20 Hair Care Tips

How do you take care of your hair, particularly during summer months?

The following tips will help to curb all the harmful effects summer activities will run a much on your hair!


Hair Care Tips


Use any, or all of them to keep your hair looking fabulous wherever you go.


1. Try and limit your time spent outdoors when the sun is out.

If you can, try and head outdoors when the sun is setting, it will be cooler and not damage your hair out as much.


2. Try to avoid blow drying your hair during the torrid summer months.

This will only add extra heat damage to your delicate locks. If you must use your blow dryer, try using a lower heat setting.


3. To re-hydrate your hair, look for products that will increase moisture, shine, or elasticity.

Leave in conditioners can be found practically anywhere hair care products are sold, and these will definitely help. use them as directed on the container and this will help battle the summertime “dries”.



4. Try adding Jojoba oil on the ends of the frizziest parts of your hair at night time when getting ready for bed to try and tame the dry frizzies.

Use a plastic shower cap to prevent leakage or staining your bedding and leave this on overnight to help re-moisturize your dry hair. Give your hair a light “rinse” in the morning.

hat and scarf


5. When at the beach, or beside the pool, take a hat or scarf with you to protect your hair from the damaging rays of the sun.

Your hair can be damaged not only by the summer heat but also by the  UV rays pumping up the “frizzies”.


6. Use a leave in conditioners or hair care products that contain SPF protection already in them to lock in moisture.

If this is unavailable to you, then simply rub some of the sunscreens for your skin through your tresses. Hey, hair is but an extension of your skin anyway, so it can’t hurt.


7. To avoid overly frizzy looking or split ends, visit your hair stylist to get them trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks.

You can also do this simply yourself if you prefer if you can cut straight.



8. Cut down on a number of times you wash your hair during the summer months.

Washing takes away natural oils secreted by your scalp and dries out your hair. If you cannot stand not washing your hair every single day, then try using a lighter shampoo, such as a daily clarifying formula which you can find easily.

bath towel_hair care

9. Switch over to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo during the hotter months if your hair is showing signs of getting dry.

Look for moisturizers that help replenish vital nutrients to your hair.


10. While we all want sun-kissed voluptuous locks, using products that lighten your hair such as “sun-in” or highlighting kits can further damage your hair.

Try to stay away from these products, especially if you already have dry, or heat damaged hair from frequent blow-drying sessions.


11. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine damage from swimming.

Try and wash your hair immediately after going for a refreshing dip in the pool. The sooner the better as you can reduce some of the harsh effects quickly.


12. To reduce the amount of ‘green tint’ in your hair, especially for blonds, apply a bit of conditioner to your hair before entering the water.

Having your hair pre-moistened  before swimming can also help reduce the ‘greens’.

shampoo_hair care


13. If your hair is already showing signs of a greenish tint, then you may want to try applying tomato juice to your hair, wrap up with a plastic shower cap and leave it for 15-30 minutes, then rinse.



14. When showering, lower the water temperature a bit and try to avoid, hot, steamy showers.

This will further dry out your hair and scalp, something you don’t want to do when the weather is hot. Try to limit yourself to luke warm to cool showers. Taking them during the daylight hours will help.


15. Drink plenty of water.

Since your hair is an extension of your skin, it needs to be hydrated from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water will help resupply the inner moisture your hair needs to look healthy.


16. Try to steer clear of hair products that contain alcohol.

Things such as hair gel, hair sprays, and some mousses contain alcohol, these will also dry out your hair. The key to having beautiful summer hair is to keep it well hydrated and moisturized.

shampoo 2


17. Condition your hair every day during the hot months, even if you normally don’t use conditioner.

If you don’t normally condition, try using a lighter conditioner, if you always use conditioner, try a deep conditioning treatment at least 3 times a week as well as using your normal conditioning treatments.


18. Give a deep conditioning hair mask a try at least once a week.

This will help repair some of the drying damage to your hair. Look for those hair masking products that contain moisturizing elements such as butter or oils. These will work best.


19. If going to the beach where there is salty sea water, be sure to carry a bottle of club soda or mineral water with you so that after you finish your dip.

You can rinse all that salt out of your hair.

You may also want to re-apply any leave-in conditioner to your hair after rinsing to be sure your hair stays beautiful after your day at the beach! This also works well when swimming in chlorinated pools.


20. Use hair accessories that don’t “tear” your hair.

It will be under enough stress from the heat and humidity. Try ‘ouchless’ ponytail holders instead.


That’s about all there is to keep your hair beautiful throughout the tawdry days of summer even beyond those months.

If you can incorporate just a few of them, you’re sure to have people asking “How Do You Keep Your Hair Looking So Good?!”

You can have the gorgeous head of hair you’ve always wanted if you take the right steps. I do hope this guide has provided some of those for you.


Download your free PDF copy of hair care tips.



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