How To Maintain Your Memory Functions As You Age?

maintain memory functions

  Aging is a natural process of growth and life. It’s a fact and should be faced head on. But, are there ways to keep your memory function as you age? As you age, it is natural that your memory is not going to be as good as it used to be.  If you have … Read more

Uncover Several Aspects Of Your Memory


  Find out more about your memory as well as some mnemonic tactics that you can do to improve it. There are two types of memory which can either be a long or short term. The latter is usually forgotten after it has served its purpose, while long-term memory stays with the person throughout his/her lifetime. … Read more

How To Seriously Cultivate Your Memory?

cultivate memory

Do you feel the need of improving your memory? Do you feel as though your memory sucks? Do you have a tendency to forget what you are doing and can’t recall even the simplest of things? Well, you are not the only one. Hundreds of individuals, if not more, feel as though their memories are … Read more

Food And Memory, Caffeine And Memory

food and memory, caffeine and memory

What could be the relationship between food and memory or caffeine and memory? Are you eating the right food for a better memory? Or is it true that caffeine can improve your memory? Your memory is your brain’s ability to encode information, retain and store them and recall vital data whenever needed. Food and  Memory How … Read more

How To Sharpen Your Mind Even When You Are Busy?

How to enhance your mental prowess and ability? It is vital to take care of your mind as you give attention to your body. There are settings that are conducive for the mind to better thinking. Likewise, there are also foods that increase blood flow to the brain. Sharpen your mind power starting today through simple tricks … Read more

How to Remember Names with Ease?

remember names

Find out how to use our mind to remember names through discussing the virtual systems and some tips on how to remember a name. One’s ability to sufficiently recall people’s names will serve her well particularly in social settings. Most of us recognize faces. For example, did you ever hear anyone say, “Oh, I know your … Read more

How to Prepare Your Mind for an Exam?

How can you successfully set the memory in the right direction towards remembering vital data during exam time? Find out here from the general exam preparation until the days before you take a test.   Getting Ready for the Exam First off, an exhaustive list of tips you can use prior to facing your exam: 1. … Read more

Practical Steps to Improve your Mind Competency

Who does not want to get better and be better? Of course, you also want to improve your memory and mind competency.   Right now, we will find out some operational skills that can be of great assistance for those that may wish to learn memorization techniques from home, at your own convenience.   1. … Read more

Physiological Aspects of Mind and Memory Control

What are the biological processes that take place in one’s brain during the process of learning new information? If you want to know more about the science of  how your memory and mind works, then keep on reading. Cognitive neuroscience is the science which is chiefly mandated with the study of biological procedurals in memorization. … Read more

How to Improve your Memory with Healthy Lifestyle?

What actions are you taking to enhance your memory? There is nothing incorrectly in planning to improve your memory. There’s no compelling reason to go to experts to figure out how. You can really do your own particular exploration at whatever point you have time for such assignment.   Here are some ways that can … Read more

4 Vital Tips for a Better Memory

As you age, you may feel like your memory is slowly losing its ability to store as much information like it used to.   Although this is a natural occurrence, you can do things and various exercises to help yourself not easily lose its grip when it comes to remembering things and better your memory. … Read more

How Does Memory Improves by Playing Card Games?

Are there any tricks you are doing to improve your memory? Through time, there are many techniques that are being developed to help enhance one’s memory. There are various ways that you can opt to do if you want to better your memory.   The first thing that you have to take note of is … Read more