Empowering Yourself And Others Through Inspirational Ideas

Here’s an inspirational thought for you – empower yourself first and pass it on to others. This can be possible done starting from the seed of inspirational ideas.

There are people who have so many ideas yet they don’t use them. They read widely and interact with many people yet their lives still remain stagnant. There are people who are yet to know how to use the inspiration that they get.

Find out how to be empowered with inspirational ideas and how to use them in reaching out to others.


What Hinders Empowerment?

There are many people who go through their lives feeling powerless and uninspired to make anything meaningful out of their lives.

Surprisingly, some of these people have all the necessary tools that they need to excel but still have no idea how to use them.

In other cases, people may feel powerless due to the circumstances that they are facing. One such circumstance is poverty.

Many people feel that they can never be successful because they are poor. They may also be limited due to their inability to access any opportunities because of their financial situations.

Poverty also puts one in a situation where it becomes hard to get inspired. For instance, people living in homeless shelters only have their fellow residents to talk to. This brings a general feeling of helplessness since they are all going through the same kind of hardships.

Abuse is another factor that makes many people feels un-empowered and uninspired by life. It robs a person their freedom. It makes them lose their self-esteem and infringe son their privacy.

Abuse can ruin a person’s life to the point of making them feel hopeless and with no desire to live. Abuse can physical, emotional or even sexual.

A person who feels defeated or helpless may have trouble being empowered. You have to address the root cause of their psychological problems before attempting to inspire them.

Fear of failure is another thing that greatly hinders empowerment .Even with all the right tools and inspired ideas, some people are reluctant to try out new things because of fear.

Nevertheless, there are some that rise above these challenges and emerged victorious and empowered.

empowering process

The Empowerment Process

This process will be different for every single person depending on their circumstances. There are people who may just need to find the right kind of inspiration in order to get started on living their lives.

For example, people who lack empowerment due to lack of fear may simply need to overcome this in order to move on. However, abuse takes time.

A person may need counseling and a good support system in order to be empowered. Losing your self-worth is something serious. Trying to rebuild may take time. Poverty may also need a different empowerment process.

It may have to be eradicated before the process begins. In other cases, one may need to change their mindset in order to overcome the poverty.

In addition, this process will only start after the creation of awareness. There are some people who need to be inspired and empowered. However, they may not even realize this.

They are so used to their present situations that they have accepted this as the norm. For such people, they need to be informed about the available opportunities. They have to know that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing.

In addition, they have to realize that they have the ability to achieve everything that they set their mind on.

There should also be efforts put in to help the people get over their frustrations. People who have lacked empowerment throughout their lives generally tend to be very frustrated.

To change this mindset takes time. Another feeling that they may be having is anger. They may blame someone else for their current predicament like in cases of.

In cases, of abuse, they do have some anger towards their abusers. This will definitely require a lot so as to get over it.

Everyone will need a good support system to be empowered. There are many types of such systems. Some may be financial while others may be emotional. Mentoring can also offer a good support system during the empowerment process.

However, all these are vital. However, nobody should ever despair just because they lack someone to support them. With the right inspirational ideas, anyone can be successful.

There are so many people who have managed to overcome adversity and live successful lives even if they had nobody to hold their hands through the whole process.

Participation is a key component of the empowerment process. It’s one thing to be full of inspirational ideas and quite a different thing to put these ideas into actions.

To be empowered, one must get over the fear of failure and instead take more risks. These risks are the ones that may bear fruits in the long run.

If you are trying to empower a group of people, you will have to ensure that they actively participate in the process. They have to overcome their self-confidence issues and try out new activities and ideas.

empowering others

Inspiring others can help you stay inspired while at the same time helping in the empowerment of others.

Leading by Example

You can inspire people by simply living an inspired life. You don’t have to flaunt your successes or try to get people to emulate you. People will naturally be inspired by simply observing you.

Your successes will make others want to learn from you. Remember people will be inspired by someone who is humble in his pursuits. You also have to be selfless.

Remember, you should never do something just so as to inspire others. You have to find something that you actually enjoy doing. This will also ensure that you are happy whether or not you actually manage to inspire people.

You are also more likely to be perseverant if at all you are doing something that you actually enjoy. If not, failure may easily discourage you. You should also be passionate about whatever you are doing. This is another way to ensure that you inspire others.

In leading by example, you also have to learn how to be consistent. Follow the path that you have taken and this will inspire others.

However, if you keep jumping from one side to another, people may lose their confidence in you. You can illustrate this through how you act or even the ideas that you share with others.

Learn How to Share

If you have the means, then share with as many people as possible. If you can be a motivational speaker, use this try and get good quorums and share your inspirational ideas. There are so many people who get inspired and end up changing their lives just by simply listening to someone.

However, you need a bidding platform in order to share your ideas. You can do this even with small groups of people.

Talk to people and let them learn from you. If you decide to really do this, commit your time and efforts and ensure that you reach as many people as possible. Keep aiming to reach even bigger groups of people.

You can also get to inspire people by joining a noble cause. This can be another way you can help inspire and empower others.

For instance, if you find a cause for helping poor people, you can offer them material support and also impact them morally.

Share your ideas with them and inspire them to overcome their present situation. You never know, you may actually end up inspiring people who may one day be detrimental in changing the world.


One way that you can help others to get inspired is through mentorship programs. If you excel in a certain area, you can help others learn the skills to help them excel.

For instance, if you are an established writer, you can help other upcoming writers. Share ideas and let them learn from you. This can also be a learning experience for you.

Some people managed to change History by sharing their ideas with others. They didn’t keep them to themselves. Sharing your knowledge may make a big difference in someone else’s life as well as yours.

You may have to open up to other people. You don’t just have to share your successes. Share your failures and other personal stories that people can relate to.

This will not only encourage them but also inspire them. Remember, mentoring isn’t just about you. You have to follow the progress of those you are mentoring. Listen to them and work with them.

Be Active

You can’t inspire people to do what you have been unable to do. For instance, you can’t inspire people to be rich if at all, you have not used your own ideas to be more successful.

There is a popular phrase “practice what you preach”. People will be more inspired by a person who has managed to be successful in the field that they are attempting to inspire others on.

Another example is that you can’t inspire artists if at all you aren’t one of them. They will doubt your ideas and may not really trust you.

Don’t Be Discriminating

You can’t be an inspiration to other people if at all you aren’t accepting to all.

Don’t discriminate against people based on gender, race, social status or any other factor that you may not like them. Learn to listen and talk to people without prejudging them.

To inspire others, learn to accept people from all walks of life.

Don’t Lose Hope

Sometimes, inspiring people may be very difficult. You may commit your time and effort in an individual only to fail later on. The person may disappoint you or be hesitant in listening to you.

However, no matter how discouraged you may be, you have to remain hopeful. Keep trying to be a positive influence on others.

With time, you will see the fruits of your labor. Remember, even if you only manage to empower two instead of fifty, this is still a very big accomplishment.


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