What Is The Best Hair Removal Technique You Can Do At Home?


Hair removal could be one of the frequent problems faced by many women. Men can get away by shaving their beard, mustache and cutting their hair.

For women, it is not that simple. There are some common measures which every woman must have tried in her lifetime.

You can successfully remove unwanted hair from your body from home.  If you have thought about products that are overly expensive, laser treatments as well as unsightly treatments, then you may not need to.  There are many at home remedies that actually can help you.


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Tips For Men:

One of the best places to shave is the shower.  The goal is to soften the skin which will help the hair to stand up enough for you to get a close shave.  You can also take full advantage of the many products available including gels and creams.

To help, make sure that you use a good quality razor and that you keep it clean and dry between uses.  This will help you to keep cuts to a minimum.  Afterward, rinse with cold water and if you like, use an aftershave.


Tips For The Ladies:

Just like the men, there are many things that you can do to improve the quality of your shave.  For example, if you hold the razor at the right angle you will get a closer shave.

Softening the skin with warm water, lotions or shaving gels can also help.  If you would like to cut the costs, use conditioner instead of these creams.

It can do the same job for much less of the cost.  You can shave any area of the body, with most women shaving their legs and underarms about twice per week or more depending on the need.



Tweezing is another method for removing facial hair by using tweezers. It is a painstaking as well as a time-consuming job. Usually used for bushy eyebrows. Tweezing eventually stops your hair growth by the continuous pricking even though it may take a lot of time.

Using clean tweezers, you can easily pluck away stray hairs or shape the eyebrow.  You should not use them on nose hairs, though as it can cause an infection.

To do so, pull the hair in the same direction as it grows.  You have no need for creams as these can block pores.  In most cases, you can go about two weeks between tweezing sessions.



Here, you’ll want to make sure that you take the time to follow the directions provided on the containers of depilatories.

You need to ensure you are not allergic and you need to ensure that you pay close attention to the time frame.

If you leave these products on too long or use them when you should not, you are likely to suffer from a rash or burn.  You can use these about every other month to your desired results.

You’ll want to try to use them after you have taken a shower or bath so that the hair is soft and easily removed.

These options for at home hair removal are options that you can easily do and benefit from.  Take the time to learn a little bit more about them, purchase the products needed and get rid of unwanted hair.

There are some more at home options for hair removal that you should consider.  You will find these to provide you with a good quality finish.

To choose, look at your conditions as well as your preferences.


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Waxing is an effective method of hair removal that will last several weeks.  You can purchase at home kits to help you to do it.  You’ll apply a thin coating of wax, allow it to dry and then rip it away.

Yes, it hurts a bit but that is only going to last a second.  And, you’ll be able to take advantage of the hair free beauty for a while afterward.


Homemade Wax

Use two cups of sugar, one-fourth cup of water and one-fourth cup of lemon juice. Heat a pan and pour all the mentioned ingredients in it.

Heat this over a low flame and keep stirring until it’s melted. You will get a thick brown liquid which can be used once slightly cool.

Before you start waxing check it on your finger for consistency as well as the temperature.

Before applying this mixture with a butter knife, cool it by blowing air over it.

Use a clean cloth or any waxing strip. Pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once done, apply ice as well as astringent over the area to tighten the pores.

This method may be painful and you must take care of the temperature of the hot wax, and skin irritation after waxing. Waxing can also cause folliculitis, ingrown hair a, scars and hyperpigmentation.

You can wax any part of the body, small or big in size, except the bikini area. If you are taking oral Vitamin A derivative pills such as Isotretinoin, you need to avoid waxing till your doctor advises.

It also applies to topical applications of Vitamin A derivative creams. All these products dry the skin and there is a possibility of hurting the skin while waxing.

You should avoid waxing if you have irritated skin, broken sun burnt or bruised. Waxing should be performed on healthy skin only.

Waxing removes hair from the root of the shaft and removes a large quantity of hair at a time. It takes about two weeks for hair to grow.

With repetitive waxing of hair, you can expect less hair because of permanent damage to the hair follicle.



Sugaring, as often called, is a very old method of hair removal. With the change in time, this technique of hair removal is back in fashion. Its popularity has increased tremendously.

Most people find that sugaring works best on hair that grows on the upper lip and the bikini line. It’s a relatively messy process. So, do it in the bathroom or some other area where clean-up will not be a problem.

Regardless of where you do it, the results last for two to six weeks. Actually, fine hair will start to show around two weeks after the procedure is done, and the thicker, darker hair growth becomes apparent about four weeks later or so.


The Sugaring Process

You can actually use a homemade solution of hair sugaring and get great results.

Here’s what you should use:

– One Cup Sugar

– Juice from half of a lemon

– One-fourth cup of honey

Mix these well and then microwave on high for about two to three minutes.  You are looking for a smooth consistency.

You can do the same by keeping it on the gas on a low flame. Leave the bowl standing for several minutes to cool to a safe temperature.

Now, you will need to get some white cotton cloth in strips or use store bought waxing papers as well as wooden tongue depressors to apply the mixture.

Here’s what to do:

  • Clean the skin and make sure that it is completely dry. No soap or body lotions should be used in the area.
  • Apply cornstarch to the area. This will draw out the oils that are within your skin making the procedure work even better. 
  • Use the tongue depressor to apply a thin layer of the mixture over the area that you will want the hair removed from.
  • Cover the area with a cloth strip. Rub the strip so that it is firmly in place.  Do this with moderate pressure and in the opposite direction of the hairs growth. 
  • Grab the end of the strip and pull it back quickly in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth.
  • Wash the area with water to remove the sugary mixture.


Like waxing, the area may be sensitive and will turn red for a few minutes but this is a temporary condition.  You will find it to be one that you can deal with if you want great looking hair removal at a very low cost.

Hair sugaring is a procedure that can be done within a few minutes and can be repeated as necessary. You can use it throughout the body since it is a natural product and see results.

Many individuals find it most beneficial to the bikini line as well as to the upper lip.  When the hair is removed, it will grow back.

But, many people have found that it will grow back at a much lighter and finer way and it is like that it will not be nearly as thick either.



While you will not be actually removing hair, you will be able to hide it carefully.  Bleaching is a chemical reaction which will remove the color from the hair allowing it to blend in with your skin.

You can purchase bleaching products for the hair above your lip or in other areas as well.  Make sure to follow the directions of the product that you use.  It is also important to note that tanned skin can cause bleached hair to stand out.

You can naturally bleach your hair with lemon juice and chamomile tea. One should not use lemon juice undiluted so you can mix honey with lemon juice.



If you have fine hair, then abrasives can be the right method for you to remove hair.  You will use an abrasive stone, pumice mostly.

By rubbing the stone to the skin in a circular motion, you will lightly remove the hair without damaging your skin.

Although you’ll see some redness afterward, it will likely go away quickly.  And, the results of abrasives will last up to three weeks.


Home Version Electrolysis

There are several home electrolysis products that you can purchase.  Careful purchasing can lead to the best results.

While these products promise permanent hair removal, they are hard to use and do not always provide this.  They are not as effective as professional services, but far less costly.  You’ll want a blunt needed version.

This will get placed inside the follicle.  Products called Electric Tweezers do not work nearly as well.  You’ll need to make sure that the hair is in a growing cycle and follow the directions provided carefully.

A small area of at a time should be attempted.  It will take you a long while and it will not be as pain-free as you may think.



Threading is one of the most common and known methods of hair removal used on any part of your body.

This form of hair removal is used for upper lips, chin, eyebrows or any little patch which hasn’t been taken care while waxing.

It requires detail and attention. It is very useful for people with sensitive skin. It is the twirling of the cotton threads which removes the hair for that perfect look.

Of course, this is not easy for the first timers. It is best to learn first the technique of the proper procedure before actually doing it on your own.


Wrapping Up

These options for at home hair removal are choices that you can easily do and benefit from.

Take the time to learn a little bit more about them, purchase the products needed and get rid of unwanted hair.

There are some more at home options for hair removal that you should consider.  You will find these to provide you with a good quality finish.

To choose, look at your conditions as well as your preferences.

This includes the sensitivity of your skin, tolerance to pain, availability of time and resources, and frequency of the treatment.

Hair removal can happen at home.  There are many methods and ways that you can effectively get rid of unwanted hair that is throughout the areas of your body that you do not want it to be.

While there are many options, it is completely up to you, your preferences and your budget to determine which method is the right one to go with.


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