How to Get Yourself Back on Track?

We have to move with the rhythm of our environment which always requires us to stay ready and up and moving.

So, what do you do in times when you just don’t feel like doing anything? Or, when too much needs to be done and all you ever want is to quit?



Motivation is the driving force which enables you to stay committed towards attaining your goals. It plays a key role in your overall development and success.


However, sometimes you’ll find yourself lacking that excitement that you had when you started working on your goal.


Perhaps you screwed up along the way and got discouraged, or there’s something new in your life like a new relationship, a job or whatever that’s taking away your time and attention from your goal.


At times, all you need is something that can keep you motivated and get us back on track.


Irrespective of what’s causing your lack of motivation, it’s still possible to keep going until you eventually accomplish your goal.


We hope the following suggestions will do that for you.

Appreciate Failure

Many people find failure a bit too daunting. For them, failing on something – whether it’s a simple goal or a grand task – is enough to keep them from moving another finger.


For successful people, failure is a teacher. It was difficult and demoralizing while they were at it. But in retrospect, there is always something that can be gained from failing.


Don’t get used to failing, though. Bounce back every time you fail and refrain from doing the things that had caused you to fail before. Build a string of success out of the many failures you’ve had.


Always finish what you have started – Whether it’s a goal, a project, a book, a movie, a song, or a sentence…always finish what you have started.


Never quit on anything, no matter how insignificant the thing is. Quitting is a bad habit that supports procrastination and by extension, the extinguishment of motivation.


get back on track



Give yourself some incentives

Accomplishments should always be rewarded. A reward could be anything from a 30-minute break from work or a one-week vacation on a tropical island.


No matter how small or big your accomplishments are, always try to give yourself some reward. Having something to work for or to look forward to always work to spark the drive that is often dormant inside you.


Write down your ideas

No matter how stupid or nonsensical your ideas may seem, they are still ideas and they can inspire you to think further. When lacking in motivation, the simple act of scribbling can trigger a part of your brain to be creative, driven, and imaginative.


Write down the reasons why you want to achieve your goals

Without the right motivation, it’s not easy to achieve anything. Because of this, it’s very important that you put in writing the reasons why you want to achieve your goals.

This greatly helps your brain to process those goals and reinforce your acts towards making them real.


Be attuned with your emotions

Don’t be overwhelmed by negative emotions such as the feeling of hopelessness, defeat or struggle. Try to channel your emotions to something more positive such as getting ahead with your work or finishing the task at hand.

Define your motivation – What motivates you? A better life? An accomplished task? A sense of achievement? People have different definitions for motivation. Define yours. Then, begin working for it.


Kick that avoidance attitude 

A small percentage of people are allergic to doing something productive. They prefer to lie idle on the couch while killing their time over a movie marathon.

That kind of existence is miserable. It lacks direction and definitely lacks that something that can make life a bit more exciting.

Not that they have nothing better to do, but because they lack the drive not to avoid the things they need and must do. If you feel that you are leaning towards the avoidance attitude, immediately move out of that rut.


Connect with People

Living in isolation? It is becoming more common nowadays to lose connection with the rest of the world because of work is shifting from office setting to home setting.

Even while social networking sites are doing their best to make you feel connected, nothing still beats the good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. So go out, talk to your pals, connect with people and be inspired.




Imagine the consequences.

Worst comes to worst, you will lose the opportunities you are trying to pursue or lose your sense of enjoyment in life.

When lacking in motivation, think of the worst case scenario that may happen because of it. Then, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be in the mood to get off your butt.


Just begin

When you’re not motivated, your negative inner voice will give you countless reasons why you shouldn’t do what you’re supposed to do.

If you’re trying to lose weight, for instance, it will tell you how you’ll never be slim because your whole family is fat, or how ugly you are so losing weight won’t make a difference.

Don’t listen to your critical self. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, just change into your exercise outfit and get out of the house.

When you get to the gym and see the way others are determined to lose weight, your enthusiasm will come back naturally and you’ll find yourself exercising as well.

Quit the mental chatter. Quit the debate in your head. Quit the whiff-whaff of dialogues that push and pull you from doing whatever it is that you need to do.

Realize that hesitation doesn’t do you any good, it wastes your time at best. So why do it?


Stick with the plan.

Given that you have already started going for your goal, the next problem you’ll be encountering is sticking with it.

It is never easy to stick with the plan because the temptation to give up or give in to the lures of rest, relaxation or slacking is too strong.

No matter what happen, just stick with it. Never, for one second, turn your back on your goals. Keep your eyes on them


Crave for it.

Be passionate about what you are doing, even if it’s the most boring, tedious job in the world.


Do it for compelling reasons.

This is actually pretty much like the tip above, but it’s worth repeating. Do it for a compelling cause. Do it because you are burning with passion for it.

Do it because it really excites you. If it doesn’t, then make it interesting. Motivation jumps out of the nearest window if you don’t have an iota of interest in what you are doing.


Be careful when listening to that tiny voice.

The worst battles often happen inside the head, not during the act. What limits you in most cases is the self-talk that convinces you of the negative sides of goal, of yourself, or of your dreams. Shut this voice out and you will find it is easier to be motivated.


Skip the five-minute habit.

The five minutes leading to doing the task is said to be the least comfortable of all. This is when hesitation kicks in. If you really want to be motivated, forget about this part and get on with doing the job.


Don’t get overly excited.

This is an absolute motivation killer. Many people commit the mistake of jumping right into the task. This is good save for the fact that excitement drains away with motivation.

Manage your motivational level by trying to build up anticipation. Set a date, moderate your expectations, construct realizable goals, and sustain your energy. It is easier to get and stay motivated this way.


Perhaps, it may be difficult or easier said than done. But sometimes, you might need a nudge or even a push for you to move forward. Do something that is close to your heart. Or do something that would give you a blast in an instant.



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