditioning Workout or HIIT?

Metabolic conditioning workouts are also referred to as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that teach the body to access energy stores ...
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getting abs

How To Achieve And Maintain Sexy Abs?

View more on edocr What are the best exercises to have sexy abs and what are the reasons for dropping ...
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want sexy abs_cover

Why Do You Want To Have Sexy Abs And Why It Elude Most People?

Who does not want to have sexy abs? Is it because you want to look better, feel better and be better? ...
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high intensity or low intensity workouts

Which One: High Intensity or Low Intensity Workout?

What are your workout routines and what are their results so far? It is beneficial to check your actual workouts ...
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How To Start A Body Building Program?

Starting something might be challenging but if you are planning to begin your own bodybuilding program then here are valuable ...
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Need Help to Keep your Exercise Routine?

Do you need some motivation to keep on your exercise routine? Definitely, hypnosis might able to help you on that ...
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benefits of exercise

15 Benefits of Exercise – Beyond Losing Weight

There is a continuous argument, whether food or exercise is the essential component for effective weight loss. Most say both of them ...
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outdoor activities

15 Outdoor Activities You Can Do to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Who says that losing weight and staying fit should only be done inside the gym? Have you consider that there ...
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7 Simple Workout Routines_Fitness

7 Simple Workout Routines You Can Easily Include In Your Fitness Program

View more on edocr Are you having some workout at home or doing workouts without gym equipment? These simple exercises ...
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Indoor Activities to Stay Fit

10 Indoor Activities To Stay Fit

Fitness is an elusive term covering a vast array of attributes like flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, strength, power, balance, ...
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