Are You Inspired Today?

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How to get inspired? Being inspired is about changing awareness of yourself as being limited, having no luck, things never working out, and the likes into realizing that you are unlimited and have the potential to create whatever you truly desire if it is in alignment with the divine within.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, the mind of man can create.


“Do you need to be inspired to aspire or do you need an aspiration to get inspired?”

Others may argue that in order to have a strong desire to achieve something, you must be inspired.

On the other hand, some argue that for you to be inspired, you may need to aspire first.

This is very much like the chicken and the egg question, right? There is no definite answer.

Concerning inspiration versus aspiration, the best course of action is to discover how to get people inspired, rather than focus on which is the right answer.

Many sources of inspiration can help you in achieving success in life. Arguing about whichever comes first – whether inspiration or aspiration – is not one of them.

The important thing is to find your true source of inspiration and to remain focused in the achievement of your goals.

For some people, inspiration helps them stay motivated and become an achiever.

Psychologists believe that our capacity as human beings depends on what our minds truly believe to be possible. “It’s all in the mind”, as they say.

In order to show how simple this idea is, a concrete example may serve to illustrate it.

Two students, without their knowledge, were subjected to an experiment. Both were of the same grade level, age, and nationality.

They were instructed to take a long jump activity as part of a physical education class. Girl 2 was shorter than girl 1.

It was expected that the shorter girl would initially feel hopeless because of the obvious size advantage of the other girl.

So, without receiving any motivation inspiring words from her coach, trial 1 was allowed to begin.

As was expected from trail 1, the shorter girl lost by a distance of around 5 inches.

Trial 2 followed immediately after trial 1. With some proper coaching and motivational words, this time, the shorter girl won by 1.5 inches!

How did this happen? It happened because of the power of belief and attitude.

What happened exactly was that an explanation about the height advantage of the girl was re-contextualized for the shorter girl.

She was told that she actually had an even advantage with the taller girl because of her lighter weight.

When she saw the taller girl as being “heavier” than her, it was enough motivation to inspire the shorter girl to focus on her own strengths and to use them to win. It’s all in the way you look at it.

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How to deal with a failure of inspiration?

Most of the time, it is the inspiration that people lack in their lives. Just because you are not quite as successful as you would have hoped for.

It could because you just don’t have any passion or inspiration to press your career forward.

You’ll find that there are a lot of ways to motivate yourself, but you’ll need to put forth some real effort to make this work out for you.

You will find that finding inspiration can be rough, but the key to success is hard work. You may need to generate some inspiration before you begin your journey to success.

When it comes to your job, you’ll find that there are a lot of ways that you can become inspired. Most of the time, it is timing that gives you the feelings of passion and success.

You will want to keep at it and hope that your time comes to shine.

However, you may not want to wait forever. There are a lot of people who have to walk away from their current job opportunities because it is not what they expected.

When your career ends up taking over more than just your work time it can be hard. You need to learn how to balance your work with personal time and play time. You can’t just be a workaholic.

You may also want to think about things like time management skills. The minute that your free time up for yourself, you will begin to feel better about your life in general.

You will be happier at work and also you’ll have the time inspiring you to focus on your personal life.


When it comes to your personal relationships, you don’t want to pass up too many opportunities to experience life. You may want to continue to separate work time with play time.

However, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to settle down and find “the one”.

As for inspiration for your relationships, that comes naturally. You cannot force yourself to move into a relationship unless there is passion.

If you learn how to control your need for a relationship and learn how to let go and have fun, you’re more likely to find your one and only.

There is so much pressure that society puts on a person to settle down and have babies, but it’s so hard because love has so many obstacles.

You may want to consider keeping what you want in heart and not what others expect of you.

You’ll want to go easier on yourself in general too. Don’t just ease up on your pressure to find love or make a good career, but put less pressure on yourself.

There is a good aspect to setting goals, but these goals have to be reachable. You don’t want to set goals that are unrealistic because you’ll never add up to be enough.

This is one of the most important things that you can consider.


If you feel that your life lacks passion and inspiration, then it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate yourself.

You’ll need to take the time to make your goals happen and find out what is special to you.

The hardest part of life is sometimes you feel so strong about what you want and then it all crumbles. You still hold on to your past goals, because if you don’t then you feel like a failure.

However, if this is something that you really don’t want then what is the point. You need to take the time to reevaluate the situation and figure some things out.

Once you take the step back, you’ll find inspiration for something.

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Inspirational Words

Inspirational words can totally change the direction of your lives. Maybe, you often see life as a scary place with dangers around every corner.

You may not even recognize the fact that many of your fears are hidden inside you and controlling you at every turn.

Others, on the other hand, may see life as a series of opportunities to challenge themselves because they have overcome these hidden fears.

They have opened themselves up to a world of extra energy that was also hidden inside them but covered and stifled by the fears that surrounded it.

It doesn’t take a major change in many cases to alter the direction of your ship.

One small turn on the wheel can eventually result in a completely different section of the globe that you will sail to!

As soon as you change one of your coordinates, the direction of your entire life will also change.

You will begin to see everything around you as a reflection of this new change and it will provide you with even more inspiration to try even greater things.

Inspirational words can really be found everywhere. It’s just a matter of being able to see them. From our homes, our schools to our workplace, there are opportunities to find inspirational words.

From the movies you watch, the books you read, the music you listen to and the people you talk to every single day of our lives, you can be inspired to do great things.

These are words, which may just be simple words, can hit the deepest part of our souls and awaken us to be reminded of the true essence of who we are.

From there we will find ourselves capable of living our lives more peacefully and more harmoniously with others.

Next time you think about where you want to find some inspirational words, just look inside yourself.

And ask yourself what’s stopping you from picking up one of the thousands of books out there that teach the most simple truths of all.

What’s holding you back from making a commitment to read just five or ten pages a day to improve your life?

The inspiration is deep inside yourself and the words that you are looking for outside are only a means to help you find that place inside that you already had, to begin with.

The greatest inspirational words there are those that will come right out of your own heart and mind. They will be the ones that bring you to make a change and to reach for the stars.

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So, how do people get inspired?

The feeling of frustration forces some to seek inspiration. Some need to experience unpleasant circumstances to trigger an inspiration.

This path may not be at all pleasant. But who says that the road to greater achievement is always smooth sailing?

Take for instance the case of an average earner. He just earns enough to make a family survive.

On his way to work, he could see other people barely having three square meals a day, hardly having anything to keep them warm on a cold night.

They are practically living in a roofless shanty with paper boards as walls.

He wanted to help but can’t.

He feels helpless for he can’t do anything to alleviate their condition. This feeling of helplessness urged him to promise himself that his family will never experience extreme poverty.

This feeling of frustration inspired him to aspire for a better life for himself and for his family.

His fear that his family might end up like one of the economically challenged people makes him determined to do something about improving his financial stability.

Someone who is successful can be an effective source of inspiration. People tend to look up to somebody who has reached the top.

They wonder how it is to be like their idol, so they set themselves on a course headed in their idol’s direction. They study their idol’s past and how he was able to overcome all adversities.

People who wish to be inspired associate themselves with successful people. Successful people have big ambitions. Being ambitious and dreaming big dreams can keep the inspiration alive.

Being ambitious is actually good as long as you do not step on other people’s toes and provides inspiration to fellow men.

A strong desire can trigger people to get inspired and aspire to it. Again, stay within the confines of good fellowship, not hurting anybody along the way.

Some people desire popularity. They aspire to be well known in society. They set their sights higher and aim to be recognized and respected.

Love is a strong motivator. There was once a man who pursued his love interest. He was able to get married to the girl of his dreams.

His love for his wife motivated him to do his best in his job to provide for his growing family.

Love provided the spark and nurtured his dreams to aspire for the best that life has to offer for him and his family.


Feeding the Mind with Inspiration

Growth and motivation will take place when you habitually feed your mind with inspiration will propel you to greater heights of success.

Becoming a better and wiser person will shoot you past your competition. A person that is motivated all the time will be an achiever and stand among the few.
Whether you are searching for self-motivation for the purpose of losing weight, exercising more, starting a new career, or putting an end to bad habits, there are many self-help audio courses or online programs out there that can help a person with these issues.

Now, begin surrounding yourself with others who are also on the path to self-improvement and motivation.

The next step in obtaining motivation is to reward yourself when you reach a goal.

Start a goal program with built in rewards and makes sure that you give yourself that reward when you do achieve your goal.

This will set up your subconscious mind and strengthen your ability to forge ahead to bigger and better accomplishment and increase your motivation quotient.

The first step in achieving motivation is to decide what goals you want from yourself.

Commitment is the last and final stage to achieving motivation. Make a commitment to keep focused on the goals.

For many, what drives the quality of the energy is the purpose. Again, for many, the quality of the energy of the motivation and, even more, what’s “underneath” the quality of that energy.

Once you have worked out why you want to achieve a certain goal, the outcome that you want to achieve gives you the motivation to pursue them.

Develop your Mission – Your mindset knows exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Walk the talk as they say.

And you will have the motivation to stay with the program. One way to improve your motivation – try doing everything you do today 1% better.

The Law of Momentum – Motivation and momentum follow the actions. Never lose the momentum, keep going once you’ve got that motivation that you need.

The Law of Inspiration – A more empowering source of motivation is inspiration. Listen to some great inspiring stories of triumph over adversity.

Get yourself time listening to some inspiring biographies when you have some spare time while sitting in traffic. Why not do something constructive and get a good audio biography.

Saturate your mind with inspiring tales of success and visualize to yourself the end result that you’re determined to make a reality.

Indeed, it is best to feed your mind with inspiration than worries. It is better to cover your spirit with inspiration than to fill it with negativeness.