How to Identify Your Goals?

Before anything else, how do you recognize your goals? Are they worth pursuing? Setting up your goals is the most important and crucial thing. People often cannot set goals for them.

In fact, they cannot set great goals for them because ordinary goals are easy to set but a goal which can give you an unexpected result and you do not know the way to achieve it is not a great goal at all.


Things to Look for while Identifying your Goals

There are hundreds of decisions which we make in our routine life and most of these decisions are made by keeping their pleasant or odd outcome in mind.

This is the basic thing for making any kind of decision and this same strategy works for making your goals. You can make a great goal by idealizing its outcome.


If you can sense this impact of that particular goal on your life then, this will turn into a great goal.

There are different types of goals which a person can set for him or herself.

For example, goals can be

  • Financial
  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Career


If your goals are related to any of these are all of these then, you need to think about each one of this turn by turn. Write down each and every point which comes in your mind.

It may happen that you can have a lot of points about one category while nothing for another. This is normal and there is no need to panic about this.

identify your goals

Try to Imagine the Outcome of Every Goal you Write

After writing everything, you need to imagine the realistic outcome of every goal which you have written down in the above procedure.

There is an effective way to do it, when you are finished writing your goals for each of the above category then, make a heading of pleaser and another heading of pain in front of every goal.

In pleasure heading, try to imagine the things which you will achieve after accomplishing that particular goal.


You can say that in pleasure box, you will write the achievement of the goal and will tell yourself that after achieving this goal, you will be able to have these facilities and happenings with you.

Similarly in the other box which is a pain, you will write all the troubles and tensions which you can possibly face while achieving that particular goal.


Make sure that you do not only think of that goal’s impact on your life and circumstances instead, think it in a wider way and think about its impact on other’s life too who are related to your life.


It can often happen that a particular goal may give you some happiness and achievement but when you know its impact on other’s life then, this could be a devastating decision to chase that goal.



Make Pain and Pleasures your Motivation to Achieve the Goal

You always need some inspiration to achieve a particular goal and this inspiration can come from lots of factors.

If your pain box is full of thoughts then, you should motivate yourself to achieve that goal and use these points to encourage and progress.


You can categorize the hurdles of your way by making a long-term advantage against every pain. Understand this fact from a very simple example.

If you have a made your goal that you have to become smart then, you will face lots of difficulties during this process of being smart.


Now there are two points of views which you can adopt, you can either quit dieting, exercise, and other similar things by saying that these tasks are too painful and you cannot continue their execution or you can adopt and take these difficulties positively.

Think about the long-term benefits that after being slim, you will feel more healthy, you will be free from tension of extra weight, your immune system will be improved, you will be more active in your work and other similar advantages.


Once you imagine these advantages in your mind then, you will feel very relaxed and whole goal achieving process will become easy and smooth.

This process is just like a belief because you will work according to some strict rules and in this strict execution.

You will face lots of difficulties which will try to keep you away from the purpose but you should not be distracted.


Instead, these difficulties should encourage you even more and you should think about the bigger advantages which you will get after completion of your goal.

identify your goals

Rating your Goal is Important

Another aspect which people often forget is to set the priorities of each goal. You should try to set priorities for every goal and work on that particular goal according to that very priority.


This will not only make my work better but it will also make sure that everything is going according to plan.

Another very important thing is to back yourself even for some wrong decisions because once a philosopher said that:

“Once you decide something then, stand on it like a man and never back down, no matter what the consequence is.”


This small quote can tell you lots of very important things and firs of it tell you about self-determination and making sure that you are not wrong in anything. Give logic for everything and try to follow that logic for the rest of struggle.


Coming back to the rating of your goals, you should rate each goal with numbers from 0-10.

Set their priority according to their number. Make your lowest priority goal number 10 goals and make your highest priority goal your number 1 goal.


This means that you need to work for your number one goal, no matter what the circumstances are but you can relax a little about your goal number 10.


Making your Goals Clear in your Mind and Starting to Work Out

This is another very important part of goal setting process that you need to make your goal clear in your mind.


The best method which you can adopt for this is to make an effective measuring system that can measure the progress and completion level of your goal.

Without a measuring system, your goal will not be very gettable. This measuring system can be numbering or it can be just “yes/no” or it can be some intermediary process.


While you are chasing a meaningful goal, you should keep away from terms like, improve, help, change or make better because these terms will lead you to lots of confusion.

And once you get confused about the effectiveness of your goal then, the whole idea of setting up a goal will die.



Download here a free PDF copy of how to identify your goals.



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