How To Avoid The Bad Effects Of Fish Oil?

The Side Effects of Fish Oil

First, you need to understand that fish oil has a lot of benefits. The omega-3 fish oil belongs to the essential fatty acids which your body needs.

Your body does not have any capabilities of producing the omega-3 so we rely on external sources, mainly fish rich in oil, as your main source.

The fact that it is labeled essential fatty acid means that your body really needs it and the lack of which could result to a variety of health consequences.

Among the known benefits of taking omega-3, includes reducing the risks of having heart disease, can reduce the development of cancer cells, prevents pregnancy complications, improves eyesight, and helps prevent depression.

There could have a longer list but it can be skipped for now and needless to say the benefits of fish oil are real.

But unknown to quite few, the fish oil supplements that all think of as friends has the dark side too, has side effects which when left uncheck can be quite harmful and can even prove to be fatal.

If the list of benefits is quite long, the side effects are not as many but it is good for you to be aware of them as well. The side effects only manifests when one overdoses with the intake and can even disappear after a few days.

fish oil benefits

Sometimes, the body just needs to get used to the fish oil and once it has adjusted, the side effects would disappear. Some of the minor and immediate side effects include a fishy after taste and diarrhea.

You will experience these side effects if you too much dosage of fish oils. Commonly, doctors would prescribe or recommend a 2 gram intake of fish oil daily at the minimum.

These two often appears during the first few days of taking the fish oil. These symptoms should disappear after a couple of days but in case they don’t changing brands of fish oil supplements might help. But setting up a meeting with your doctor would be the best idea.

After a couple of weeks of taking fish oil capsules, you might notice some fishy burping before and after each meal. This can just be because your body is still adjusting. Give it a couple of days and the burping might stop.

Although, you should check the expiry dates of your of your supplements. You might also want to consider that what you have been taking are bad quality produce.

Changing brands might help. Some suggest keeping the supplements in a freezer to prevent the various gastrointestinal side effects.

On the other hand, blood thinning is something that you cannot eliminate by just simply changing brands.

You see, omega-3 from fish oils is great for the heart because it is a natural blood thinner. They help coagulate the blood which helps prevent blood clots which helps prevent heart diseases.

But because omega-3 is already a blood thinner, people who are already taking blood thinning medications should avoid the intake of either the fish oil or the blood thinning drug.

If you combine fish oil with other medicines such as aspirins, the result might be very harmful to your body and even fatal.

The possible problem with this, people will get too much blood thinners resulting to patients bleeding out. The bleeding could be internal which can damage organs and could result to something fatal.

Too much blood thinners can cause you to bleed out. And bleeding does not mean just bleeding out externally, but there are cases where patients actually bled to their brains.

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Some would report nose bleeding as a side effect of fish oil intake.

Watch out for signs of internal bleeding like black stools or the presence of blood in the stool or vomiting of blood which are all signs of gastrointestinal bleeding.

When one bleeds in the brain, the signs could be changes in their vision or speech, numbness of an arm or leg, and severe headache.

Recent studies show that too much fish on one’s diet may do more harm than good. High-levels of mercury are present in many store-bought fish that appear to be fresh, gleaming, and healthy-looking.

Though the usual side effects of fish oil are moderate, the ones caused by mercury contamination can be very hazardous.

In particular, mercury exposure is dangerous to children and pregnant women. Birth defects, learning disabilities, and hair loss are some of the effects of mercury poisoning.

According to studies, traces of mercury are found in fish because of a process called biomethylation. Biomethylation is a process wherein elemental mercury present in water is converted by bacteria into methylmercury.

Methylmercury is absorbed by fish through their gills as they eat aquatic organisms. Toxins are then spread up the food chain, affecting other parts of the ecosystem.

Normally, large fish like tuna will have higher levels of toxins compared with small fish like tilapia and salmon.

Cooking does not remove the toxins from fish. However, toxicologists are careful in saying that fish per se does not cause toxicity, but the traces of mercury present in the fish.

People should not be scared to eat fish.  In moderate amounts, fish is still good for consumption since it is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients.

The dark side of fish oil is just that, one part of a fairly good supplement. There are ways to prevent the side effects and most of them through proper consultations before you even start taking those fish oil supplements.

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Other Fish Oil Effects That You Can Avoid

If you have fish oil capsules or liquid at home, then you would have to make sure that it would not be exposed to heat, light, and oxygen.

When exposed for too long, the fish oil would get oxidized and would get bad. Once the fish oil gets bad, it would lose its nutritional value.

Aside from that, bad fish oil and fatty acids are said to contribute to the development of cancer and other diseases.

You would have to be conscious with Vitamin A, E, and D.  Accumulated or large doses of these vitamins can eventually lead to poisoning.

There are also serious side effects of fish oil.  If these side effects happen to you, it is best to consult a health care professional.  You would have to stop taking fish oil supplements or it could mean other serious ailments.

If you have diabetes, then it would also be better to check with your doctor if taking fish oil supplements is safe.  Taking fish oil supplements can sometimes result to hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. Be watchful or conscious of allergic reactions.

Symptoms that you are allergic with fish oil supplement include rashes, itching, swelling, wheezing and difficulty in breathing or swallowing.

To avoid the minor side effects, you can take the fish oil supplement along with your meal.  This would get rid of the aftertaste and make it easier to digest.  It is less likely for you to experience abdominal or stomach pain.

There are few who keep their supplements refrigerated.  It is said that keeping them frozen or cold would help lessen gastrointestinal problems or side-effects.

Too much is always not good.  The problem is we do not how much is too much.  There is maximum amount that an individual should take.

But there is a recommended amount, for male it is 1,600 mg. while women are recommended to have 1,100 mg.

As mentioned, we should be cautious with Vitamin A, E, and D overdose.  How do we deal with this?

Read the labels.  Know what kind of supplement you are taking.  You have to know if the fish oil supplements you are taking exceed the recommended level.  To avoid an overdose of Vitamin A and D, avoid using fish oil that includes the internal organs like liver.

Fish oil is something that can very essential in improving our physical and mental health as long as it is taken in recommended doses and amounts.

Let us remember that fish oil is not a magic pill that would immediately remove us of any ailments and pains.  Its effects can be gradually noticed over time.


Customer Knowledge: Buying Fish Oil Supplements

Not all fish contains Omega-3 oil or the essential fatty acids.  Fishes that have the highest number of fatty acids are salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, and anchovies.

There are things that you would have to consider when buying fish oil.  Actually, health professionals would say that eating too much fish that contains fish oil and Omega-3 can cause mercury contamination.

This can happen if you do not exactly know where the fish are caught.  If the fish is caught in polluted waters, one can ingest mercury and other heavy metals.

To avoid toxins entering the body, make sure that the fish oil is molecularly distilled and pharmaceutical grade supplements.  These kinds of fish oil are removed of all toxins.

You would have to check at the label to make sure that they come from clean waters and properly refined.

When checking the label of a particular fish oil supplement, you check their websites and look for the “Certificate of Analysis.” This COA is an analysis performed by an independent laboratory to identify the freshness of the product.

Aside from checking the source of the fish and the freshness of the fish oil, you would also need to know what kind of fish the oil is from.

And aside from being free of heavy metals, it should always contain at least 60 % of EPA and DHA.

When it comes to pill or capsule supplements, the process of creating those fish oil capsules might not be safe. The safest would be through a distillation process.

How would you know that you are buying the safe fish oil supplement?  Only buy from companies that use fresh and high qualify fish and inform the public where they get their fish.  You can check their websites or labels to be informed properly.

Fish oil supplements can be either liquid or tablet.  Liquid fish oil costs more than oil capsules.

But when compared with capsules based on the cost-per-gram it is actually less expensive. Capsules are tamper-proof and keep the oil from getting bad.

Most people find fish oil to be expensive or overpriced.  Some experts would say that there are two ways to compare prices.  You can compare the total amount of DHA in the supplement and the cost for each gram of DHA.

You would feel that you have low quality fish oil if you suffer from any ache or pain.  We would have to be cautious when buying low-cost fish oil.

They may not be the same as the high-quality fish oil.  You would have to be cautious when buying cheap fish oil.

When buying fish oil, or any kind of product, read the label or the product information first.  Getting informed will relieve you of any kind of health risk in the future.

Reading the label or getting to know the product would not be more than a couple of minutes, anyway.  So, spare the time.


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Discover Almond’s Health Benefits And Skin Care Recipes


Do you like eating some almonds for a snack? Are you aware its health benefits? How about some beauty recipes or skin recipes using almond as one of its ingredients?

For a start, almond is a highly nutritious, effective health-building food both for the body and mind. It is also a valuable food remedy for common ailments.

More people are calling almonds their favorite nut-and they are putting their almonds where their mouths are.

From roasted and seasoned almonds in creative, portable packaging to almond granola bars, energy bars and breakfast bars to entrees and vegetable dishes, almonds are found in a variety of new food products.

One reason for their popularity may be their health benefits. Studies have shown that almonds as part of a balanced eating plan can lower LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol and can help promote a healthy weight.

food and memory

In addition, almonds are packed with the antioxidant vitamin E, magnesium, protein and fiber. They also contain calcium. So, it’s no coincidence almonds have become a favorite ingredient and the healthy snack of choice.

If you are looking for the best variety, then choose the thin-skinned sweet variety. This almond is best for used and one of the best nut and seed to consume. Eating without skin is the best way to eat it.

The distinctive flavor and satisfying crunch of almonds make this nut a prime ingredient in candies, pies, cakes, treats for salting, toasting, and dipping in various kinds of icings.

Marketable products of almonds are almond butter, which tastes like and resembles peanut butter, almond flour, almond extract, an oil extracted from the nuts that is used as a potent flavoring, almond flour – used like flour in cakes and pastries, and almond paste –  used in the preparation of confections and candies.

Did you know that you can have a milk alternative using almond? To do this, simply grind the blanched almonds to a smooth paste, add sugar according to your taste and boil in water.

This almond milk preparation gives the consistency of milk, a healthy alternative drink, full of vitamins and nutrition.

Take note, almond milk is more digestible than cow’s milk. Therefore, if you are lactose intolerant, then this is your best bet.

Likewise, this nutritious drink is good for children. What are you waiting for, try this alternative and replace your ordinary dairy with a more healthy option.

Aside from almond milk, there’s also an almond butter, another variation out of almonds.

This is advantageous to the elderly for them to have the right amount of proteins needed in their diet.

As previously mentioned, almonds are easy to digest even if it is high in calorie content and its other ingredients.

Almonds are used as a health benefit due to the cholesterol free fatty acids that reduce the risks of heart disease.

Vitamin E is beneficially concentrated in almonds, which reduces the accumulation of plaque in the arteries, acting as an antioxidant—further reducing inflammation.

We suggest growing your own almond trees for enjoyment, entertainment, and health benefits from eating the almonds, as well as the exercise that is spent in growing your own trees.

Check these health benefits of almond:
  • A useful food remedy for anemia as it contains copper, iron, and vitamins.
  • It helps you to have healthy heart and lowers cholesterol.
  • Useful in preserving the vitality of the brain.
  • It strengthens your bone health.
  • It strengthens the muscles and prolongs life.
  • It lowers the risk of weight gain.
  • It protects you from diabetes and heart disease.
  • A handful of almonds, approximately 7 to 10 taken at nighttime with or without hot milk are beneficial in the treatment of constipation.
  • Eating almonds regularly will strengthen sexual power and restore sexual vigor.
  • To those with skin diseases, pulverize few leaves of wild almond with water and cream and apply to affected parts.
  • External application of almond oil in case of irritation and itching will ease the pain.
  • A teaspoon of almond oil, with few drops of fresh white onion juice, ginger juice, taken thrice daily for a fortnight is useful in whooping cough, bronchitis and asthma.


Isn’t almond amazing?

If almond is good for the body, then it is also good for your skin, right?

Therefore, here are other ways almond can be beneficial for you skin:

  • Face pack made from almond paste mixed with milk cream and rose bud paste is an effective beauty aid.
  • Prevents premature appearance of wrinkles, black heads, pimples and dry skin.
  • Massage the scalp with a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with Amla juice and massage over the scalp for remedy for falling hair, thinness of hair, dandruff and avoids untimely graying of hair.

In addition, have a treat for your skin using almond or almond oil as one of the ingredients in the skin care, beauty recipes you will find below.


Almond Oil Wrinkle Cream

You will need:

1 tbsp. of an infusion of comfrey leaves OR 1 tbs. of a decoction of comfrey roots

1 tbsp. lanolin

2 tsp. sweet almond oil

2 tsp. water

2 tsp. cod liver oil


You have to:

Melt lanolin and almond oil in a double boiler. Add water and allow it to cool.

Mix in cod liver oil and comfrey.

Apply gently to face and rinse off after 5 to 10 minutes.

This is a rich moisturizer that boosts the water-holding capacity of your skin and helps plump out wrinkled areas.

Infusion: This is a beverage made like tea, by pouring boiled water over plants and steeping to extract the active ingredients.

The normal amounts are about 1/2 to 1 ounce of plant to one pint of boiled water. You should let the mixture steep for 5 to 10 minutes, covered, and strain the infusion into a cup.


This preparation allows you to extract primarily the mineral salts and bitter principles rather than vitamins and volatile ingredients.

The normal amounts are about 1/2 ounce plant to 1 cup water.

Bring ingredients to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for up to 4 minutes.

Remove from heat and steep the mixture with the cover on the pot for a few minutes.

food and memory

Almond Rosewater Body Lotion

You will need:

¼ cup rosewater

¼ cup glycerin

2 tbsp. witch hazel

1 tbsp. almond oil


You have to:

Mix together rosewater and glycerin.

Add witch hazel and almond oil.

Stir completely to dissolve.

Pour into a pretty bottle.

Note: Rosewater can be purchased at some health food stores or pharmacies, also carried at most middle-eastern or Indian specialty groceries or specialty cooking stores OR… you can try your hand at making your own rosewater)


Almond Salt Scrub

You will need:

1/4 cup almond oil

1/2 cup salt

1/4 cup almond milk

Approx. 1 1/2 oz. melted glycerin soap

Almond fragrance oil


You have to:

Stir well. Place in clean dry container.

To use, place approximately 1 tablespoon of scrub in palm and add enough water to make a soft paste.

Massage into skin. Rinse well.


Almond-Honey Scrub

You will need:

2 tbsp. crushed almonds

1 tbsp. honey


You have to:

Mix the ingredients.

Leave on the face for 5 minutes.

Rub in well, and then rinse.


Almond-Mayonnaise Scrub

(For Very Dry Skin)

You will need:

1/4 cup almonds

1/8 tsp. mayonnaise


You have to:

Grind almonds in blender until they form a meal.

Whirl in mayonnaise.

Vinegar-Rinse your skin

Rub or scrub gently and thoroughly.

Leave on skin for about 10 minutes.

Rinse off and follow with a Vinegar Rinse.


Oatmeal and Almond Scrub

You will need:

¼ cup finely ground oatmeal

¼ cup finely ground almonds


You have to:

Stir well. Place in clean dry container.

To use, place approximately 1 tablespoon of scrub in palm and add enough water to make a soft paste.

Massage into skin. Rinse well.


Almond-Butter Hand Softener

You will need:

1 tbsp. almond oil

1 cup butter


You have to:

Mix the ingredients well.

Before bed, massage the mixture into your hands, and then cover with white cotton gloves.

Wear all night while sleeping.


Almond Cleanser

Grind almonds to a fine powder in a blender.

Wet face and then rub on almond powder.

Rinse well.

Store the powder in a tightly sealed container.


Beeswax-Almond Hand Cream

You will need:

¼ cup beeswax

½ cup almond oil

½ cup coconut oil

¼ cup rosewater


You have to:

Melt the beeswax and coconut oil over a double boiler.

Add the remaining ingredients and heat until well mixed, several minutes.

Pour into a container while still hot since it does harden as it cools.

This makes about 1½ cups.


Vanilla And Almond Soap

You will need:

1/3 cup whole almonds

¼ ounce bar Castile soap

¼ cup distilled water

1 tablespoon almond oil

1/8 teaspoon vanilla fragrance oil


You have to:

Grind the almonds to a fine powder in a food processor or coffee grinder and set aside.

Shred the soap and set aside.

In a heavy saucepan, bring the water to a boil; then reduce heat to a simmer.

Remove the pan from the heat and add the almond powder, almond oil, and vanilla fragrance oil, stirring until well blended.

Spoon the soap into a mold and let set for five hours or until hardened.


Lotion Bar

You will need:

2 oz. Olive Oil

2 oz. Sweet Almond Oil

6 oz. Beeswax

Essential Oil or Fragrant Oil of your choice (optional)


You have to:

Just melt the wax and oils in a double boiler

Scent if you wish and pour into whatever small mold you like.

Allow to harden.


Almond Orange Body Lotion

You will need:

1/8 tsp. borax powder

1/2 cup almond oil

1 tsp. coconut oil

1 tsp. grated beeswax

2 tbsp. honey.

3-4 drops essential orange oil


You have to:

Make as for Mint Body Lotion

There you have it! Indeed, almond is valuable for your health and your skin. You can consume it just as it is, as a milk or butter, use for cooking, baking, as a home remedy or even as an ingredient for some beauty skin recipes.