How To Stay Motivated To Reach Your Goals?

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A lot of individuals are guilty of attempting to undertake their goals utilizing a series of trial and error approaches.

They arbitrarily throw their energy out there with all their might on the few steps they acknowledge, believing that this will get them to their destination.

They handle their goals in a hit-or-miss approach, and then hope that everything will turn for the better ultimately.

Although it might work in the short-term and on littler goals, it doesn’t work with huge, long-run goals.

For instance, you might get away with dropping off 5 lbs. of weight by simply eating less and working out more, but to drop off additional weight and sustain that weight loss calls for proper strategy.

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The Basics

A lot of individuals have this misconceived notion of goal accomplishment as they only come into contact with the events of others’ goals.

They’re not tangled in all the thought-processes, intricacies and literal planning that went into the accomplishment of those goals.

Have a look at Olympians. They don’t win their medals because they merely blindly train daily. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes, like training by the most beneficial coaches, suitable diets, self-help courses to put them in the correct mindset, studying the correct techniques, and so forth.

Microsoft didn’t get to where it is today because of luck. It was by conscious strategizing and preparation that allowed the company to carve its particular niche in the market.

Stay Motivated

Motivation makes you feel as though you’re full of life and ready to accomplish anything you have to in order to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Motivation…we’re all giving chase to it, but few of us comprehend it, or why we lose it first of all.

What is implied by motivation?

Motivation is the innate desire to accomplish a goal, blended with the passion and vitality to work towards accomplishing that goal.

People who are motivated have a want to take on fresh ventures and satisfy the requirements essential to finish the undertaking.

Motivation is a characteristic that we all need in order to accomplish anything in our lives.

Without motivation, we’d all merely give up at the slimmest inclination of hardship. Motivation is the initiator that inspires and encourages us to be our finest.

Somebody who’s motivated will do anything it takes to be successful in accomplishing their goals. Motivation may alter your life by inspiring you to get everything you wish out of life, regardless what others try to tell you.

It’s possible for somebody who’s stricken by poverty to become motivated and turn everything around into a life of abundance.

Motivation provides us the passion that we require to start exploring our options in life as well as the bravery to see these aspirations through to reality.

If you’re distressed with your present situation, it’s most likely due to the fact that your present situation doesn’t motivate you.

You have to take it upon yourself to determine what it is that you really want out of life. Consider the type of life-style that you wish to lead and the sort of career you wish.

When you know what makes you happy and alter your life center, you’ll be excited to leap out of bed each morning.

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Why we drop off our motivation:

3 basic factors lead to the loss of our motivation, they are:

1. Deficiency of direction. You won’t be motivated to accomplish your goals if you don’t understand what those goals are.

2. Deficiency of self-confidence. Trusting you’ll fail is the best way to see to it.

3. Deficiency of focus. Not recognizing what it is that you wish will lead to wondering if you even wish anything at all.


Hints on how to remain motivated:

If you lack motivation, you likewise lack ambition, exuberance and zest. Motivations makes you feel as though you’re full of life and prepared to do anything you have to in order to accomplish the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

When you discover your motivation, you’ll be more pleased, you’ll have more vitality and you’ll be able to see the favorable results clearly in your brain.

You have to enhance the motivation inside you and waken your inner power to push yourself in the direction of accomplishing your aspirations, regardless how great or small they might be.

Here are a couple hints to help you discover your motivation and hang on to it:

1. Arrange goals. If you arrange goals for yourself, discovering the motivation to accomplish those goals will come easier.

2. Complete everything you begin. Make a promise to yourself that regardless what occurs, you have to always arrive at the finish line.

3. Unify with like minds. Favorable attitudes appear to be contagious. Encircle yourself with like-minded individuals who have the motivation that you seek.

4. Don’t postpone for tomorrow what you are able to get accomplished today. If you dilly-dally, you’ll get lazy, and lose all motivation to succeed.

5. Never quit. Patience and doggedness to keep going and remain strong regardless what comes along will provide you the motivation you require to succeed.

6. Perpetually remind yourself that you are able to win. Envision your goals and how pleased you’ll be when you’ve everything you wish.

7. Start with visualizing your future success and model the feelings you’ll experience when you achieve it.

8. Mentally walk the path towards this success and base your feelings at different milestones on the way.

9. Assign a high priority to each task that you must achieve which will give each task a priority in your mind.

10. Set a target for the amount of work you will do each day toward your goals.

11. Visualize the desired outcome: Create a picture of what the desired outcome will look like, and have this vision in your mind at all times.

12. Set milestones of the things you like to do and the things that you are good at.

13. Use visual indicators to monitor progress and complete the task.

14. Give yourself affirmations to remind yourself of how capable you are at reaching your goals.

15. Watch movies that motivate you.

16. Listen to music that motivates you.

17. If you work better with competition, make a deal with a friend or family member to compete for the goal for example who gets there first! It can be hypothetical and doesn’t necessarily have to be for real

18. Get help and support from people around you or from a professional in the field for example a personal trainer, finance manager and others.

19. Define your own version of success. Don’t let others define success for you.

20. Ignore any negative influences or responses to your efforts.

21. Make a conscious effort to do better than you have ever done in the past.

22. Focus on the positive achievements and not the negatives.

23. Share your successes with others as this will keep you focused and help you voice your accomplishments which will realize your achievements for you.

24. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and work on them both.

25. Train yourself to finish what you start by refusing to quit until you are done.

26. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and don’t punish yourself for making them. Express your goals in a positive way. That is a key component to setting goals that you can attain.

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How To Be Genuinely Happy?

how to be genuinely happy

Genuine Happiness Comes from Within

Life isn’t the sweetest candy. Sometimes, when I feel like the world is just too heavy, look around and find people who continued to live fascinating and wonderful lives.

And then thoughts come popping into my mind like bubbles from nowhere – “How did their life become so adorably sweet? How come they still can manage to laugh and play around despite a busy stressful life?”

Then I pause and observed for a while… I figured out that maybe, they start to work on a place called ‘self’.

How does one become genuinely happy? Step one is to love yourself.

A professor once said that “loving means accepting.”  To love oneself means to accept that you are not a perfect being, but behind the imperfections must lie a great ounce of courage to be able to discover ways on how to improve your repertoire to recover from our mistakes.

Genuine happiness also pertains to contentment. When you are contented with the job you have, the way you look, with your family, your friends, the place you live in, your car, and all the things you now have – truly, you know the answer to the question “how to be genuinely happy.”

When we discover a small start somewhere from within, that small start will eventually lead to something else, and to something else.

But if you keep questioning life lit it has never done you any good, you will never be able to find genuine happiness.

Life is about finding out about right and wrong, trying and failing, winning and losing. These are things that happen as often as you inhale and exhale.

Failure, in a person’s life has become as abundant and necessary as air. But this should not hinder us from becoming happy.

How to be genuinely happy in spite all these? I tell you… every time you exert effort to improve the quality of life and your being, whether it is cleaning up your room, helping a friend, taking care of your sick dog, fail on board exams and trying again, life gives you equivalent points for that.

Imagine life as a big score board like those which are used in the NFLs. Every time you take a step forward, you make scoring points.

Wouldn’t it be nice to look at that board at the end of each game and think to yourself “Whew! I got a point today. I’m glad I gave it a shot.”

Instead of looking at it all blank and murmur “Geez, I didn’t even hit a score today. I wish I had the guts to try out. We could have won!” and then walk away.

Genuine happiness isn’t about driving the hottest Formula 1 car, nor getting the employee of the year award, earning the highest 13th month pay, or beating the sales quota.

Sometimes, the most sought after prizes in life doesn’t always go to the fastest, the strongest, the bravest or not even the best.

How do you become genuinely happy?  Everyone has his own definition of ‘happiness’. Happiness for a writer may mean launching as much bestselling books as possible.


Happiness for a basketball rookie may mean getting the rookie of the year award. Happiness for a beggar may mean a lot of money.

Happiness for a business man may mean success.

So, really now, how do we become genuinely happy? Simple. You don’t have to have the best things in this world. It’s about doing and making the best out of every single thing.

When you find yourself smiling at your own mistake and telling yourself “Oh, I’ll do better next time”, you carry with you a flame of strong will power to persevere that may spread out like a brush fire. You possess a willingness to stand up again and try – that will make you a genuinely happy person.

When you learn to accept yourself and your own faults. You pass step 1 in the project “how to become genuinely happy”. For as long as you know how to accept others, you will also be accepted.

For as long as you love and know how to love, you will receive love ten folds back.

Again, throw me that same question “how to become genuinely happy?” I’ll refer you to a friend of mine who strongly quoted- “Most of us know that laughter is the best medicine to life’s aches and pain. But most of us don’t know that the best kind of laughter is laughter over self. Coz then you don’t just become happy… you become free.”


Be happy…Happy as You Want to Be

Almost everyone have heard the hit single ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone. Bobby Mcferiin’s simple message surely made a lot of people by telling them not to worry.

Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is wonderful, and is also good for your health.

Being happy actually protects you from the stresses of life. Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke.

One of the better things ever said is – ‘The only thing in life that will always remain the same is change’, and in our life we have the power to make the necessary changes if we want to.

Even if we find ourselves in an unbearable situation we can always find solace in the knowledge that it too would change.

Social networks or relationships are essential to happiness. People are different, accept people for who or what they are, avoid clashes, constant arguments, and let go of all kinds of resentments.

If arguments seem unavoidable still try and make an effort to understand the situation and you might just get along with well with

Happiness is actually found in everyone, increasing it is a way to make a life more wonderful and also more healthy.

To be happy is relatively easy. Just decide to be a happy person. Abraham Lincoln observed that most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, how bright or dull their outlook to be. The choice is simple really, choose to be happy.

There are several ways by which you can do this.

Being grateful is a great attitude.  We have so much to be thankful for. Thank the taxi driver for bringing you home safely, thank the cook for a wonderful dinner and thank the guy who cleans your windows.

Also thank the mailman for bringing you your mails, thank the policeman for making your place safe and thank God for being alive.

News is stressful. Get less of it. Some people just can’t start their day without their daily dose of news. Try and think about it, 99% of the news we hear or read is bad news. Starting the day with bad news does not seem to be a sensible thing to do.

A religious connection is also recommended. Being part of a religious group with its singing, sacraments, chanting, prayers and meditations foster inner peace.

Manage your time. Time is invaluable and too important to waste. Time management can be viewed  as a list of rules that involves scheduling, setting goals, planning, creating lists of things to do and prioritizing.

These are the core basics of time management that should be understood to develop an efficient personal time management skill. These basic skills can be fine-tuned further to include the finer points of each skill that can give you that extra reserve to make the results you desire.


Laugh and laugh heartily every day.  Heard a good joke? Tell your friends or family about it. As they also say -‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

Express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you. They will most likely reciprocate your actions.

Try not to keep pent up anger of frustrations, this is bad for your health. Instead find ways of expressing them in a way that will not cause more injury or hurt to anyone.

Working hard brings tremendous personal satisfaction. It gives a feeling of being competent in finishing our tasks.

Accomplishments are necessary for all of us and they give us a sense of value. Work on things that you feel worthy of your time.

Learning is a joyful exercise. Try and learn something new every day.  Learning also makes us expand and broaden our horizons and could also give us more opportunities in the future.

Run, jog, walk and do other things that your body was made for. Feel alive.

Avoid exposure to negative elements like loud noises, toxins and hazardous places.

These are the few simple things you can do every day to be happy.

And always remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln, he says that, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”



Genuine happiness comes from within

  • acceptance
  • contentment
  • exert effort to improve the quality of life
  • doing an making the best out of every single thing
  • willingness to stand up again and try
  • accept yourself and your own faults

Be Happy…Happy As You Want To Be

Choose to be happy!

  • Being grateful is a great attitude.
  • News is stressful. Get less of it.
  • A religious connection is also recommended.
  • Manage your time.
  • Laugh and laugh heartily every day.
  • Express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you.
  • Working hard brings tremendous personal satisfaction.
  • Learning is a joyful exercise.
  • Feel alive.
  • Avoid exposure to negative elements.


– What makes you happy?

– What makes you genuinely happy?

– What are your attitudes that contributes to your happiness?

– Do you choose to be happy?

– Are you depending your happiness from other people and circumstances?

– Does your happiness comes from within or from external circumstances?



Ponder On These Motivational Sayings For Your Success

motivational sayings

Is it possible to use motivational and inspirational quotes to achieve your goals? Find out how and check some quotations for success for success and business below.

Changing your day-to-day behaviors may be easier than previously imagined.

By meditating on and repeating motivational and inspirational quotes, you are better prepared to change your thought patterns, behaviors and in turn, change your lives.

Here’s how it’s done.

If you believe something to be easy, you find little, if any struggle in accomplishing it.

However, if you imagine something to be difficult to accomplish, then your struggle becomes more apparent.

In fact, if you imagine that it is difficult to change a specific behavior, then you will always find experiences that will justify that belief.

Take this for example. You wake up one morning and decide that:

“This is the day I start losing weight. When things get difficult, I will not reach for junk food, but instead I will focus on something else to keep my mind occupied. It’ll be tough at first, but I’m going to give it a try.”

If you continue with this thought pattern and belief, don’t be surprised to find yourself struggling more often than not. Why?

If you look at this example closely you find a couple of thought patterns and beliefs already in place.

Be determined to do something good for ourselves, but we do ourselves a disservice by choosing certain negative thought patterns, beliefs and words that go along with it.

As you have said,

“When things get difficult….”

(This is already assuming that there will be difficult moments! Strike one!)

“It’ll be tough at first…”

(This is already assuming it will be difficult at first! Strike two!)

“…but I’m going to give it a try.”

(Remember the movie “The Karate Kid”…”There is no “try”, there is only “do”. Strike three!)

Now there are hundreds of products out there that will assist people in losing weight. Some, if not all of them, may work for various people at various stages of their goal.

But for many people who have convinced themselves that losing weight is difficult, some products may fall short when our thought patterns are stronger than our desire to change.

Here is something that you can do to change any behavior you no longer desired.

1. Decide to change your way of thinking about a behavior, making it easier for you to think about it. Phrase it in a simple way.

2. Choose a word to focus on to change that behavior for a period of time.

3. Find a minimum of three motivational or inspirational quotes related to that specific word that is powerful enough to change your current thought patterns the moment you read them.

Meditate on them and repeat them, silently or out loud, every chance you get.

Be patient. Stick with it. Give it some time.

Why do you think companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee? They know that if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit and you no longer need to return it! Give it time.

The first step to what you want to accomplish is changing your mind and the thought patterns and beliefs associated with your behavior.

Thoughts are the precursor to action, meaning that thoughts occur before any action takes place. That’s what needs to be changed first – your thoughts.

card_motivational sayings

Motivational Sayings

Why read motivational sayings? For motivation! You might need a bit if you can use last year’s list of goals this year because it’s as good as new.

All of us can benefit from inspirational thoughts, so here are ten great ones.

“Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” – Dale Carnegie


“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” – Napoleon Hill


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Some men see things as they are and say, “Why?” I dream of things that never were and say, “Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw


“A small trouble is like a pebble. Hold it too close to your eye and it fills the whole world and puts everything out of focus. Hold it at a proper distance and it can be examined and properly classified. Throw it at your feet and it can be seen in its true setting, just one more tiny bump on the pathway of life.” – Celia Luce


“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard


“I’m not telling you it is going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” – Art Williams


Motivational Sayings on Attitude

“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is  attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” – W. Clement Stone


“Nothing on earth can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson


“A person cannot directly choose his circumstances, but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely, shape his circumstances.” – James Allen


“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” – Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi


These are quotes that mean something to me. Hopefully one or two of them are also inspiring to you.

If not, maybe they will motivate you to create your own motivational sayings.


Motivational Quotes for Business and other Work Environments

Some days a motivational quote can provide a quick pick-me-up for employees and even management. They can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to a drab afternoon.

These are also a great way to jazz up a newsletter or a memo or even to simply print and attach to a bulletin board. Using quotes like these are perfect ways to create a motivational and successful work environment.

As Mr. Rick Pitino says “The only way to get people to like working hard is to motivate them. Today, people must understand why they’re working hard. Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different.” –Rick Pitino

Motivational Quotes:
1. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


2. “You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.” – Jim Stovall


3. “The only way around is through.” – Robert Frost


4. “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” – Warren Buffet


5. “You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.” – Les Brown


6. “Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt


7. “Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.” – Charles F. Kettering


8. “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford


9. “You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.” – Jim Rohn


10. “Who likes not his business, his business likes not him.” – William Hazlitt


11. “Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating.” – Denis Waitley


12. “Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” – Le Iacocca


13. “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight D.


14. “The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” – Drucker


15. “Why did I want to win? Because I didn’t want to lose!” – Max Schmelling


16. “To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.” – J. Paul Getty


17. “To win without risk is to triumph without glory.” – Pierre Corneille


18. “To succeed… You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you.” – Tony Dorsett


19. “The only limits are, as always, those of vision.” – James Broughton


20. “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” – George Kneller


21. “To the degree we’re not living our dreams; our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.” – Peter McWilliams


22. “To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth


23. “To waken interest and kindle enthusiasm is the sure way to teach easily and successfully.” – Tryon Edwards


24. “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” – Spanish Proverb


25. “The noblest search is the search for excellence.” – Lyndon B. Johnson


26. “The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to neither make money nor find much fun in life.” – Charles M. Schwab


27. “The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water; but to walk on the earth.” – Chinese Proverb


28. “The new source of power is not money in the hands of a few, but information in the hands of many.” – John Naisbitt


29. “The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed.” – Henry Ford


30. “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” – Napoleon Hill


Many employers will add these quotes inside the employees’ paycheck envelope.

Sometimes it may be a motivational quote, other times a silly antidote.

Include employee birthdays or other important events to help your employees feel a part of the team.

Nevertheless, wherever you are, motivational sayings or inspirational quotes are catchy little phrases that can get your attention, pause for a while, and think about it.

Ponder its truth. How it is related to you, how it challenged you and how can you make things even better and what can you do to make them happen.

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motivational sayings


Why Is It Important To Believe In Yourself?

believe in yourself


Why is it crucial to believe in yourself?

Why would you believe in yourself in the first place? But before we go through that, we have to ask first, who would you rather believe then, your friends, your family, your neighbors, and anybody else more than anything else?

These could be some of the questions that are running through your mind.

See, do not short-change yourself. Do not undervalue yourself either.

You are a wonderful human being just as you are.

Did you know that there is one thing that separates achievers from the rest? It is their belief they got for themselves.

If you have been craving for success or any longing to accomplish something, the primary thing you have to do first is to believe in you.

Working on believing yourself is a good anchor in growing confidence and developing self-esteem that will boost you to take action and move out of your comfort zone.

For sure, this increases you chance of reaching the victory that you once dream of having.

Believe in Yourself

These could be some of the questions that are running through your mind.

Why is it necessary to inculcate belief in yourself?

Success eludes those who seek it with a negative mind. This is absolutely true.

Achievers have beaten the odds and reached there just because they believe in themselves and have the positive mind to find their goals in life.

If you want to be an achiever and be a go-getter you too can reach the pinnacle of your abilities.

All you need is a sound positive mind that has a strong belief in yourself and your abilities and then the sky is only the limit.

But, this is easier said than done and you need to work towards making your mind strong and positive as the mind is very fickle and gets easily distracted to think in a negative fashion due to the conditioning you have received from various sources right from your childhood.

How will this way of thinking assist you in getting the success that perhaps has been eluding you for quite some time already?

With or without their knowledge, the society, including the school or even our family is putting much negativity in your being.

These negative thoughts become negative beliefs and reinforce your feeling that you can’t achieve anything.

Thus, when you are thinking of doing something but there would be obstacles along the way, the “I cannot do this” thought automatically pops into your mind.

Many people might not able to attain their target objectives in life in spite of their aspirations and dreams in life to emerge successfully because of this negativity.

The negativity in their mind has stopped them from believing in themselves to take action and start a journey toward reaching them.

And what happens next?

They end up lamenting of not being able to achieve their goals that they perceive from the start along with creating excuses and playing the blame game to cover it up.

Then, it will become a huge hurdle to the efforts made in working out on those dreams that remain dreams only that cannot be turned into reality.

Another takeaway for you, do not listen to the negativity of your mind. Find ways to contradict every negative thought that creeps in. Be on the lookout and maintain to be always in the positive zone.

The negative thoughts of the mind are all lies. Do not be deceived by them. Your mind only wants you to back down and stay put and play safe.

How can you take action if this is the case?

If you were not aware and just follow these negative thoughts, they will be justified by excuses and blames.

Remember, as much as possible your mind does not want to be tired and exerts effort. It takes tons of energy in accomplishing your goals and reaching your dreams.

Thus, guard your mind and be selective of accepting your thoughts. Success evades those who pursue it with a negative mind.

Successful people beat the odds and become achievers because they believe in themselves and have a positive mind that propels them to accomplishing their goals in life.

Do you want to be a high-flier or go-getter?

Then, start with a sound and positive mind with a strong faith in yourself. With that, the sky is only the limit in accomplishing your dreams and reaching the peak of your abilities.

But, is this easier said that done? Of course, you have to work in making your mind strong and recreating your mind to positive thoughts.

The mind is very fickle and gets easily distracted considering that it might be used to thinking negative and accustomed to various conditioning received from different sources even from the childhood days.

believe in yourself

How do you become more positive about your abilities?

How do you develop the belief that you are capable of achieving whatever you are aspiring for?

Let us look at some of the certain things that can help you in this endeavor.

Feel and Think Positive

Starting to think positive would leading to taking positive actions as well.

Again, how to think positive and feel positive about yourself?

It is best to use daily affirmations about your abilities to assist in reinforcing and strengthening that belief in you.

These affirmations will gradually let you believe that you are successful and will take actions toward realizing them and put them into reality.

Stay Motivated

There are always challenges in life and maybe some distractions in your goals. Because of this, motivation is very important. You have to remain motivated always for you to have that belief in yourself.

Discover what makes you motivated and how to get them handy the time you need one.

Being motivated can be attained through listening to inspirational music or reading motivational materials. It can be from simple things that bring you to push forward.

Understand Your Goals

You know you have ambitions that need realization. But, first thing first, know your goals and stick to them.

Do not deviate and find a new goal to work out simply because you have not achieved the previous one. If you do this, you will be wandering aimlessly and will not reach your aspirations.

Make it simpler by having short term goals or divide long-term goals into small parts for you to accomplish one after the other.

Set on the Journey

Dreaming alone does not make anything out of it. With enough confidence and belief in yourself, then it’s time for you to take action. Move forward and put those plans to actions and then to achievements.

Do not stay blaming and lamenting. Set yourself to the journey of reaching toward your dreams. Be ready and at the same time be tough to whatever you will encounter along the way.

believe in yourself

You Can Believe In Yourself

When you’re depressed, usually you feel you aren’t accomplishing much. You may be making an effort, but you have a tendency to give up easily.

Unfortunately, after a time we start to doubt you can count on yourselves to do what we say, or you may become reluctant to agree to meet with anyone or promise to do anything because you don’t know how you’ll feel when the time comes.

This usually spirals downward because the more often you break a promise or avoid one, the more that seems to prove to you that you aren’t reliable.

So how can you change this? How can you become reliable again, not just to others, but more importantly, prove to yourselves that you will do what we intend?

Because if you can’t count on yourselves even to go to an appointment, how can you believe you can accomplish your dreams?

You can’t. And that would depress anyone. But if instead you practice making promises to yourself and keeping them, you can gradually rebuild confidence in yourself.

For a moment, think of yourself as a juggler, and the things you want to do in a day as the balls you balance. You may not be a very good juggler at the moment, but with practice, you can get better.

So let’s say at present you are a two ball juggler. This means in the night or week before you can say, “What two things am I going to do on that day?” and be 90% sure you will get them done.

And this would be great because you would know you can count on yourself to do two specific things. You can get anywhere with that.

Knowing you can count on yourself is actually more valuable than the things you do or how many of them you can get done.

It is the reliability that helps you restore your confidence and dependability and lets you move forward in the direction you wish to go.

Even if you can only do a couple of things a day, but you can count on yourself to do them, you can accomplish much!

believe in yourself to make things happen

So wherever you are at the moment, start seeing if you can make a commitment to what you will do tomorrow, and the next day, and each day this week.

Begin small, maybe planning one or two things a day, and accomplish those things for certain.

Your goal is to do 90% or better of what you set out to do. Anything else you get done is extra. That’s wonderful.

But don’t neglect those two things. You want to know if you say you’ll call two people, for instance, that you’ll do that. You’ll get it done.

Once you have established that you can count on yourself to do two planned things a day, you can try for three a day. But the main thing is if you can count on yourself to do what you set out to do.

You can make progress at anything in life. You can prioritize what is important to you, and say no before you take on too much.

Believe that you have it in you. Shed the negativity remaining in your mind. Instill positive thoughts and attitude instead.

See yourself as a successful person, an achiever capable of reaching great heights or a go-getter that is destined to triumph no matter what.

Do not end up being a nobody or a mediocre person that you have always known yourself to be depending on other shoulders to shoot your gun.

Integrate the thought of believing in yourself and check the difference it can bring to your life.

Take a decision right now and ponder reasonably whether you want a better life or want to excel and live the life of success that you deserve. You have the answer within you.




How to Get Yourself Back on Track?

We have to move with the rhythm of our environment which always requires us to stay ready and up and moving.

So, what do you do in times when you just don’t feel like doing anything? Or, when too much needs to be done and all you ever want is to quit?



Motivation is the driving force which enables you to stay committed towards attaining your goals. It plays a key role in your overall development and success.


However, sometimes you’ll find yourself lacking that excitement that you had when you started working on your goal.


Perhaps you screwed up along the way and got discouraged, or there’s something new in your life like a new relationship, a job or whatever that’s taking away your time and attention from your goal.


At times, all you need is something that can keep you motivated and get us back on track.


Irrespective of what’s causing your lack of motivation, it’s still possible to keep going until you eventually accomplish your goal.


We hope the following suggestions will do that for you.

Appreciate Failure

Many people find failure a bit too daunting. For them, failing on something – whether it’s a simple goal or a grand task – is enough to keep them from moving another finger.


For successful people, failure is a teacher. It was difficult and demoralizing while they were at it. But in retrospect, there is always something that can be gained from failing.


Don’t get used to failing, though. Bounce back every time you fail and refrain from doing the things that had caused you to fail before. Build a string of success out of the many failures you’ve had.


Always finish what you have started – Whether it’s a goal, a project, a book, a movie, a song, or a sentence…always finish what you have started.


Never quit on anything, no matter how insignificant the thing is. Quitting is a bad habit that supports procrastination and by extension, the extinguishment of motivation.


get back on track



Give yourself some incentives

Accomplishments should always be rewarded. A reward could be anything from a 30-minute break from work or a one-week vacation on a tropical island.


No matter how small or big your accomplishments are, always try to give yourself some reward. Having something to work for or to look forward to always work to spark the drive that is often dormant inside you.


Write down your ideas

No matter how stupid or nonsensical your ideas may seem, they are still ideas and they can inspire you to think further. When lacking in motivation, the simple act of scribbling can trigger a part of your brain to be creative, driven, and imaginative.


Write down the reasons why you want to achieve your goals

Without the right motivation, it’s not easy to achieve anything. Because of this, it’s very important that you put in writing the reasons why you want to achieve your goals.

This greatly helps your brain to process those goals and reinforce your acts towards making them real.


Be attuned with your emotions

Don’t be overwhelmed by negative emotions such as the feeling of hopelessness, defeat or struggle. Try to channel your emotions to something more positive such as getting ahead with your work or finishing the task at hand.

Define your motivation – What motivates you? A better life? An accomplished task? A sense of achievement? People have different definitions for motivation. Define yours. Then, begin working for it.


Kick that avoidance attitude 

A small percentage of people are allergic to doing something productive. They prefer to lie idle on the couch while killing their time over a movie marathon.

That kind of existence is miserable. It lacks direction and definitely lacks that something that can make life a bit more exciting.

Not that they have nothing better to do, but because they lack the drive not to avoid the things they need and must do. If you feel that you are leaning towards the avoidance attitude, immediately move out of that rut.


Connect with People

Living in isolation? It is becoming more common nowadays to lose connection with the rest of the world because of work is shifting from office setting to home setting.

Even while social networking sites are doing their best to make you feel connected, nothing still beats the good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. So go out, talk to your pals, connect with people and be inspired.




Imagine the consequences.

Worst comes to worst, you will lose the opportunities you are trying to pursue or lose your sense of enjoyment in life.

When lacking in motivation, think of the worst case scenario that may happen because of it. Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be in the mood to get off your butt.


Just begin

When you’re not motivated, your negative inner voice will give you countless reasons why you shouldn’t do what you’re supposed to do.

If you’re trying to lose weight, for instance, it will tell you how you’ll never be slim because your whole family is fat, or how ugly you are so losing weight won’t make a difference.

Don’t listen to your critical self. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, just change into your exercise outfit and get out of the house.

When you get to the gym and see the way others are determined to lose weight, your enthusiasm will come back naturally and you’ll find yourself exercising as well.

Quit the mental chatter. Quit the debate in your head. Quit the whiff-whaff of dialogues that push and pull you from doing whatever it is that you need to do.

Realize that hesitation doesn’t do you any good, it wastes your time at best. So why do it?


Stick with the plan.

Given that you have already started going for your goal, the next problem you’ll be encountering is sticking with it.

It is never easy to stick with the plan because the temptation to give up or give in to the lures of rest, relaxation or slacking is too strong.

No matter what happen, just stick with it. Never, for one second, turn your back on your goals. Keep your eyes on them


Crave for it.

Be passionate about what you are doing, even if it’s the most boring, tedious job in the world.


Do it for compelling reasons.

This is actually pretty much like the tip above, but it’s worth repeating. Do it for a compelling cause. Do it because you are burning with passion for it.

Do it because it really excites you. If it doesn’t, then make it interesting. Motivation jumps out of the nearest window if you don’t have an iota of interest in what you are doing.


Be careful when listening to that tiny voice.

The worst battles often happen inside the head, not during the act. What limits you in most cases is the self-talk that convinces you of the negative sides of goal, of yourself, or of your dreams. Shut this voice out and you will find it is easier to be motivated.


Skip the five-minute habit.

The five minutes leading to doing the task is said to be the least comfortable of all. This is when hesitation kicks in. If you really want to be motivated, forget about this part and get on with doing the job.


Don’t get overly excited.

This is an absolute motivation killer. Many people commit the mistake of jumping right into the task. This is good save for the fact that excitement drains away with motivation.

Manage your motivational level by trying to build up anticipation. Set a date, moderate your expectations, construct realizable goals, and sustain your energy. It is easier to get and stay motivated this way.


Perhaps, it may be difficult or easier said than done. But sometimes, you might need a nudge or even a push for you to move forward. Do something that is close to your heart. Or do something that would give you a blast in an instant.



Motivation: Winning The Battle In Your Head

How do you keep the good vibes, positivity, and motivation in your head? Motivation is a funny, complex thing.

The thing that motivates one person is always different from that of another even though they are working for the same thing.


And while people can motivate other people, they can only do so to a certain degree. At the end of the day, you still have to work out a way to get yourself moving.


But when everything looks bleak and all you want to do is to surrender, from where do you muster the will to go on?


Begin with winning the battle in your head.


The battle always starts in the head. One part of your brain tells you to move, work and strive for what you are working for. The other part tells you that it is foolish. It is always easier to listen to the latter because it is more convenient, less taxing, and easier to do.


The former forces you to act and work. All things equal, people always choose the less inconvenient, easy way out. But this isn’t always the better choice. In fact, it is never a good choice.


What separates very effective people from those who are not is their ability to always make the right choices most of the time, even if these choices are the hardest to make.


They know how the game works and they try to beat it every single time. Exhausting, yes, but it is also gratifying. There is always a sense of satisfaction in defeating your worst enemy – yourself.


motivate yourself


But how do you win the battle that goes on inside your head?


Understand your thoughts and how they affect your emotions and your will power.


Negative thoughts can easily kill your sense of purpose. It comes in many forms – lack of self-confidence, general negativity, lack of belief in others, procrastination and the list goes on.


Each of these has the power to convince you to throw in the towel and accept that you can’t carry on.


Identifying each of your negative thoughts is the first step to winning yourself back from a defeatist attitude.


It is not a simple feat, though. It takes time before one can shut out the voice in the head that says ‘give up, give in’. And sometimes, even when you have already succeeded in neutralizing your negative thoughts, it is still easy to give up at the first sign of a speed bump.


After all, it gives you time to rest from the unending struggle to achieve whatever it is you are pursuing, even for just a moment. But don’t buy that.


That short period of rest can turn to days, weeks, months, years, ultimately paralyzing you from taking action and living a full life.


That’s the characteristic of discouragement. It offers you immediate gratification without securing anything in return.


Try to gain positive momentum every time, instead of succumbing back into a demoralized attitude. Every time, even if that means you have to start the battle in your head all over again.


Positive thoughts have a filling effect. They are admittedly invigorating. Plus, the people around the person carrying positive thoughts are usually energized by this type of attitude.


Negative thoughts, on the other hand, have a sapping effect on other people. Aside from making you look gloomy and sad, negative thoughts can turn a festive gathering into a funeral wake.


Thus, there might be activities or other external influencers out there to keep you going or keep you motivated, but unless, you decided it first yourself, the others would not matter.

Master your own self to keep you going wherever you want it to be. Control your well-being and not rely on others to pave a way for you.

Be committed to yourself to find ways out of the dark pathways. Have a conviction to compete with yourself and win over it.




Download here a free PDF copy of Motivation: Winning the Battle in your Head.



How to Stay Positive amidst Negativity?

It is indeed very challenging to face the hurdles in the midst of shadows and crippling negativity. Yet, in spite of this, you want to raise yourself up and be in the light of positivity, right?

It is human to have down times, where we feel discouraged, depressed and listless.

The difference lies in how quickly we choose to get over those things that are holding us back, or making us feel less than our personal best.


And that, I believe, is the key: being able to get past the downtimes in one’s life as quickly as possible and getting back on with being your best, moving forward in continuous improvement.


Get up and do not stay in the shadow or lingering negativity. Do not let it swallow yourself and your life. Bad days are not funny but they will soon to pass. Be in control of yourself and stir it to the direction where there is light of optimism.


Remember, self-improvement is a hands-on project.

That is to say, that without on-going implementation of the new ideas we learn, try as we might, we aren’t going to miraculously wake up one day changed people. No, we’ve got to act on those ideas and bits of advice we learn.

Experience it!

start the day with motivation

Here is a saying by Zig Ziglar; he has such a simple – yet powerful way of getting his point across:


Zig says, “People often say motivation doesn’t last, well that may be true, but neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it every day.”


Understanding the need to attend to motivation and inspiration on a daily basis can lead a more positive daily life. Let’s look at it another way. You wake up and you pretty much have a clean slate. In most cases your day is fresh – neither overly negative nor positive.


In most cases your day is fresh – neither overly negative nor positive.


That being the case – then wouldn’t it stand to reason that importing positive thoughts first thing in the morning, and throughout your day could do wonders towards reprogramming the way in which you see your world?


Read the above Zig Ziglar quote several times a day. Also, choose to read from an inspirational book or listen to inspirational songs at least three times a day.


In addition, immediately balance any negative experiences with something positive.


Given the events of most people’s days, this isn’t always feasible, but this approach can pay dividends and is worth attempting.


Keep in mind that no matter how great any idea or advice is unless YOU choose to implement it and give it a fair shot to work in your life you’re not going to get results.

Let me say that again – because it’s that important!




YOU have to be a part of your own success journey.


If you want to see real lasting change for the better in your life, you’ve got to be the biggest part of the process.


So simply knowing that you can offset your negative feelings by introducing positive thoughts into your mind simply isn’t enough.


No – you’ve got to actually do it – it’s going to mean keeping that inspirational book, or tape handy to refer to when you need to.


It might mean stopping what you’re doing at the moment or even scheduling yourself some time to take in a positive or motivational material.


Like dieting or exercising, developing a positive mental attitude is a choice. It requires nurturing. It’s not always immediate, but if you will work on it, and cultivate it you will see results. And those around you will as well.


Staying positive is difficult all the time. If you feel that you are slipping away, find ways to get back on track and hold optimism in your head.

Accept those hard days. They are real and not just a mere warning. Be prepared whenever it comes and put yourself about it all.


Download here a free PDF copy of How to Stay Positive amidst Negativity.



Succeed with your Intellect

Here’s another inspirational thoughts for you to ponder. Have you ever felt that you had nothing to offer…no gifts to share whatsoever?

During spells of frustration or despair, it’s common to feel worthless. It can seem that everyone else is far more brilliant, beautiful & worthy of consideration.

succeed with intellect

In times like these, take solace in the one thing that you can offer that no-one else can: your unique perspective.

You see, nobody looks at the world the way that you do, nor thinks in exactly the same way. Once you start to engage your innate intelligence, be it simple and from the heart or complex and of the mind, your unique creativity begins to shine, and you become a beacon of brilliance.

You may be sitting on the one solution that no-one else can imagine, or you may hold just the right words to bring comfort and understanding to a tense situation.

You never know until you start to apply your mind, your perspective & your creativity to something outside of yourself.

And sometimes, you don’t even need to EXPRESS your intelligence.

Consider the CEO who sits with her team-leaders, intently listening to their ideas until brilliance is born. By simply sitting in active contemplation, you “magically” amplify the collective intelligence.

You have more power and intellect more than you’ll ever know.

Trust in yourself. Trust in your ability. Trust in your intellect.

You have it in you. Close your eyes and feel it from the depths of your being.

How will YOU influence the world TODAY?


Breaking the Bad Habit of Not Having Enough Motivation

Not all days are sunny. There are days when you were down and does not want to continue. But, what will you do during these times?

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with motivation. We need to get motivated all the time but we always find it hard to get out of our comfort zones and get ourselves working.

We like to feel motivated but we hate the process of prodding ourselves into doing what we are supposed to be doing or finishing what we have already started.

Motivation is hard to pin down thing. What few people realize though is that while it may be hard to pin down at times, there are plenty of things one can do to muster enough motivation to get yourself going.

Finding the thing that motivates you is one thing, it is quite another to stick with it.

And even while you have already succeeded in identifying what motivates you, the temptation to give in for more convenient, easier things like procrastination are much more powerful than getting yourself up and going.


Identify that lacking motivation or deliberately making yourself feel demotivated is a bad habit.

Something isn’t quite right when you refuse to wake up on time to get to your office. Or, when you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the power of procrastination when you have deadlines to beat.

You know that something is going wrong inside you when the task you have to finish several days ago sits idly on your desk, untouched.

And something is not right when you can’t even force yourself to confront a problem that has been gnawing your will to live fully.

You lack even the motivation to accept that you are not motivated. So how do you build your motivation from the ground up? Start with…

Identifying the things that sap out your motivation.

It always starts with very simple things in a very natural manner. Then it starts to affect the other aspects of your life, which are not entirely connected with the thing that triggered your lack of motivation.

Maybe you just didn’t feel like getting up after your alarm rung off one morning. The next day, you did the same thing and on and on until you developed the bad habit of not feeling motivated to do anything.

The first effective step to gaining back your sense of motivation is to figure out the thing or things that sap the energy out of you. It could be a small thing like not waking up in time or a really serious thing like hating everything about your job.

No matter what the form, you can identify the things that sap out your energy by their power to make you feel discouraged.

Start with the sample exercise of listing down the areas in your life where you find no motivation to pursue at all and the particular things which you think makes you feel disheartened.

This will help you gain some perspective on the entire issue. You can even derive solutions in simply knowing the cause. This will shed clarity on your issues with motivation.

Then you can move on to evaluating the risks and benefits of not feeling motivated. There are benefits to having no motivation – immediate self-gratification in the form of rest for one.

And there are risks, for sure. Plenty of them. And the risks oftentimes outweigh the benefits. Discovering the risks and benefits of not feeling motivated could be very enlightening.

In general, you would realize that it is never worth it to procrastinate, to give in to the temptation of hating to move a finger to finish your tasks, or to deliberately believe that it is much more gratifying to lie around and do nothing.


Quit the debate -The battle always starts in the head.

It begins ten to five minutes before you start doing the thing you have to do – whether it’s a task, a business plan, a goal.

In the normal course of hesitating to do your task, one part of your head tries to talk you into doing it. It is immediately followed by a voice that talks you out of it.

This process goes on until you decide to follow either of the two voices – abandon the task and live with the uneasy, guilty feeling or finish it and feel satisfied.

The right choice is obvious, but the immediate convenience of the ‘easy way out’ presents make it very enticing.

Try not to prolong the debate. The longer it goes on, the more difficult it will be for you to begin and finish your task, the less motivated you will feel. This mental chatter is an absolute motivation killer.

Find your inspiration – Inspiration almost always comes out of nowhere.

It is funny how one can feel inspired by simply listening to the rhythm of the falling rain or by simply watching little children play. It is amazing how a witty line from a poem can enlighten your mind and your mood.

It is never fully clear why these things happen, but it is evident that they happen all the time.

When lacking the inspiration to get off your butt and do your work, try to look at the most unassuming places and see if something inside you will react.

Don’t push it, though. Inspiration is a sudden occurrence, it can never be manufactured. It comes when the time is ripe.

Take a break – Exhaustion can kill your mood, not to mention lower your motivation level.

There is enough time in the world to do and finish everything you have to do so don’t race against time.

Always take the time to reward yourself with some sunshine and a warm bath. Or with some relaxing minutes under the trees or in your bed.

However, you do it, just try to have the faith that once you get back to the drawing board, your mind is already geared to be productive. Don’t be afraid to take some time off and reward yourself with rest.

Always enjoy the process – What are life and work if they are not enjoyed?

Try to always find the purpose and happiness in everything you do, no matter how uninterested you are.

Finally, commit yourself to change. This is not easy, it never was. But try to set the date for mustering your sense of motivation.


Download here a free PDF copy of breaking the bad habit of not having enough motivation.



How to Stay Motivated?

What do you usually do to keep you motivated in accomplishing your goals? What are your tricks to keep you on the right track towards success?

Life has a way of interfering us while we are going after our dreams. It distracts us from pursuing things that really matter and even convinces us that nothing really matters.

It can attract us to adopt a defeatist attitude – lacking on enthusiasm and interest – ultimately sapping out our sense of purpose.

You can drag yourself up the same way you can drag yourself down. It is a choice you have to make every, single day.

There are ways to stay motivated, no matter how you feel about everything around you.

These are not easy, far from that, but are nevertheless very helpful in keeping yourself fired with motivation.

Whenever you are faced with this conflict of choices, bring with you these tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation.

motivation_do what you love

Develop the attitude of interest.

Find the thing you are most passionate about. The happiest people, they say, are those people who do the things they love the most.

It is not coincidental that they are the most motivated people as well. After all, passion and motivation go hand in hand. They are closely intertwined to create a person who is full of zest about everything.


Nearly every successful people are very passionate about what they do.

Why do you think Lance Armstrong, in spite of having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, went on to win 7 consecutive Tour de France trophies?

It is not only because he refused to give in to life’s cruel joke, but because he is also very passionate about cycling.

We are not saying that it has to take some forceful circumstances in our lives before we find the thing we are most passionate about.

In most cases, this very thing is right at the tip of your nose. You just don’t want to see it, to accept it.



Find the thing that can spark and sustain your enthusiasm.

Then channel all your energies towards that thing. This sparks motivation, productivity, and satisfaction.

But what do you do when you are stuck with things that you are not truly passionate about? In times like this, when passion is lacking and your zeal is at its all-time low, interest will suffice.

Be interested in everything you do, no matter how boring, tedious or nonsensical it may seem. Find meaning in everything. Take the time to be engrossed, to be interested. Otherwise, your life will seem and feel like a living hell.

Having said that, always find reasons to be happy about the things you do, the goals you are pursuing, the dreams you are trying to realize, and the life you are trying to live. Never lose sight of happiness and never let it slip away.

motivation_make things happen


Maintain an elevated level of energy.

The mere act of smiling at yourself can recharge your energy. Having no energy almost always ensure that you won’t feel as motivated as you need.

Always take the time to recharge yourself – sleep, eat, breathe, relax, and rest. Do whatever it takes to always keep your energy high, if not sustained.


Act like it.

Translate positive emotions into actions. If you are not feeling positive about anything, try to act like it. Sometimes, despite the lack of motivation, you can still feel motivated when you deliberately act with enthusiasm.

It all begins with little excuses like ‘I don’t feel good’, ‘I am not that smart’, ‘I don’t have enough faith in myself’. Then you start believing in these things like they are written in stone, then these negative beliefs become a part of your system, a part of who you are.


Don’t give a second’s worth of recognition on these negative self-talks.

Whenever you hear that part of your brain tell you things that can pull you down, shut it out and listen to that less powerful, but oftentimes ignored the voice that says ‘you can!’.

Try to have a little faith – in yourself, in what you can do, and the things you believe in. It doesn’t matter if you fail, everyone goes through that hurtful process. What matters is that every time you do, you bounce back, rebuild yourself, and give the world a better you.

motivation_focus on positive


Be very careful when choosing your side.

You can either talk yourself into doing the task or not, which means you can either be a part of the success that one part of your head says you can be or take part in the downfall the other side of your head tries to go to.

Always take that side of your brain that believes in you, that cares about your well-being, and pushes you to be the person you are trying to be.

Try to win the debate with yourself every time. Remember that sometimes, the act of doing something is not really difficult. It’s the few minutes of mental chatter leading up to doing the act.


Hold on to that something that matters to you.

There is nothing more meaningful in life than that something that we dearly hold on to. Some people call it their passion, others call it their cause. What do you call yours?

Cause, passion, or whatever it is that propels your inner drive to accomplish something is a very powerful source of motivation. It never runs dry. It flows so long as you hold on to that thing you care about.

Sometimes, it is what makes people do the impossible in the face of difficulties. And it is that thing that gives them the courage to face and get through the biggest difficulties life throws at them.


Dream big.

Big dreams inspire. It makes people work harder, with even more passion. What would happen to people if they have nothing to shoot for? Nothing.

If there are no Olympic medals and several hundred Olympians to compete against, the champions will never exist.

If Mount Everest is not the highest mountain, there will be no mountaineers and hikers who struggle daily to reach the peak.

If you don’t dream big, you would stay forever in that nook of the world where everything is mediocre, where the sense of achievement is an abstract concept, and where success is all but inexistent.

motiation_dream big

Compete with yourself.

Competing with others is good, but oftentimes it is a sure-fire way to demotivate yourself because you will start to compare yourself with others each and every time.

Run your own, personal race. How many times have you heard the saying, ‘you are your worst enemy’?

In the end, tease your mind or challenge yourself on how to stay motivated and keep being motivated in doing what you love, in pursuing your dreams and triumph through your struggles.



Download here a free PDF copy of how to stay motivated.



To be Successful, Be Certain On Where You’re Going


Here’s another motivational message to inspire and motivate you to ponder:

Get Clear On Where You’re Going

Have you ever felt that there’s just not enough time in the day? Most often, when we run out of time for projects or pursuits, the reason is that we’ve spent a lot of time lost in ambiguity.

When you’re supremely clear about where you’re going and what you want to do, there’s no time lost. Your actions are clear & precise, and you can make an AMAZING amount of progress in just a short period of time.

needs direction

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to eliminate the time-management nightmare.

Here are some suggestions to motivate you:

1. Plan your work.

Take a few moments to determine where you’re going and how you plan to get there. You don’t have to know all the steps or details; just write down the basic outline as you can see it.


2. Gather your resources.

Get your tools in order. Make sure you have food & water and anything else you need to get started. What do you need to do this job right? Get it.


3. Work your plan.

Give yourself a deadline, then follow your outline step-by-step. If you get lost or distracted, come back to your outline and see what’s next.

Before long you will have a finished product or project, and plenty of time to relax or do something else…like stare out the window for 20 minutes.

What are YOU going to do TODAY?


Change One Thing For Your Success

If you can change a thing for you to be successful, what would it be? Here’s another inspirational thought and a motivational message for you to ponder.

One simple change, one simple step. It all begin with one. That one can reach to a hundred, a thousand, a million and so on.

Sometimes it seems like nothing works the way it should. If you’re a human, you have probably hit that point where work is no fun, relationship is a struggle and you don’t even feel comfortable in your body.

At times like these, changing your life can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do…where do you even start?

It’s quite simple, really…just change ONE thing.

Read a magazine article you would never typically even consider. Try a new type of restaurant. Take a different route to work. Any simple change of scenery can shift your perspective, and has the potential to drastically transform your life.

It’s like a ship at sea…if it changes course even one degree, 100 miles later it’s in completely new waters.

compass to success

Of course, the most profound shifts are the ones you make on the inside.

Annoyance can easily be turned into fascination. Frustration can be flipped to become gratitude. Even anger can be transformed if you simply turn it into a song.

You don’t have to tackle the whole enchilada, just make one simple shift.

And the best part is…it’s all experimentation.

If you don’t like your new perspective, you can always go back to your old one.

What “one-degree” shift can YOU make TODAY?


Fire Up Your Inner Drive and Keep Going

What happens when one day you just wake up lacking the energy to do anything?

It happens to all of us. Not wanting to go out of bed, not wanting to stay in it either. That’s normal. That’s the stuff of life, so to speak.

Here are another inspirational thought and a motivational message for you to keep you going in spite of what hurdles you are facing right now.


What is not normal though is getting entangled with the lack of energy, lack of drive, lack of motivation. What is not normal is to continuously talk yourself into the act of not doing anything. But what do you do when all the drive inside of you are purged out?


People have different issues with motivation. Some people find it hard to begin while others find it excruciatingly hard to finish. Both ends of the tasks are often the hardest to accomplish.


It could be because the task is unpleasant, uninteresting, or lacks the thing that makes you feel motivated to get off your butt and start working.

When having troubles with getting or staying motivated, try these following tips.

just start

Kick the habit of procrastination 

Procrastination is very enticing, that is why many people are led to its path. But, never for a second believe that it is satisfying.


Procrastination eats up a lot of your time while leaving nothing for you to get ahead with your task. Procrastination also leaves that lingering, powerful guilt feeling that saps the energy out of your body.


The unwashed laundry. The unfinished business plan. The project that lays idle on your table. All these are reminders that you haven’t done anything with your habit of procrastination.

And all these produce that same sense of half-pleasure, half-guilt feeling produced by not doing the task on time.


Push yourself 

Over pampering yourself is a bad habit and a fatal one too. Y

ou may not lose your life while procrastinating, but you can lose your job, opportunities and the chances of success whenever you hesitate and delay your tasks.

No one wants to miss out on these things, so just do the opposite of pampering, try to push yourself.


If you think you can do a task in one hour, try to finish it in 30 minutes. Add more outputs every day. Make yourself extra productive.

There is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment in being able to defeat your worst enemy – yourself.


Be careful not to push yourself too hard, though. Always leave time for rest and relaxation as these can charge your mind and body to keep your energy and interest in the things you do at the highest.


I can do it


Stop talking yourself out of it 

There are always two parts of your head that are battling for your attention. One part convinces you to start working on your task; the other gives you all the convincing arguments to delay your work.


In most cases, the second part wins. But for people who have no serious issue with motivation, the good, inspiring side always wins out the debate.


Always try to listen to that part that talks you into doing your tasks, not to the one that pulls you back to that cozy bed where you can steal a few minutes’ worth more of rest.


Envision the completion of the task 

Think like you have already finished your task. Few people appreciate the benefits of creating mental images of finished tasks.


The reality though is, this can help a great deal in motivating you to get on with it. Think of the euphoria of not having anything to make you feel guilty.


Or the sense of pride in being able to accomplish something. The more you think of the benefits of finishing your tasks, the more convinced you will become to get ahead with it.


live fearlessly


Create a picture board

Fill the picture board with images of your desired goals. The car you want to own, the house you want to live in, the area where you want to live yes, they’re the obvious ones.


Others could be pictures of holiday destinations, trophies, first-class travel tickets, clothes you want to buy, fine restaurants you want to frequent – whatever you can think of that gets your pulse racing.


Think of the worst-case scenario

We have all been told that envisioning success is a good motivator. Now, why not do the exact opposite? Why not envision a future that is bleak, hopeless and stripped off all happiness and success.


Why not envision yourself living eternally in a rut where the sense of accomplishment and a tiny hope are inexistent?

Scary, right? Few people realize that they already own a one-way ticket towards this very vision.


Now what you want to do is to get off your butt and work your way out of the train wreck you are heading to. Turn your life around and work for a goal. Now, that is getting motivated.


Fear your fear

Fear is the force that is determined to stop you in your tracks and rob your dreams from you. But it can only do this if you let it.


Are you going to let this cruel destructive charlatan trample on your dreams, steal your happiness and crush your spirit?


Imagine this thought haunting your final days

“I didn’t do the things I wanted because I was too frightened to live”.

And by then, it’ll be far too late to conquer fear. Refuse to let fear spoil your life and start taking action – now!


Get angry!

If you want to change your life for the better then get angry about where you’re at now. Having a laid back attitude towards change isn’t what’s needed and it won’t create a strong desire within you.


So ask: “Why do I want to change?” Is it because you’re FED UP with debts? Does your job DRIVE YOU CRAZY? Is your life DULL AND PRECITABLE?


Are you SICK AND TIRED of doing the same thing week in week out?

Are you BORED BEYOND BELIEF by the dull, uninspiring, unhappy people you associate with?



And I mean REAL ANGRY. Write it all down, all of the frustrating, unrewarding, miserable lot of it that makes every day a dull slog until your final days. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?



Set a date for change and commit to it 

Change must come to all of us. Sometimes it is forced upon us, sometimes we choose when it will happen. It is always much more preferable to have control over the change that can take us over.


If the change you are seeking requires a specific date on the calendar, then set it. Make a huge, red circle around the date and stick with it.


Let this serve as a motivator, to start doing the things you should have done weeks, months or years ago. Let this chosen date serve as the new beginning of your life.

break the routine


Break the routine 

When you’re doing the same thing every day, sooner or later, the energy that you once had will drain out.


No matter how passionate you were with your work, project, or goal when you were just beginning, you will suffer from lack of motivation once your body senses that it is doing the same thing day in, day out.


Don’t be afraid to break the routine once in a while. Quit work for a full day. Stop doing your routine for a week. Take a month-long vacation. Take on a new hobby for a year.


These can help energize you and rekindle your drive. And while you’re taking your break from your routine, don’t lose the faith that you will have the same kind of energy you once had by the time you get back to work.


Don’t lose sight of your goals 

It is easy to lose your focus when there is too much distraction around.

Whether it’s the kids, clutter at your work area, Twitter or Facebook, you will find that these simple things remind you of other things that can drive your concentration away from the task at hand.


To prevent yourself from killing your own motivation, always try to stick with your goals and shut out whatever it is that it trying to reduce it.


Free Yourself of Negativity

The most dangerous thing that you could ever come up with would be negativity. It’s too damaging, stressful, and a complete waste of time. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to get think negatively than positive.


Being disappointed in something can stir up a lot of negative thoughts and doubts. You should never be negative because it will only steer you away from your goal.


Other than that, negative thinking can drain the life out of you and that’s not just your mental health at risk but your physical health as well.


Take Care of Yourself

Most of the time, it’s easy to neglect the simple things that could motivate oneself. Personal grooming and health can easily be overlooked which is always a big no.


Before you do anything else, be sure to put your personal welfare on top of the list. It’s not being greedy or anything but rather giving yourself an assurance that if anything goes wrong, you could move on anytime.


Buy yourself a new suit, a nice looking tie, and a pair of good looking kicks. Investing in yourself never hurts and it retains motivation. Just don’t overdo it though.


Be Happy!

The most important thing of all is not the money or your career but rather the happiness that you felt from start to finish. Enjoy yourself! That’s a mandatory approach that you should not overlook.


Although pressure and stress may always accompany you, don’t let it hinder happiness. It’s the ultimate incentive that you could get in this life. Motivate yourself through happiness.


However, you may define it, being happy is one of the most powerful motivational techniques since the existence of man.


After all, if you’re living your life without happiness, you’re not living life at all. Be happy, feel motivate, and enjoy the beauty of what life has to offer.


If you look at it at one point, there’s nobody in the world who can motivate you into doing anything. It’s basically you alone who can motivate yourself to pursue your dreams and succeed.

Hopefully, these tips help you to spark some motivation to light up your life. Fire up your motivation and live life to the fullest!



24 Empowering Beliefs and Powerful Motivational Takeaways

How can your experiences be shaped by your thinking? How can obstacles have unseen values?

Is it possible to develop a conviction that will help you to feel happier and achieve more, regardless of the situation?

Consider these empowering beliefs and powerful rules of motivation that you can start using today to transform your life through the power of positive thinking.


empowering beliefs 2


8 Empowering Beliefs to Make You Smile

1. I understand my potential

You can achieve amazing results when you put your mind to it. Feel excited about reaching your true potential.

Make an inventory of your strengths and successes in the past. Besides, you can also aim to improve them or target your desired potential.


2. I count my blessings

List each thing that you have to that you are grateful for. Remember to include the smaller items, like warm socks or tart cranberries

Expressing your appreciation reminds you of how prosperous you are.

Make this your daily habit until it becomes part of your character. Until in no time, you can have that attitude of gratitude.


3. I learn from mistakes

You can make setbacks work for you by focusing on the lessons that they contain.

Find ways how to improve yourself and how to make it better next time.

Search for ways that work for you. Maybe it works for others but there could be a suitable answer that fits your personality or your situation.

Take some detour and still, arrive at your destination.


4. I find meaning in adversity

Tough times can be the most rewarding phase of your life. Know that you can emerge from any challenge with greater wisdom and courage.

You can get more patience, more virtues, and stronger character.

Look back at the obstacles you’ve already overcome, and reassure yourself that you can handle what’s ahead.


 5. I embrace change

Accept that life is a series of changes. Focus on the present moment, and prepare yourself to adapt to whatever circumstances come your way.

Change is good instead of being stuck in one thing. It is part of progress and it is the nature of every living being.

Thus, it also shows that you are moving or growing up.


6. I dream big

Big dreams inspire. It makes people work harder, with even more passion. What would happen to people if they have nothing to shoot for? Nothing.

If there are no Olympic medals and several hundred Olympians to compete against, the champions will never exist.

If Mount Everest is not the highest mountain, there will be no mountaineers and hikers who struggle daily to reach the peak.

If you don’t dream big, you would stay forever in that nook of the world where everything is mediocre, where the sense of achievement is an abstract concept, and where success is all but inexistent.

Expand your wish list. Setting demanding but attainable goals give you adventures to look forward each day.

Remove your fear and stretch yourself to what you can do. Even you yourself will be amazed by the power inside you.


7. I practice forgiveness

Lighten your load by clearing away any resentment you’re holding from the past.

Set reasonable boundaries while you respond with compassion when others disappoint you. And pardon yourself too.

It is important to forgive yourself. It is part of loving you. Do this instead of feeling guilty and carrying a heavy load. Let them go. They are unnecessary baggage.


8. I give generously

Sharing your blessings makes you more powerful and joyful. Volunteer in your community and speak kindly to each person you meet today. Buy coffee for your co-workers or give your receptionist a flower.

Thus, you can give your time, service or talent. And do it for the joy of giving. It means, without expecting anything. As they say, if you want to be happy, then, make someone happy.


Empowering Beliefs 3



8 Empowering Beliefs to Make You Strive

1. I take responsibility

You are in charge of your life. Hold yourself accountable for the outcomes you create. Do this instead of blaming others, your past or your current situation.


Celebrate the fact that you have the power to determine your own future. And now, you can stir your future to what you dream and what you like and not by the dictates of others or the limitations around your situation.


2. I apply effort

Figure out your definition of success so you know what is worth working for.

Taking mere actions and taking massive actions set the difference between mediocrity and success.

Give yourself credit when you’re making progress rather than comparing yourself to others.


3. I leverage my strengths

You have your own individual strengths that you can draw on. You have your own talents and skills either natural or acquired.

In one way or another, there is always something that you are great at or something that you vehemently love doing.

Figure out what you’re good at and what you want to do. Let that knowledge guide your choices.


4. I listen to feedback

Ask for feedback so you can enhance your performance and show others that you respect their point of view.

You grow faster when you gather solid input that you can translate into action.


5. I ask for help

Expand your capabilities by building a sturdy support network. Ask successful people how they got there.

For example, ask some successful businessmen in your area. You can also ask some experts in your field or profession through sending them an email or making some phone calls.

Carpool with other parents or other people in your neighborhood. Divide up household chores with your spouse and children to make the load lighter and get them done faster.


6. I connect with others

Moral support counts too. Surround yourself with loving and encouraging family and friends.

Participate actively in your faith community. Join a club with members who share your interest in solar power or badminton.

You can also join a mastermind group. It’s very helpful and encouraging to be with like-minded people.


7. I recognize opportunities

Stay alert for promising openings. You may meet a new friend while you’re standing in line to buy your morning coffee.

Attend in some events or training in your community or in your field. Be intuitive of what could be the next big thing.


8. I try new things

Be open to experimentation. Go kayaking one weekend instead of playing tennis.

Bake your own bread or knit a scarf. You may discover hidden talents. Learn new skills or anything that interests you.

You can drag yourself up the same way you can drag yourself down. It is a choice you have to make every, single day.

Whenever you are faced with this conflict of choices, bring with you these tiny nuggets of wisdom on motivation.


Powerful Motivation


8 Powerful Motivational Takeaways


Some people say that motivation is why some individuals do one thing and others do something altogether different.


Motivation is often discussed in terms of setting and achieving goals and also what designates the behavior of a human being.


Motivation is sometimes defined in terms of feelings that push a person to achieve a given objective.


Often motivation is believed to be the reason that a person chooses to do anything in particular, whether it be applying for a specific job or taking a chance by asking someone out on a date.


In the realm of psychology, motivation is closely connected to behavior in terms of the initiation as well as direction, intensity, and persistence of it.


Motivation has to do with having the interest in doing something and then having the willingness and ability to see it through until its completion.


Motivation is instead a dynamic and temporal state of mind.


A person who is motivated can be motivated to accomplish a long-term goal or a short-term goal and both have value.


Sometimes a motivated individual will break a long-term goal down into a series of smaller short-term goals in order to make the end result easier to conquer and attain.


The motivation to work towards any given goal can change and oftentimes. circumstances make it necessary for a person to modify their level of motivation.


And here are additional motivational tips for you to take.


1. Never mind that you’re not this or that

It all begins with little excuses like ‘I don’t feel good’, ‘I am not that smart’, ‘I don’t have enough faith in myself’.

Then you start believing in these things like they are written in stone, then these negative beliefs become a part of your system, a part of who you are.

Thus, never let this happen to you. Do not compare yourself to others. Enjoy your present blessings and keep on working on your goals.


2. Don’t give a second’s worth of recognition on these negative self-talks

Whenever you hear that part of your brain telling you things that can pull you down, shut it out and listen to that less powerful, but oftentimes ignored the voice that says ‘you can!‘.

Cancel those damaging thoughts through replacing with the positive ones. Substitute them with self-love and self-appreciation.


3. Have faith – in yourself, in what you can do, and the things you believe in

It doesn’t matter if you fail. Everyone goes through that hurtful process. What matters is that every time you do, you bounce back, rebuild yourself, and give the world a better you.

Replenish that confidence in yourself and build your self-esteem. Revisit again your past victories and your arsenal of strengths and talents. Look forward on the great things yourself can deliver.


4. Be very careful when choosing your side

You can either talk yourself into doing the task or not, which means you can either be a part of the success, that one part of your head says you can be or take part in the downfall, the other side of your head tries to go to.

Always take that side of your brain that believes in you, that cares about your well-being, and pushes you to be the person you are trying to be.

Try to win the debate with yourself every time. Remember that sometimes, the act of doing something is not really difficult. It’s the few minutes of mental chatter leading up to doing the act.

Talk to your child ego. Give it enough attention so that it will not tantrum and sabotage your other efforts.


5. Try to win the debate with yourself every time

Remember that sometimes, the act of doing something is not really difficult. It’s the few minutes of mental chatter leading up to doing the act.

Be in control and be in charge. Find ways what work and what won’t in your mental reasoning.

Visualize the image of triumph or challenge yourself instead of achieving your goal.


6.  Hold on to that something that matters to you

There is nothing more meaningful in life than that something that we dearly hold on to. Some people call it their passion, others call it their cause. What do you call yours?

The reason, passion, or whatever it is that propels your inner drive to accomplish something is a very powerful source of motivation. It never runs dry. It flows so long as you hold on to that thing you care about.

Sometimes, it is what makes people do the impossible in the face of difficulties. And it is that thing that gives them the courage to face and get through the biggest difficulties life throws at them.


7. Picture the completion of the task

Think like you have already finished your task. Few people appreciate the benefits of creating mental images of finished tasks. The reality, though, this can help a great deal in motivating you to get on with it.


Think of the bliss of not having anything to make you feel guilty or the sense of pride in being able to accomplish something. The more you think of the benefits of finishing your tasks, the more convinced you will become to get ahead with it.


8. Compete with yourself

Competing with others is good, but oftentimes it is a sure-fire way to demotivate yourself because you will start to compare yourself with others each and every time.

Run your own, personal race. How many times have you heard the saying, ‘you are your worst enemy’?

An upbeat attitude increases your happiness and productivity. Question your old assumptions so you can replace them with a new sense of certainty about yourself and your future.

Adopt empowering beliefs that build up your confidence and prepare you for greater success. Start today. You’ll be glad you did!



Let Go of Perfectionism, Love your Imperfections

Do you really need to be perfect in who you are and in everything you do? What will you do amidst imperfections? Is it okay for you to accept those imperfections?

You might be familiar with the “Accept me as I am” battle cry.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t change harmful habits because you are embracing who you are. It also doesn’t mean that you are endorsing laziness or lack of ambition.

It basically means, you have taken a look inside of yourself and seen who the person inside truly is. There are things that you like about yourself and also things that you don’t, but it all works together to become the person that you are today.

true change

True change in your life is an act of love. You can lose weight when you love who you are right now at your current weight. Your life, self-esteem, and happiness are not tied to a number.

Anything done out of self-hate doesn’t usually last because you are always criticizing your efforts. Nothing is ever good enough because you start off not liking anything about yourself from the beginning. You’d leave your own body if you could.

There is nothing healthy about that. Imperfection says that the only way through is with love on board. Accepting and embracing you by celebrating why you are unique. It is getting reacquainted with yourself through a few steps that show the value that was there all along.


What is Perfection?

Perfection could possibly be described as the attainment of a state where you are lacking nothing. It sounds quite ethereal and spiritual. In that sense, it would be something that you would continue to strive for but never attain fully.

With spiritual goals, the journey is what brings satisfaction. With perfection, the journey is just another frustration that means “you aren’t worthy yet.”

Who wants to live like that? Several people do, whether they know it or not. For many reasons, they are not happy or satisfied with their lives. The focus is on everything outside finances, career, relationships, children, fame and the like.

It can lead to the pursuit of more goals but without an increase in satisfaction. Why? These people focus on outside stuff to validate their existence – who they are. As long as outside things can be changed, shift, or in the case of people, offer an opinion, you are standing on sinking sand in regards to perfection.

With that, learn more how to let go of perfectionism and simply love your imperfections.

You will discover below the following:

  • Problem with Perfectionism
  • Accept Your Imperfections
  • Get Comfortable with Imperfection
  • Unleash the Critic Inside You


Problem with Perfectionism

At the end of the work day, most people are exhausted and want to rest. Rest is good and recuperative. When you are on a quest for perfection, there is no such thing as rest. One is constantly in pursuit of an ideal, a quality, a body image that satisfies them via the satisfaction of others. It’s like being on a hamster wheel. This is the downside of perfection.


5 Reasons why Perfection is not a Worthy Goal

Isn’t it time you let yourself off the hook? Realistically, you can be the best you can be but perfect is subjective as well and often unattainable in most situations. Even if it is attainable in some areas of life, it is not “maintainable”.


1. Perfection drove by fear

It could be fear of being unloved or fear of rejection if you don’t maintain a certain look or attitude. At some point ask yourself, is it worth it? Does this drive for perfection elevate or diminish you as a person?


2. Perfection is frustrating

Pressure piles up like heat in a pressure cooker. You are going to blow if you don’t get some relief. Always pursuing but never achieving or maintaining can lead to strife, depression, and a wasted life.


3. Unresolved issues can fuel your drive

Instead of dealing with the fact that your parents divorced and you feel it was your fault, you strive to be perfect so that doesn’t happen to you. One doesn’t absolve the other.


4. Perfection is conditional

Love should not be. For those who feel perfection is important, you are only of use to them when you can exemplify that ideal. Otherwise, they don’t want you.


5. Love doesn’t factor into it

If you love yourself is not relevant. But, it is love that leads to acceptance and real change if you want it. Otherwise, you are running from the true issue.



Accept Your Imperfections

What’s wrong with being yourself? Nothing is wrong with it as long as you conform to what everyone else wants from you. This is not being you but a hollow version of someone else’s vision of you. Break free and learn to accept yourself as you are.


Acceptance is not Surrender

Have you read “Moby Dick”? Captain Ahab was so unhappy with himself that he pursued the white whale to kill it in hopes of killing everything that he hated about himself. That might be too deep of an interpretation but it leads to a valid point. When we accept who we are, it is believed that we are settling for less than we should. We have given up. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When you stop running and pursuing unattainable goals, you are forced to look at yourself. As long as you are in motion you can pretend that you are someone you are not. All of your energy is spent making people in your life believe a lie. It is thoroughly exhausting and leads to more dissatisfaction with you because you feel like a failure.

A new life begins when you stop pursuing and begin looking within for what you seek. Discover why you have been created. What does it mean to be “you”? Only time spent in reflection can answer that question.


4 Tips to Self-Acceptance

You can’t become someone else. They are already living that life. Choose the road that leads to who you were meant to be.


1. Being human is not easy

We are creatures who have made mistakes in the past on the way to discovery and will continue to do so. Mistakes keep us honest in our opinion of ourselves. No one can do it all or is expected to. When you go easy on yourself you can also have compassion for others.


2. Turn weakness into strength

What others may view as flaws can actually be what makes you so unique. Instead of trying to pretend you are put together when you are anything but, embrace your spontaneity and creative side. Any weakness can be turned into strength when you accept it as a part of you through love.


3. Choose a course

You may need to make a detour at some point or another but it takes courage to even take the first step of a life journey. You won’t go anywhere if you continue to hide who you are because others may not accept your flaws. The truth is that your celebration of your flaws makes them feel insecure.


4. Laugh at yourself

The quickest way to diffuse embarrassment is to laugh at your mistake. It takes too much energy to be mad or ashamed. You are not the first to make that faux pas and you won’t be the last. Accept it.

imperfect 2

Get Comfortable with Imperfection

Imperfection is not the opposite of perfection as if it is a state not to be desired. Instead, imperfection is the state of acceptance of self through love. Without seeing who you truly are, you won’t know what to change and what to keep. Perfectionism just throws everything out the window.


4 Ways to Accommodate Imperfections

Here are four ways to truly be free by letting yourself live as you are.


1. Take some serious time for self-examination

Don’t be afraid to look at yourself honestly. Write down what is positive and what is negative in your eyes. Find ways to change the wording of those negatives so they are now positives that you can embrace. If you think that your ankles are big, find shoes to wear that minimize their appearance as such.


2. Discover what you like to do and don’t like to do

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to events or activities that don’t foster your interests just because it’s a “cool” or “acceptable” thing to do.


3. Try something new

Try bold colors for clothing or change your hairstyle. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with new looks to accentuate your positives and give yourself a confidence boost.


4. Explore your creative side

Are you a “right-brained” person? Find out if you have any creative tendencies. Stimulate that side of your brain to bring out attributes you didn’t know you had.


Unleash the Critic Inside You

Have you heard the saying, “Everyone is a critic?” It’s true. And, the biggest critic of all is staring right back at you through the mirror. No one has to come down hard on you because you are already putting yourself in a vicious headlock as it is.

They say that you can talk to yourself as long as you don’t answer back. If you don’t answer back, however, the potentially negative thoughts will continue unchallenged. This is more detrimental than being thought of as crazy.

We often follow the patterns created in our minds by our thoughts. Allowing negative self-talk to dominate your mind can lead to low self-esteem, bad habits, depression and other unhealthy results.

get over

6 Ways to Getting Over on Yourself

Don’t let the pressure get to you. Be proactive. Attack those thoughts as soon as they start to speak. Get creative.


1. Box up your negativity

This can be literal or figurative. In the grand scheme of our life, each problem holds a small place overall. Seeing it as small minimizes its power over you. Try this. Create a small box or purchase one.

Whenever you are plagued by a negative thought about yourself for the way you handled a problem or because you made a mistake, write it down on a piece of paper. Put it away in that small box. See your issue diminishing in size. Those thoughts do not define who you are.


2. Replace negativity with positive self-talk

When a negative thought is removed something needs to fill its place in your mind. Exchange a negative (“I am worthless because I am not married.”) for a positive thought (“I am a unique and worthwhile person that any man would be lucky to have for a wife.”). If the negative thoughts can keep you down, then surely the positive ones can lift you up.


3. Talk to a trusted friend

Explain the situation that made you feel so bad. Allow your friend to console you, counsel you and challenge that negative thought pattern that is condemning you.


4. Get realistic

Was the situation as bad as you imagined it was? Maybe you are embellishing the story because of the negatives swirling in your mind? Take a realistic look at you and put things into perspective.


5. Accept your imperfections

Don’t “agree to disagree” with certain attributes but embrace them as old friends. They are a part of you – the good, the bad, the ugly and the peculiar. Love who you are and then move on to making changes in your life.


6. Count your positives

It’s similar to counting your blessings. What is good about you? What have you done that is positive? Before you know it, you don’t feel bad anymore.

Don’t let that voice in your head overshadow your actual voice. Speak the truth and change your circumstances.

jump in

The pursuit of perfectionism brings pain, dissatisfaction and self-loathing. Get rid of it today.

Imperfections make you human and happy. Accept yours and then shine.

Allow yourself to be human, flawed and free by embracing your imperfect life.


Download a free PDF copy of this article about letting go of perfectionism but loving your imperfections.