How To Build Self-Confidence?

Before discussing how to build self-confidence and how to be committed to it, let us review first what is confidence as well as self-confidence.

Definition of Confidence

The word confidence has been defined variously by different writers, scholars, academicians and psychologists.

It is a term which is generally understood to refer  to the belief, consciousness and trust that a person, entity, authority or another thing is capable of succeeding in something. It also refers to the belief in yourself self-confidence.

Confidence is a vital trait which has made countries win wars; individuals win competitions and games, people do what seems impossible and it has also helped men and women make history.

It is required by everyone be it at marriage, in school, at work, in positions of leadership and generally in your daily life.

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What is self-confidence?

“Self-confidence gives you the freedom to make mistakes and cope with failure without feeling that your world has come to an end or that you are a worthless person.” – Anon

Self-confidence refers to the trust or confidence in self. It is the belief that you or the person or entity you are acting for will emerge victorious and successful in the task you want to undertake.

With self-confidence, you are able to meet most of the challenges in life. It will also help you do what people believe is impossible or difficult to do.

Self-confidence is the key to unlocking the door for successes in life.

Most people lack self-confidence and this causes them to miss many opportunities. You have to interact, talk and communicate with people if you are to progress.

You have to know how to talk to the public.  All well-known and respected public speakers have self-confidence.

Self-confidence at the workplace will make you discharge your daily duties and obligations confidently while you are sure that everything is going on well as required.

The Components of Self-Confidence

In Self-confidence does not happen; some other factors must be present so that it can develop. It is a component of several other attributes. You must have vision and goals so as to be self-confident.

You also need to have positive self-esteem and self-efficacy. You need to possess several attributes in order to trust yourself.

If you were not born naturally self-confident as is the case with most people, then you will be required to work so as to achieve this vital attribute.

There are two main components of self-confidence namely self-esteem and self-efficacy.

These two factors (self-esteem and self-efficacy) are very important in the life of an individual.

Self-efficacy is the belief that you are up to certain task or challenge. It is the belief that you are not disadvantaged; that you are proud of who you are and what you can do.

It is the capacity to motivate yourself when you fail.  Self-esteem, on the other hand, is the belief that you are a person who is worth and that you are capable of doing something positive.

If you lack either self-efficacy or self-esteem you cannot create your ideal lifestyle by realizing your full potential through confidence.

If you lack both self-esteem and self-efficacy it will be worse because you will have a feeling that you are worthless, unimportant and that you are inferior to others.

Life will not make sense and this is dangerous because you may have suicidal thoughts, stress, depression, anxiety or even go insane!

Self-confidence which is the product of mainly self-efficacy and self-esteem will give you peace of mind even if you do not have material wealth.

If you are a leader, self-confidence will give you the power to lead but not to rule or oppress.

If you are a servant, it will give you the power to serve and please your master.  It will give you the capability to lead your life and live without hassle, tension or stress.

Self-confidence can be built. You can train yourself.  Like any other building activity, you have to mix several things so as to build self-confidence.

If you build enough self-confidence, you will have built a link to success and creating your ideal lifestyle.

Confidence is the pathway to success it will make you achieve what you what. It will make you a real model which inspires most people.


Building Self-Confidence

Though some people are naturally born with self-confidence, most of them learn or acquire it as they grow. There is nothing which is as good as having self-confidence.

Confidence is everything because you will proud of who you are, what you do and what you say. People will also trust and have faith in you if you.

As stated earlier the well-renowned speakers have one character which most people lack and it is none other than self-confidence.

If you have self-confidence you can convince. If you lack this attribute you will find it very hard or impossible to take leadership roles.

The most successful men and women build self-confidence in themselves and in whatever they do. Self-confidence will also help you overcome challenges in life.

It will help you make decisions quickly and a put off any doubts which you may have on the probability of success or failure of the thing you want to undertake.

Research has shown that most people are reluctant to back or approve something which was proposed by someone who at the time of leadership or proposal was fumbling, apologetic and nervous.

You will persuade most people if you hold you head high, answer questions directly and with confidence and when you openly admit when you do not know something.

If you are self-confident you will inspire many others including your seniors, equals, audience, friends, peers and even customers.

Gaining the confidence of others is always termed as success and you should aim at doing so all the time. As stated earlier, self-confidence can be learned or acquired if you are not naturally born with it.

Your level of confidence can be seen in various ways including what you say, how you talk, body language and behavior among others. It will help you rejuvenate during the low moments and events in life.

It is true that a person with confidence is considered to be a person with an impressive personality.

You have to work on personal development at all times, because this is what really helps you grow as an individual, and for that, you will need to work at improving your self-confidence.

But, what are the ways in which you can do that?

Learn to confront your fears. No person in this world is without apprehension. You might be skeptical about achieving a particular thing, or you may be fazed by some weakness that lies within you.

These are your fears. They are the detrimental factors in building your personality.

The first step towards beginning to improve your self-confidence is to be truthful to yourself and understand what it is that hampers your growth as an individual.

When you know what your fears are, you will automatically know what you can do about it. If your fears are about your work, then all you need to do is to concentrate on the results you want to achieve.

These are the results you want—what must you do for achieving them? In your mind, find the answers to this question.

When you know for sure what methods you need to adopt to achieve the results you want, you will become confident about them. Your conviction levels will increase.

The best way to achieve self-confidence is through achievement. If you achieve something, however small, you become confident that you can do it. Even if your achievement is minor, it gears you for the bigger things.

Having done something once is a great motivation for doing the same kind of thing again. So, don’t be hesitant to try new things.

Try whatever you can within your field of work, or passion. It is these small achievements that will egg you on for greater glories.

Always keep working on your personality. You must amass as much knowledge in your field as you can. Read about the famous people in your field.

See how they went about their achievements. This gives you great inspiration to surge ahead as well.

When you are building your self-confidence, these are the things that really work. Be better acquainted with your own pluses and minuses and don’t let that spirit dwindle.

Soon, people are going to think of you as a stronger, more confident person.


5 Tips On How To Build Self Confidence

Below there are five simple techniques that have been proved to help build self-confidence today.

1. Talk to yourself.

It sounds crazy but it works. All of us have a running monologue constantly in our heads, whether we realize it or not. Everything you see, hear or touch sparks off an immediate dialog in our thoughts.

For those who lack confidence this monologue is filled with negative messages many of which are the negative side of adverts from television, radio, advertisement boardings, newspapers, and just overhearing other people talk.

These negative thoughts literally suck energy from your minds and bodies and block the flow of positive messages.

You need to hear the positive messages as they will build self-confidence today and raise your self-esteem. Take control.

Use your inner thoughts to talk to yourself in a positive manner, as often as you can.

Take control. Use your inner thoughts to talk to yourself in a positive manner, as often as you can.

2. Dress as smartly and as classily as you can.

You won’t feel at your best if you don’t look your best. You will be amazed at just how much more confidence you will have just looking your best.

It just feels good when you are wearing your best clothes, are well groomed, and are surrounded by a clean environment.

So what if it is Saturday, you need to build self-confidence today, not next week. Put on your nice clothes, get the car washed, style that hair! A hairdresser once told me “Everyday is show time!”

3. Give thanks.

Increase your self-esteem even more by giving thanks to what you are, how you look, and what you are doing.

Say “thank you” to yourself to everything you see, all whom you meet, and each smile that you receive.

4. Stand or sit correctly.

How you stand sends out a message to the World, and in turn, back to you. This results in improving how you feel about yourself and will build self-confidence today and every day.

There is scientific evidence that shows how posture affects our mood. Do not slouch. Slouching produces a down mood. By slouching you are telling the world and yourself it doesn’t matter, you don’t matter.

Standing tall and upright will actually lift your mood. Help build up your confidence by pulling back those shoulders, stop that slouch, and walk proud.

5. Smile.

Just smile and things seem better somehow. Practice smiling regularly and get your facial muscles used to the physical act of smiling.

Go to the mirror and smile – make yourself. Not a grimace, but a proper smile.

If you don’t think you can try this:

1. Open your eyes as wide as you can. Try and get your eyebrows right up to your hairline.

2. Slightly open your mouth.

3. Pull the corners of your mouth back towards your ears. If you’re not sure, pull them back with your fingers so you know what it feels like then try again without your fingers.

4. Repeat 50 times. Get your facial muscles used to smiling and you will smile more and encourage smiles from others.

This will make you feel happier and with that, you’ll build self-confidence today.

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  1. Having a healthy level of self-confidence can help you become successful in your personal and professional life. When you believe in yourself, you’ll be more willing to try new things. To build your confidence, you can start by “Stop comparing yourself to others” and then “Take care of your body”. Thanks for sharing this information with us. I must admit I find it very helpful and accurate.

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