Happiness in Love and Gratitude

 What makes you happy?

Every day, people buy too much stuff, eat too much food, and waste away their hours chasing after happiness…to no avail. They may find excitement or satiation, but true happiness still eludes them.

Each individual has their own definition of happiness. It maybe awkward or shallow to some but who are we to judge what makes one smile or what not.

Nevertheless, the sages of the past and experiences of thousands shout that happiness or genuine happiness never lies on material things and never rely it on other people or circumstances.




Fortunately, happiness is really inexpensive and pretty simple to find, but that doesn’t mean that it comes easily.

However, if you’re bold and truly willing to commit to a few simple steps, happiness will be yours in just a short while.


Happiness Formula:


1. Quit Complaining.

The first step to finding happiness is to stop trying to find what’s wrong with the world around you. There’s plenty to complain about, but if you focus all of your attention there, you’ll never see the good stuff.


2. Choose To Live In Love.

Falling in love with the world (and people) around you is a sure step toward happiness…and it’s easy. Simply accept people for who they are, and choose to see the good in them. Don’t expect it…CHOOSE it…then express it.


3. Appreciate Everything.

Start expressing your gratitude every day. If you’d like, keep a gratitude journal and write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for every morning. Before long, you’ll have more things to appreciate than you can count.


Thus, pure bliss is in love and gratitude.

Happiness is a ‘now you feel it, now you don’t’ emotion. You might agree with this from your personal experience and from hearing of the experiences of others.

Sometimes, you might be very happy, other times, sad, joyful, contented, frustrated, and sometimes very neutral.


Find out what happiness really means to you?

1. Remember or create a ‘happy’ moment.

When you live the experience of ‘happy’ your mind and body will remember. Feel the happiness in all parts of you, expand this feeling if need be. Practice this daily.


2. Access the Present moment

Notice what happens to you when you’re totally focussed on a comedy show on television, when you listen to light hearted music or when you dance – even if it’s on your own. I sometimes groove to a tune in my office when no-one’s looking – it makes me feel good, cool, gives me a break from what I’m doing and I laugh at myself!


3. Invite friends over for some play time

Organise paper, crayons, paint, and colored pencils, whatever you can think of and do some drawings or paintings. You could also ask each person to bring along a plate of food.


4. Spend time with nature

Go for a walk down the beach or park. Observe wildlife in your area or visit a plant nursery. Notice your mood when amongst the spirit of nature.


5. Take something with you that gives you great pleasure 

Small things make you happy such as a book, journal for writing or your MP3 player or iPod player and sit and ‘Be’ under the canopies of trees for a few hours.


6. Learn something totally new

Study another language. Learn about pottery or painting or start your meditation, personal or spiritual development program. You’re only ever limited by your own imagination.


7. Join a club or group that interests you.

Socialize out there! You can then expand your friendship base with other like-minded souls.


With any of the above activities assess what and how you’re feeling as well as where you feel the emotion and how much are you laughing, grinning, or smiling?

Remember them totally by living the experience and you will then be able to recall this memory when you want to.

Quiet time spent alone can open the door to the possibility of connection to that most amazing and magical part of you that is your true self, the spirit within.

Becoming happy may mean “looking like a fool” or changing a lot of your current habits, but I promise you…it sure beats the alternative.


What can YOU do to create more happiness in your life TODAY?



Download a free PDF copy of happiness in love and gratitude.



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