CrossFit Workouts at Home with NO Equipment

Are you thinking of having some workouts at home? How about CrossFit workouts that will not use any equipment?

These insane CrossFit workouts are gathered from around the world and designed by experts and enthusiasts alike. You will like some but you might hate others you and will absolutely blow away with the few.

Take note when performing these and as always stick to proper technique.

– 3 Rounds for time:  10 Handstand pushups, 200-meter run
– Handstand 1 minute, hold the bottom of the squat for 1 minute, 5 rounds.
– 6 Rounds for time:  10 push ups, 10 air squats and 10 sit-ups
– Run 1 mile, plus 50 squats for a time.
– 10 rounds for time:  10 push-ups, 10 squats, 10 sit-ups
– 50 air squats, 4 rounds. rest for 2 minutes between rounds.
– 10 rounds for time:  10 push-ups, 100m dash
– Sprint 50 meters, 10 push ups. 10 rounds
– 5 rounds for time:  10 push-ups, 10 hollow rocks, run 200 meters
– Handstand 10 seconds jack-knife to vertical jump. 25 reps
– 10 rounds for time:  10 sit ups, 10 burpees
– 4 Rounds for time:  10 vertical jumps, 10 push ups, 10 sit ups
– 5 Rounds for time:  10 vertical jumps, run 400 meters
– Sprint 200m and do 25 push ups, 3 rounds.
– 10 sets of 100 m dash (rest is length of time it took you to complete the last 100 m sprint)
– 100 air squats, rest 3 minutes, 100 air squats, rest 3 minutes, 100 air squats
– 5 Rounds:  30-second handstand against a wall, followed by a 30-second static hold at the bottom of the squat
– “Susan” – 5 rounds for time:  Run 200m, then 10 squats, 10 push-ups
– 10 to 1 ladder:  sit-ups/pushups and a 100-meter sprint between each set.
– 10 sets of  30-second handstand hold followed by holding for 30 seconds at bottom of squat
– 10 x 50-meter sprint (rest is 2 minutes between sprints)
– 3 Rounds for time:  20 jumping jacks, 20 burpees, 20 air squats
– 4 Rounds for time:  20 ab mat sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 400-meter run
– Run 400m air squat 30 hand stand 30 seconds 3 rounds for time
– 3 Rounds for time:  Run 1/2 mile, then 50 air squats
– 5 Rounds:  3 vertical jumps, 3 squats, 3 long jumps (rest as needed)

crossfit routine

– 10 to 1 Ladder:  Burpees and Sit-ups
– 10 Rounds for time:  10 burpees, 100 m sprint
– For time:  100 jumping jacks, 75 air squats, 50 push-ups, 25 burpees
– 5 Rounds:  30-second handstand, 60-second squat hold (at the bottom of the squat)
– 3 x 20 Tuck Jumps, followed by 3 x 30-second handstand holds
– 3 rounds for time:  400m run/sprint followed by 30 air squats
– 4 sets x 25 jumping squats
– 3 rounds for form/technique:  5 handstands to jackknife to high jump, 5 handstands to jackknife to tuck jump, 5 handstands to jackknife to split jump
– 10 rounds for time: 10 walking lunges, 10 push-ups
– 3 Rounds:  30 push ups, 30-second handstand
– Run 1 mile and at every 1 minute complete 10 air squats, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups
– 20 rounds:  5 push ups, 5 squats, 5 sit-ups
– 10 Rounds:  5 push ups with a 30-second plebs plank (a hold at the top of the push-up, arms extended and body tight like a plank!).
– 5 Rounds:  200 m dash (rest is the length of time it took you to complete the previous 200m dash)
– 50 air squats x 5. Rest equal amounts as it took to do each 50.
– 50 sit-ups, 400-meter run or sprint or walk. 3 rounds.
– 5 x 400M sprints (rest is the same time it took you to complete the last 400m sprint)
– 7 rounds for time:  7 squats, 7 burpees
– Air squat x 10 push up x 10 sit-ups x 10 3 rounds for time
– Air squats x20, Burpees x20, Push-Ups x20 – 3 rounds…for time bottom to bottom (rest at the bottom of the squat instead of standing….without support on your hands or butt and make the bottom good, straight back, butt back)
– Do 1 air squat and take one breath, ( you can breathe all you want while you do the squat or squats) do 2 and take 2 breaths etc…up to 10, and then come back down to one.
– Run 1 mile with 100 air squats at midpoint, for time
– Handstand 5x 30 seconds. Run: 2x 800 meters for time. Do the handstands first. Rest and recover and do the runs with a rest in between that is as long as it took you to run your first 800.
– Handstand to Jack-Knife to vertical jump. 30 Reps.
– Run 1 mile and do 10 push-ups every 1 minute.
– Run with high knees for 15 seconds and drop into a pushup, get back up and run with high knees again for 15 seconds…….repeat 5x. Each pushup counts as 1 rep. Rest. Do 3 more rounds.

There you go! Pick some CrossFit routine for you to try and include in your fitness program.


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What is CrossFit Training?

What do we know about CrossFit?

Many of sports enthusiasts are becoming interested in CrossFit training nowadays.

Actually, this training combines a lot of effective routines that enable one to create diversity in a workout.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program.

It consists mainly of a mix of aerobic exercise,  calisthenics (body weight exercises), and Olympic weightlifting.


On the other hand, sports medicine experts consider this training as a balanced and holistic way of attaining fitness and health in just a short period of time.


Like when gaining stamina, choose either to do swimming, biking and basketball several days in a week.


In doing so, a person is allowed to enjoy a variety of training which can be fun and exciting while getting the desired fitness goals.


Dating back in history, CrossFit Training was started by Greg Class, a high school gymnast who was along with his wife named Lauren Glassman. CrossFit became associated with the first gymnasium in 1995.


In that same year, Santa Cruz police department hired Lauren Glassman to be able to train the troops. For seven consecutive weeks, the “Gagetown Infantry School” was focused on various tests in fitness categories that include – strength,

– agility,

– stamina,

– flexibility,

– balance,

– accuracy,

– speed,

– power,

– coordination

– and respiratory endurance.

With the many categories, CrossFit also scored the highest.


As a result, gym trainers became satisfied because of the workout results. Gymnasiums that are affiliated with CrossFit have grown swiftly.


In 2005, there were only eighteen that rose to one thousand seven hundred gymnasiums in 2010. Weightlifting coaches like Louie Simmons, Mike Burgener, and Bill Starr partnered with the CrossFit organization.


crossfit training


Cross Fit is a health program that is greatly designed to optimize and bring the body to its peak  performance levels.


Nevertheless, the nature of this training program is not involved with any of the risks. So far, the benefits of CrossFit training far outweigh the risks.  When done in limited time and in poor form, different CrossFit exercises might elevate the risk of injury if performed incorrectly.


So, this should not be performed by people without getting proper supervision first.


CrossFit And Its Effect On The Body

All of the parts of the human body are conditioned for them to function well. Through the exercise variations within CrossFit training, the body is allowed to develop various muscle groups.

The focus is not only on a single group of muscles but on all the body muscles as well. Shifting from a single activity to the next makes you exercise the various muscles group for a balanced training.


Crossfit exercises may likely prevent boredom. One of the common problems in doing an exercise regimen is when you become bored. You suddenly become not interested in it that you usually end up quitting.

Remember that in CrossFit training, one can choose from a wide range of exercises each day, thus making the training more interesting. With varied routines, you can look forward to a variety of workouts.


Crossfit training has no fixed schedule, which makes it flexible. If circumstances have gone beyond your control, it may likely prevent you from the regular morning runs in the city park.


There are still productive training that can be done like swimming in the morning or playing lawn tennis at night. The good thing about it is that you can adjust your training around anything you like.


The goal of CrossFit is to create a universal and comprehensive fitness. So now that you have learned a bit about what CrossFit training is.


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CrossFit Exercises and Setting CrossFit Goals

CrossFit training is considered as a series of exercises that is intended to improve your conditioning and strength.

Basically, it focuses primarily in weightlifting under the Olympic style. There are different routines that you can do when you are planning to try this form of training.

Mostly, the exercises are able to exercise most of your body parts. Because of the holistic approach to this training, it would be easier for you to achieve the body that you have always wanted to have.



CrossFit Exercises

If you do undergo this form of training, it is important for you to know some of the CrossFit exercises that you might do in the future.

Cindy Routine is one of the CrossFit exercises that can tone your body.

Basically, this is a form of full body exercise and strategy, which include pushups as well as body weight squats.

Cindy Routine comes with a time frame of about 20 minutes. This should be performed the next day, and the athlete should make sure that progress is there.

Though this routine can be performed very quickly, this is one of the best fat burning routines under CrossFit exercises.

In addition to that, Cindy Routine is also designed in order to add the extra mass of muscles in your chest and in your shoulders.

Thus, this gives you weight loss and body sculpturing effects.



Filthy 50 is also considered as one of the best CrossFit exercises.

Unlike the first one, this is a very demanding and rigorous kind of workout.

This requires you to do 50 repetitions of 10 varieties of exercises such as double under, burpee, ball shots, back extension, push press, lifts, lunge steps, kettlebell swings, pull-ups and box jumps.

Even if this kind of routine is highly demanding, it will still offer your body with the fastest means to lose weight and to burn extra calories even in one session only.

That is why weight loss is definitely one of the benefits of CrossFit training particularly in performing this routine.

Cross fit training is also composed of the exercise called Thrusters and Pull Ups.

This is also a workout that should be done in a repetitive manner. You can begin the routine by performing as many push-ups and thrusters as you can.

Once you feel that you are already exhausted and you have already done all the maximum repetitions, you can slow down.

This is an exercise that is efficient in burning the calories and excess fats present in your stomach area.

L-sit is also included in the CrossFit exercises that you can perform in the future.

Because of the nature of this exercise, it is best for your stomach and for your abs.

Usually, you can lose a portion of your excess fat in stomach in performing this routine. Under this exercise, your body is being supported by your arms while your legs are straight on your front.


Double Under is also another addition to your CrossFit exercises.

This is basically a form of jump rope exercise that will increase the rush of your adrenaline.

This is being performed by simply jumping over the rope, ensuring that the rope will pass two times before you land on the floor. This routine will require you to have increased work capacity.

In turn, this will enhance the calorie burning effects of the exercise. Thus, this will give you the chance to lose weight easily.

Dead Lift Plus Run is also another component of CrossFit training.

The combination of running and deadlift makes this routine considered as a potent one.

This will definitely provide you the chance to lose a great percentage of tummy fat. Thus, this will help you lose weight in a very efficient way.

Under this workout, you need to perform repetitions of deadlifts and you have to run for about 1.5 miles. This is being done in repetitions until you have already manifested some progress.

Dip is also among the best CrossFit exercises.

This is a kind of exercise that will enhance the group of muscles in your body, not just one specific muscle.

Like for example, ring dip routine will provide you additional balance and strength and at the same time, manage the stabilization of rings on the sides of your body.

Therefore, expect that this will also immediately lose excess fat in your body.

If you are planning to undergo CrossFit training in the future, these are some of the exercises that you can perform. Every exercise mentioned will provide you great benefits. That is why it would be easy for you to achieve the body that you have always wanted to have.

Once you experience the effects of the routines mentioned, you will surely tell yourself that this is way better than other programs from fitness institutions.


CrossFit Goals

It is only right that we talk about setting and reaching your goals. We all want that dream body right? So the first things we must do is set CrossFit goals.

So where do we begin? Or is the question: How do we begin?

Make the Choice to Start Exercising and Eating Right

Making the decision to do something provides a form of commitment you made to yourself. Deciding that you need to change behavior creates new possibilities.

When you say to yourself “I need to get in shape”, it means something.

You should be answering these questions in your mind:

When can I work out?

What exercises should I do today?

What foods should I be eating?

Make yourself think about the commitment you just made. Only then you can let go of the past and take steps to move forward.

Write Down the CrossFit Workouts You Do And Track Progress

You need a reference that is realistic towards your weekly activity. Write down everything you do in your workouts and keep it in a training diary or something similar.

This should include exercises, time, and anything else you would like to add such as how you felt, rate the workout on a scale of 1/10 etc.

Soon, you’ll have a visual perspective on what you’ve done already and what you need to do to get you closer to your dream body

Create a Simple Plan and Set Realistic Goals

Keep it Simple! Following a simple plan while on a hectic schedule is much easier than following an elaborate plan.

You should have a plan of which days you want to workout and one goal to change your eating habits for the next few weeks.

For example, “I will try 3 different CrossFit workouts this week. I will eat a little less each meal.” Simplicity is success.

Execute Your Plan

Now that you have a plan, all you need to do is follow it. This is another big step. You should look at your plan every day upon waking. You need be mentally prepared for the great day ahead of you.

Having your daily schedule in hand will help you achieve your goals for the day. When you complete your workout for the day, highlight it or cross it off your list.

It will show you that you accomplished something for yourself. No matter what you must execute. This will be the hardest and most rewarding step.



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Discover The History And Annual Games Of CrossFit


Are you familiar with CrossFit?  This form of training is already gaining popularity these days.

Though the overall nature of CrossFit training might be highly challenging enough, this routine is worth performing.

History of CrossFit Training

Cross fit training is a form of physical training which is intended to develop your power and your strength.

This is a form of training which became popular in the year 2000. Because of the undeniable nature of CrossFit exercises, there are lots of people who have been addicted to it.

There are so many people from the different parts of the world who are eager to learn this training.

There are so many people from the different parts of the world who are eager to learn this training.

If you are one of those people who are looking forward to learning this form of training, it is now important for you to know a little bit of its history.

The actual founder of CrossFit training is Greg Glassman. He was a professional gymnast during his time.

Though the training has boomed in the year 2000, it started being offered by gyms in the year 1995.

crossfit training

The training itself focuses in terms of conditioning your body. This comes with different methodologies which are intended in order to provide general and broad physical fitness through the myriad of exercises you can perform.

Examples of the activities under Greg Glassman are gymnastics, sprinting, weightlifting and others. These were basically the first exercises introduced under this kind of exercise.

However, new components of the training have already been added. These have made the training more intense and challenging.

Specifically, the first gym that has offered CrossFit training is CrossFit North, which is located in Seattle, Washington.

The coaches who have contributed a lot to the development of CrossFit training are Mike Burgener, Bob Harpe, and Louie Simmons.

In addition to that, there was a great help from Dr. Nicholas Romanov who is a subject matter expert that led to the success of the training.

Romanov is the inventor of Pose Method of running. In the recent years, several variations have also been included in the training.

Among the individuals who are responsible for these changes are Robb Wolf, Mark Rippetoe, and Mark Twight.

Since the introduction of this form of training, so many people have experienced major benefits of CrossFit training.

Usually, people who undergo this form of training will experience enhanced balance, agility, speed, flexibility, power and endurance.

As of now, the popularity of this training is still at its height. In the year 2005, there was a total of 15 gyms and fitness institutions offering this kind of training.

In the span of a half decade, the popularity of the training even increased. Based on the information released in the year 2010, there were 1,700 fitness institutions and gyms offering this form of training.

It is also expected that the number of fitness institutions offering CrossFit training will continue to increase these days.

As of now, it is expected that the numbers of fitness institutions and gyms offering CrossFit training will increase tremendously for up to 3,400.

Way back in the year 1970, Greg Glassman did not have any clue that this training will be used after 3 decades.

According to one of his interviews, he primarily developed this concept just for the sake of his colleagues and of course, himself.

He never thought that some fitness enthusiasts from the other parts of the world will embrace the benefits of CrossFit training.

Most of those individuals who tried this kind of training are highly satisfied with its results because it brought out the best in them.

For this reason, there are even greater numbers of fitness instructors who are studying the CrossFit training.

Examples of these coaches who have devoted some of their time in learning CrossFit training are Mike Burgener, Louie Simmons and Bill Starr who have trained together with John Welbourn.

Once you finish this program, you will receive certification seminars concerning running and endurance, kettle bells, gymnastics weightlifting and others.

If you want to learn this program, it is important that you apply in a legitimate instructor so that you will be given the right training methods.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to the history of CrossFit training. Surely, it pays a lot to know a little background of this form of training before you actually do it.

Unlike the other kinds of training, Greg Glassman never thought that the world will appreciate this form of exercise than what he has imagined.

Over the years, expect that there will also be additional enhancements in this form of training. For sure, these enhancements will make CrossFit training a lot better than before.

So, why don’t you perform it now? You will surely achieve the body you have always dreamed of.


The Annual CrossFit Games

As the CrossFit sensation has come about. It is only inevitable that competitors would have to ask the question…Who is the fittest? How do you know?

So Since 2007, the CrossFit Games have been created to answer these questions.

Each year the event gets bigger and bigger as the sport is introduced into more and more countries and more and more people want to test their fitness levels against the best.

Each and every year the CrossFit games is a more comprehensive test of fitness, and the athletes raise the level of competition to unprecedented heights.

So in short, the average Games athlete in 2012 will be dramatically more capable than the world’s best in 2007 as they’ve trained the whole year round doing all sorts of different workouts to prepare their mind and body for whatever may come their way in the competition.

Several unique characteristics define the CrossFit Games. As The Games change every year, and the details are not announced until right before each event. Athletes will have to train year-round for a competition that is almost completely a mystery.

But all is revealed when they reach the Home Depot Center, they put their training and mental fortitude to the test and take on a rigorous, broad-ranging test of overall physical capacity. After three days, the Fittest on Earth will have clearly distinguished themselves

The first big news of the 2011 CrossFit Games season was the announcement that Reebok had agreed to a 10-year sponsorship and on top of that they partnered with ESPN to spread the sport of fitness to a wider audience than ever before.

To begin, ESPN3 covered the 2011 CrossFit Games with live three-hour shows running Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Six weeks later, ESPN2 ran 12 post-production shows covering the entire male and female competition on primetime TV. ESPN2 and ESPN re-aired the shows multiple times throughout the fall and winter, building new interest in the CrossFit Games as the community geared up for 2012 Open

This new partnership allowed for a dramatic increase in prize money, from previous years. The winners took home a combined $1 million prize purse, with the male and female individual winners taking home $250,000 each.


The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games season began with the first ever Open competition. Athletes worldwide competed in six workouts throughout six weeks, posting their scores in real time and online.

Anyone could throw their hat in the ring to compete for a position among the fittest athletes in the world. More than 26,000 athletes competed in the Open, making it one of the largest sporting events in history.

So, if you are interested in testing your fitness levels to the max and see how you stack up against other people around the world, head over to  and check out in detail how you can be among the fittest on earth

Hopefully, these things along with all the information you have just learned in this beginners guide to CrossFit will help you get started on a new life of physical fitness.

Life is filled with making decisions, knowing your commitments, getting information, planning and execution. Try CrossFit and experience the benefits today.


What Are The Benefits Of CrossFit Training?


In this day and age, we all know that making fitness a part of your life should be a high priority in everyone’s life – it should become a daily habit, the same as brushing your teeth or taking a shower.

Dedicating a little bit of time each day isn’t much to ask when you take into account all the positive things you achieve just by being physically fit.

It is very impressive that there are more and more people who are becoming health-conscious. In fact, there are many men and women from all over the world looking for the edge when it comes to fitness.

So this is where CrossFit training comes into play since this is a very effective way of molding your body and gaining tremendous fitness.


So now let’s discover the benefits of CrossFit training

One of the benefits of CrossFit training is that it comes with efficient and fast results.

Usually, you only have to exert some time in doing CrossFit training. Expect that at the end of the training, you will notice that your muscle has developed a greater strength and that your overall fitness level has improved.

You will also notice that your power has become better as compared to those people who make use of the traditional workouts in fitness institutions.

However, you have to make sure that you perform the workout properly to experience its optimal effects in just a short period of time.

In addition to the list of benefits of CrossFit training, this is also a well-rounded kind of routine.

When exercising, it is important to ensure that your whole body is involved.

This is to ensure that you have a proportioned and well-toned body unlike those who only focus on a specific part of their body.

Since CrossFit training makes use of a holistic approach, expect that there are different workout styles that will make your entire body fitter.

Most of the time, fitness enthusiasts tend to cheat and give up in performing their routines because they feel bored with their routine. In the case of CrossFit exercises, you will not feel bored.

In every single day, you can choose from a variety of workouts called WOD (Work Out of the Day). In fact, you will never get bored and you might find yourself increasingly becoming interested in your workouts day by day.



Another nice benefit of CrossFit training is that this is affordable.

In terms of performing the exercises you need to do, there is no need for you to secure different equipment in the future.

Most of the components of the workout set your body in motion in order to achieve a fitter physique.

This is far different from the other kinds of routines wherein you are obliged to purchase your own equipment for your exercises to be performed efficiently.

Surely, this is one of the benefits that you will like the most about this program.

In addition to the benefits of CrossFit training mentioned, this form of training is also effective in terms of conditioning your own body before undergoing any kind of routine.

This makes your body unable to feel any stress. Before you are introduced to a new routine, your trainers will first prepare your system for the introduction of some preparatory exercise routines.

As you do the complex routines in the future, you will not experience too much difficulty. This is far different as compared to the other kinds of exercise routines offered in some fitness institutions.



These are some of the benefits that you can get in performing CrossFit training. This is indeed one of the most promising routines that you can try to give you the kind of body you have always wanted to have.

It is important that if you want to experience the benefits of CrossFit training, you should only trust undergo trained experts or instructors who will handle such training.

This is because the training is a specialized form of exercise. Without proper skills and knowledge about the program, it is impossible for you to experience the benefits of CrossFit training.

And remember it isn’t necessary for you to be in a gym to be fit. What you are about to discover shortly will show you many exercises that can be performed outdoors, at home and anywhere else you like.

That’s the beauty of CrossFit training! You can enjoy fitness with your kids, your spouse, family or friends, people of all ages can participate.