35 Foods To Naturally Boost Your Energy

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We know that food gives us energy that keeps us moving all day long, correct? Sometimes, because of modern lifestyle that demands a lot of tasks and activities from the morning until midnight our energy falters.

This lack of energy is the reason that this newest trend of energy drinks has become so prevalent. The problem with this, energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine.

Various medical experts have stated that these drinks are ‘another form of drugs.’

It should not be, here are your options to have incredible energy in a healthy and natural way.

These energy foods provide lasting, unprocessed and real energy to keep you going throughout the day.

Having a good breakfast is the first and most important step in building up your energy stores to get through a busy day. Even if you aren’t particularly hungry, you should eat within four hours of waking.

What you eat for breakfast should account for about 25 percent of the day’s calories, so go for low-fat, high-fiber cereal and mild or a complex carb such as a bagel with juice.

Avoid foods with a high level of simple sugars; the sudden energy boost will be quickly canceled out by a crash in energy later in the day.

Snacks can also provide the body with the energy it needs. Just be sure to choose wholesome snacks rather than those loaded with sugar or fat.

Go for fruit, a few baby carrots, some cheese or a handful of nuts, a glass of milk, a few whole grain crackers or even a low-fat granola bar.

Snacks that fit in your purse or can be stored in a desk drawer for easy access will ensure you get the quick boost you need when your energy starts to flag.

For more information, here’s the list of 35 energy giving foods.

35 Energy Foods


1. Apple

This high fiber fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals is handy and gives you hype.

almond_energy food

2. Almonds

Grab a handful  for instant energy and help curb your appetite. Of course, you can also have other nuts like walnuts, pecans, and cashews that will do the same.

Avocado_energy food

3. Avocado

This fruit wonder contains healthy fats, potassium, nutrients and gives energy. Eat it fresh, add it to your salad or make it a guacamole dip.


4. Bananas

This handy fruit is high in potassium and other vitamins.


5. Beans

Beans provide protein and fiber that makes you feel full and satisfied with added energy that keeps you going.


6. Blueberries

These little nice and delicious treat are handy and can be eaten anywhere. They are full of antioxidants, gives your nutrients and energy.


7. Broccoli

Eat this vegetable more often. It provides energy, loaded with vitamins and minerals and easy to add to your recipe or simply as a side dish.

brown rice

8. Brown Rice

It will help you keep your energy all day with minerals and nutrients like Manganese. This digests slowly compared to white rice.


9. Cinnamon

Add cinnamon to your food or drink for extra flavor and loads of health benefits including weight loss.


10. Carrot

There are many ways to consume this vegetable from a crunchy snack, addition to your salad or your meal.


11. Celery

It’s full of nutrients, water, and fiber that keeps you going. Add this into your smoothie, soup, salad or simply dip this crunchy green for a snack.


12. Cheese

Another protein packed food is cheese. Like eggs, cheese is filled with protein and other energy including B-vitamins.

The best cheese to consume is farmer’s cheese as it presses the cheese curds until they have been separated from the liquid whey.

coconut drink

13. Coconut

Coconut water is better than any energy drinks in the market. This can be another option instead of coffee.


14. Coffee

Filled with energizing caffeine, coffee is a great way to get a boost of energy when you need it most. Some studies show that coffee is even effective for fighting cancer.

A simple eight-ounce cup is perfect for providing the needed amount of energy to get through the average work day.


15. Cucumber

This is another hydrating vegetable that loads with vitamins and nutrients. Choose organic if possible for you to eat fresh or add to your salad.

dark chocolate

16. Dark Chocolate

This favorite treat contains antioxidants along with the energy that helps boost your day.

soy edamame

17. Edamame

Edamame is green soybeans and filled with energizing B-vitamins such as phosphorous and copper. These are important for breaking down carbohydrates into glucose which the body uses for energy.

Edamame is also high in fiber, protein, and good carbs which make them the perfect snack to revive your energy throughout the day.


18. Eggs

Start your morning with this protein-filled wonder that gives you more energy and helps build muscles as well.

Egg yolks contain a high level of essential B-vitamins, which are in charge of converting the food you eat into energy, and Vitamin D, which helps build and maintain strong bones.


19. Honey

This is a natural sweetener but low on the Glycemic index to add into yogurt, oatmeal or tea.

pork cut

20. Lean Meats

Lean meats are a good source of protein and iron that helps keep going. Choose lean cuts of your meat and it’s much better if they are organic or grass fed.


21. Melons

These succulent fruits help fight chronic fatigue by keeping the body hydrated. Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, and similar melons are 90% water, which means snacking on these fruits will flood the body with nutrients, minerals, and plenty of natural hydration to keep you awake and alert.


22. Oatmeal

As much as possible go for organic on this one and not on an instant oatmeal packs. Add natural flavorings of your choice instead of refined sugar.


23. Pepper / Bell Pepper

This is another vegetable that produces energy and curbs your appetite as well.

pumpkin seeds

24. Pumpkin Seeds

Eat this for a snack or add to your dish. Like nuts,it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals like magnesium.


25. Quinoa

Known as a super grain, quinoa is filled with more protein than any other grain. It contains high levels of protein and amino acids such as methionine, lysine, and cysteine.


26. Salmon

It contains protein, healthy fat, and omega-3  that helps you energized and feel full.


27. Spinach

A nutritionally packed green, this is one of the healthiest foods that definitely gives you energy.


28. Strawberries

Eat this fresh or mix with other fruits without additional sugar.


29. Sweet Potato

Make this a sweet treat to give you a quick boost. It’s rich in vitamin A and C.


30. Tea

For those who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee or can’t tolerate the high caffeine content, there’s green tea.

This delicious tea is filled with L-theanine which is an amino acid that helps you feel exhilarated and alert to get through your day.


31. Walnuts

A natural source of melatonin, walnuts are a great snack to eat before bed. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by the body after the sun goes down to help make you sleepy.

Of course, a good night’s sleep is the best plan to combat fatigue, so add walnuts to your pantry for the perfect bedtime snack.


32. Watermelon

It can be melons, cantaloupe or honeydew. They taste great and  provide energy and nutrients.


33. Water

It may seem too simple, but water is one the best foods for incredible energy. By simply drinking at least eight cups of water every day, people can stay hydrated which in turn gives them energy, alertness, and consistent hydration. Add a slice of lemon for additional vitamin C.


34. Whole Grains

Whole grains are high in fiber and responsible for the slow release of glucose which helps keep you full, focused, and energized throughout the day.

Instead of spiking blood sugar levels like one might after eating candy or throwing back an energy drink full of refined sugars, whole grains keep you consistently energized naturally.


35. Yogurt

Many prefer Greek yogurt or low-fat yogurt for this one. Have it as a snack, dessert or an additional ingredient for your meal.

These are the 35 foods and drinks to boost your energy naturally. Choose which one you can mix for a salad or a smoothie.

Boost Your Energy And Control Your Hunger

Protein is found in all of your body’s cells. It is the essential nutrient that is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all of your organs, tissues, muscles, brain and bones.

This individual built-in repair kit occurs at the cellular level in our bodies.

Protein regulates everything – your blood circulation, your metabolism, and your immune system.

Individuals who lack sufficient protein in their bodies have weaker immune systems than people who consume adequate protein in their diets.

Also, people who are constantly on yo-yo diets where they lose and gain weight back frequently usually become protein deficient and have weaker immune systems.

This fact has been proven by researchers who have found that these yo-yo dieters have about a third lower the number of killer cell activity than normal individuals.

The so-called killer blood cells are essential for the immune system to function properly.

All foods are sources of energy. However, protein provides a greater boost in energy levels since it is absorbed slowly and thus produces a constant source of energy.

Protein has real energy-staying power for your active, healthy, lifestyle.

Fats and carbohydrates produce quick bursts of energy but cannot be relied upon to provide the body with a continuous source of energy, since they are digested and metabolized more quickly than protein.

Fats and carbohydrates also tend to be stored as fat the body for later use.

The Protein that we’re discussing is lean protein (lean meats, skinless poultry, seafood, egg whites, low-fat dairy products, legumes and beans, soy and tofu foods, skim and low- fat cheeses, and good-fat nuts).

Lean proteins are also excellent sources of selenium, which. It is a mineral that protects the body against dangerous tree radicals that can destroy normal cells in the body.

These free radicals can damage many different types of cells including connective tissue, which causes joint and muscle inflammation.

High-saturated fat protein products like fatty meats, hard cheeses, whole fat milk dairy products, whole eggs, mayonnaise, luncheon and smoked meats including bacon, sausage, and hot dogs are definitely not good sources of energy production.

The reason for this is, that even though these products have some protein content, its value is offset by the saturated fat content of these foods.

The saturated fat content of these foods do more harm to the body (heart disease, strokes, hypertension, high cholesterol and some forms of cancer) than the protein portion of the food can repair.

These are called harmful proteins and are not recommended for any healthful weight-loss program.

For appetite control, lean protein tops the charts for staying power. By adding a small portion of lean protein to your meal, you’ll control hunger pangs for hours.

Lean protein also has the advantage of being lower in calories than many foods, particularly saturated fat protein product refined carbohydrates and saturated fat foods.

Once you substitute saturated fat protein products, you defeat the appetite-controlling factor of the protein.

The fat content of saturated- fat protein foods prevents the brain’s appetite-control center from shutting down. In other words, you’ll get hungry soon after your meal of a saturated protein food.

Your body needs between 15-30 of your total daily calories, however, can be dangerous, because it strains the kidneys.

This is one of the reasons among many why low-carbohydrate, high saturated fat protein diets are dangerous to your health.

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