How Does Memory Improves by Playing Card Games?

Are there any tricks you are doing to improve your memory? Through time, there are many techniques that are being developed to help enhance one’s memory. There are various ways that you can opt to do if you want to better your memory.


The first thing that you have to take note of is your lifestyle. If you want your brain to be active and retain as much vital information as it could even if you are already old, you must help keep it healthy.


What can you do to help you achieve such goal? You may want to focus on improving your lifestyle.


It will be to your advantage if you will not drink too much alcoholic beverage. This can still be done but keep it at a moderate level.


To help improve your memory, you must also engage in activities such as exercise to keep a good supply of oxygen in your brain. It is also favourable to get enough rest and sleep.


understanding memory

Understanding Memory at a Deeper Level

Memory is defined in psychology as the organism’s mental capability to absorb, keep and recall information. The study about this field started as part of philosophy.


How the brain works is simple yet magnificent. This all starts when the brain receives information and it registers into your memory.


After it has received and processed what came in, it will store the encoded information. When you need to use any of the information that has been absorbed by the brain, it will try to recall and retrieve such data to that you can utilize it on the spot.


If you will not take good care of your brain, these are the possible disorders that you may develop. Amnesia can occur as an outcome of an accident.


It will vary depending on the impact of the scene and how healthy your brain is when such incident happened. Alzheimer’s disease affects not only your memory but your ability to recognize.


This is usually being experienced by older people. There is also an organic brain disease such as the Korsakoff’s syndrome that gravely affects your memory.


card games to improve memory

Card Games to Help You Improve Memory

There are things that you can do to enjoy while you are exercising your brain in order to improve your memory.


By engaging in activities that require your brain to react in certain ways, you are helping it to stay healthy.

You may want to start learning a few card games that can help you achieve this goal.


A good sample of this is when you aim to improve your concentration. You may want to try card games like Pairs.


You must be alert to retain the location of the pairs of the cards that you are holding. There are online versions of the game if you want to start learning and applying various techniques as you play it more often.


While you are at it, you may also start your research about other types of card games that can help better your memory. You can choose to gather family or friends to play with you or you can also opt to play the games online.


Improving memory methods such as puzzles and crossword puzzles are a good way to keep the brain active and will surely improve memory over the long term.



How to Train Your Memory by playing Scrabble?


You can memorize things better by using some easy techniques that can be trained by playing scrabble.


Playing scrabble, besides being a game that needs skills in strategy, it also calls for a good memory to win the game.


Therefore, this word game can be used to help improve one’s memory.


As you know very well, the key to attaining high points in this game is by forming words that contain a specified letter, such as “q” or “z”.


To train your memory, try to remember the words containing the letter.


Another tip to make it easier, try to associate the word with something, such as your experience, friend, favorite movie, and others.


For example, to remember the word ‘quiescent’, you can associate it with one of your friend, who is quite by nature.


Another technique is to remember a list, by combining the words together. For example, to remember some words which begin with ‘z’, try to memorize this sentence:


“The zany zebra in the zoo runs zigzag zealously and meets zookeeper, zoologist, and zombie.”


Notice that by combining them; at least you have memorized eight words that contain ‘z’ letter.


You can apply those techniques to remember things in your daily life.


A research showed that memory can also be improved by doing light activities that stimulate thinking power. The examples of such activities include playing scrabble.


Scrabble needs a right strategy to win. Besides of having to think of your next move, you also have to think to block up your opponent’s move.


Concentrate better so your memory will improve more.


Aside from card games, puzzles and scrabbles, keeping your brains active can help improve memory performance.


By learning new information, you can help improve memory in the long-term. The part of our brain that produces the chemical dopamine responds better to fresh images, ideas and experiences. And it can improve memory retention more effectively than simply repeating the same information over and over again.


To improve memory, there are plenty of things we can do in our day to day lives:


Word Games

By simply doing the crossword or word game in your daily or Sunday newspaper, you’ll help improve memory by learning new words or phrases. Each day will bring a new challenge so you will be stimulating your brain regularly.


Number Challenges

Sudoku is a popular number game, but there are many other number puzzles you can try to help your quest to improve your memory. Again, you will be keeping your brain active and opening up your mind to new challenges on a regular basis.


Learn a Language

Exposing your brain to anything new will help improve memory function, but learning a language can be a particularly rewarding experience. You don’t need to go as far as taking classes, simply watch some of the foreign language learning programs on TV or learn a few words of Spanish or French, for example, each day.


Play an Instrument

This is another fun way to get around the problem of increasing memory loss. Picking up a guitar or sitting for an hour or two at a keyboard could be a great way to improve memory performance. You’ll be stimulating your brain function by practicing new chords or melodies!


Of course, many of us lead a very busy life and don’t always have the time to take up a new hobby or pastime. You can still improve memory techniques in your day to day lives, simply by paying attention to the things around you. Instead of walking or driving home in a day, you can help improve your memory just by looking around!


There are handful things you can do to improve your memory even those simple games, hobbies or simple past time.


And here’s a piece I would like to leave you with memory:



Memories are like jigsaw puzzles. It

fits perfectly and will create a

picture, but that is if the jigsaw

pieces are all present, nothing missing.

But what if some of the jigsaw pieces

are missing, there will be a hole in a

picture and it will be no longer connected

to other pieces.




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