20 Holistic Health Tips For A Better Wellbeing

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What do you know about holistic health care or holistic way of living?

The term holistic means approaching an entity as whole because all of its parts are interdependent.

As it relates to health care, a holistic approach addresses the whole person, paying attention to all of the interdependent parts, to achieve overall health and well-being.

A holistic approach is aimed at maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.  The understanding is, if there is a problem in any one area, it can affect the others, so we need to look after the whole person, mental and physical, to achieve maximum health.

Many studies show that lifestyle, our physical and mental activities, has the greatest impact on our overall health.

20 Health Tips For Your Healthy & Holistic Lifestyle

1. Improve your posture.

It is important to keep your spine as straight as possible so that your muscles do not strain and contract unnecessarily.  Also, in order to keep energy circulating throughout your body, it is important to keep your spine straight and nerves unhindered.

2. Don’t forget to relax.

No human being is equipped to function in constant stress mode.  It is unhealthy to have a life filled with all work and no play.

Some of the most common health problems that result when a person doesn’t relax enough include high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and other digestive disorders.

Be sure to take some time out for yourself at least once a week, preferably once a day.  This can help to prevent, and in some cases eliminate, these chronic health problems.

3. Improve your sleeping habits.

One of the best things that everyone can do to improve their well-being is to moderate their sleeping patterns.

Unfortunately, poor sleep is a habit learned by nearly everyone during the teenage years.  It is critical to allow your body the time it needs to wind down and relax so that you can be rejuvenated.

If you feel tired during the day, when you awaken in the morning or exhausted before bedtime it is a sign that you are not getting the right amount of sleep.  This could be too much, or too little.

Try setting aside eight hours for sleep each night, getting into bed no less than half an hour prior to the time that you want to be asleep.

If you do this for a few weeks, you will find positive improvements in your overall health and productivity.

4. Breathe mindfully.

The process of mindful breathing is a form of meditation; however it is also a great way to get more oxygen into your blood and tissues.

If you start right now and pay attention to how you are breathing, it is more than likely that you will find yourself breathing quite shallowly.

This is not a healthy breathing pattern. You can start out by just inhaling completely and then slowly exhaling completely.  If you take one minute to just do this focused breathing each day, you will find that you feel better during that minute.

And, you will catch yourself paying attention to your breathing several times throughout the day.  If you are stressed or tired, take a minute out of your day to breathe mindfully.

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5. Avoid clutter.

Clutter is an energy buster.  If your bedroom is cluttered, the energy will not flow as freely as it should and your sleep will be affected in a negative way.

Not only that, but clutter is frustrating because it often keeps you from finding something that you need in a few seconds.

Take the time to eliminate clutter, but start small with one area at a time. Otherwise, you risk overwhelming yourself with a lot of work.

6. Consider a peroxide bath.

Hydrogen peroxide is known for being a highly effective astringent that removes toxins, or dirt, from scrapes and cuts.  It can do the same thing for the rest of the body as well.

Simply add a quart of peroxide to your hot bath and soak for a few minutes to check for tolerance.

If you don’t have any irritation that does not stop quickly, add the second quart and soak for about ten minutes.  The peroxide will pull toxins from your skin and help you to flush toxins better afterward.

7. Consider a liver flush.

Gallstones form in the bile ducts and the gallbladder, and may be to blame for medical problems that go otherwise unexplained.  By performing a liver flush you are helping your body to eliminate the built up toxins and gallstones.

If you are interested in instructions for a liver flush, you can find them at any reputable holistic healer and even online.  If you have any health problems or suspect that you might, you should speak with your doctor prior to performing the process.

8. Be mindful instead of bored.

If you feel bored, or feel as though you are stretching every minute to its fullest extent in order to get things done, you are probably a good candidate for the practice of mindfulness.

Through mindfulness, you are going to get to the root of what is causing you to feel stressed or bored.

Often, there is something deeper that is causing you anxiety, and through this technique, you are likely to discover what that something is.

The premise is to let go of pain and to allow thoughts to flow freely.  By trying to suppress feelings and control thoughts, you are actually doing your body more harm than good.

9. Pay attention to your colors.

Although you may have stopped paying attention to color as a young child, there is definitely some benefit to examining what colors you tend to use, enjoy and prefer.  Color is directly associated with body energy and emotions.

Sometimes, you may feel out of balance and not realize that it is the colors surrounding you that are impacting your mind-body balance.

For example, if you tend to wear a lot of red or to surround yourself with red, you may be over-stimulating your emotions. However, if you frequently feel tired or listless you might want to add more red to your wardrobe.

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10. Play an active role.

If you have decided to see a holistic practitioner, one of the things that you need to realize when you get started is that this is not the passive medicine that you may have experienced in the past.

The practitioners are there to guide you as the patient, but you will need to make a significant effort and work with your practitioner to determine the best treatments for you and to increase the effectiveness of the treatments.

Many patients find that taking an active role in treatment makes the effects more immediate and tangible.

11. Focus on the dance of life.

Life is ever-changing and ever adapting.  Sometimes we all get bogged down in our day to day and forget to take time out for ourselves.  It is beneficial to take at least some time each day to work on personal growth and healing.

Spending time working on personal growth in some way will make you more aware of the ups and downs of your life and give you tools for dealing with whatever comes your way throughout your life.

12. Eliminate the cause of health problems before trying to treat the symptoms. 

For example, if you are suffering from indigestion it makes more sense to eliminate the foods that are causing the problem than it does to take medication after the pain starts.

Holistic healers are looking to heal the whole body. Therefore, it is believed that first you stop doing the things that are harming you, and then you replace those things with nutrients, etc. that are better for you. This can apply to the body, the mind or the soul.

13. Listen to more music.

Sound therapy is becoming commonplace in homes with newborn infants and older adults.  There are many benefits of sound therapy including calming and increasing the patient’s sense overall wellbeing.

Find a soft music that you enjoy, and try playing it at the lowest possible volume in a quiet room. You will find that before too long, if you are quiet and relaxed, that you hear the music as though it were at full volume.

14. Perform an act of love.

Many holistic healers claim that there is no more powerful medicine than love and that simply giving or receiving affection such as a hug can raise the spirits and begin to heal the body.  If you are suffering from the grief of some sort, love may be all that you need to start healing.

15. Nourish your soul.

Just like the mind and body, the soul also needs nourishment to continue to grow and develop.  Your soul is what provides you with energy and vitality. Everyone has different soul food, however, most find that their soul is nourished by a walk outdoors or spending time with friends and family.

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16. Get better sleep.  

Do your best to avoid stress and exertion within an hour of your bedtime. Consider having a cup of chamomile tea before bed, or using lavender infused oil in order to help induce a sense of relaxation.  Try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, to maintain healthy sleep habits.

17. Meditate for better well being.

The basic definition of meditation is to concentrate on some object or thought in order to quiet the mind.

There are many different types and styles of meditation; however the one thing that is consistent is that not every technique will work for every person.

Everyone can benefit from some type of meditation, take some time to read about different techniques or talk to a holistic healer for more information about what might work for you.

18. Be nicer.

Positive energy is contagious.  If you do something nice for someone today, chances are that before the end of the day that person will do something nice for someone else.

Holding the door for someone costs you nothing more than a few seconds out of your day. However, if that person is having a bad day it might just be the little pick up needed to put them in a better mood.

Little things mean a lot, and if you are doing nice things for people, you will begin to feel better about yourself.

19. Be gracious. 

Gratitude is extremely powerful, and remembering to say ‘thank you’ for even the littlest things can be a powerful positive change.

Expressing gratitude is much more pleasant than expressing frustration, and it will eventually begin to replace the negative habit of complaining that we all get into sometimes.

20. Accept that there is no clear and easy path.

Many people spend so much time looking for the easy route that they forget to enjoy the joys of the road.  Changing your perspective will take time, but try to begin thinking of obstacles as stepping-stones along the path of your life.



20 Holistic Health Tips
A holistic approach is aimed at maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit

  1. Improve your posture
  2. Don’t forget to relax
  3. Improve your sleeping habits
  4. Breathe mindfully
  5. Avoid clutter
  6. Consider a peroxide bath
  7. Consider a liver flush
  8. Be mindful instead of bored
  9. Pay attention to your colors
  10. Play an active role
  11. Focus on the dance of life
  12. Eliminate the cause of health problems before trying to treat the symptoms
  13. Listen to more music
  14. Perform an act of love
  15. Nourish your soul
  16. Get better sleep
  17. Meditate for better well being
  18. Be nicer
  19. Be gracious
  20. Accept that there is no clear and easy path


– Are your lifestyle activities contribute to your better health?

– Are your attitude and mental behavior promote better health?

– What other activities you can do to improve your overall well-being?




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