Why It’s Necessary For You To Track And Monitor Your Goals?

track and monitor goals

Do your monitor your goals?

Do you track your goals?

Tracking your goal progress is an ongoing process because it can take you lots of time to complete one goal.

During that process, you need to closely look at your progress towards the goal because if you did not maintain a steady pace then, you will get distracted from your goal.

Monitoring reminds you of your goal and gives you more motivation. The more time you spend in thinking about your goal, more motivation you will get out of it.

track your goals

To Track your Goals, Work Towards your Goal

You can make the progress towards your goal easier by splitting up a complex task into simpler tasks.

This eases up the whole burden of working day and night. You can make simple tasks and these tasks can be as simple as to look at a list.

Choosing one item because this is not about the volume of the task but it is all about taking a step towards your goal.

You can make a simple strategy to check your goal progress. For example, when I set a goal that I need to make my typing speed 50 words per minute then, I will have so many ways of checking it.

There are software, online tool and other things which can check my typing speed. The more I check, the more it will motivate me to work even harder to increase it.

People get bored by executing same and complex tasks and in the end, they give up on their mission.

This is just another way to give up your goal while you can always make your way interesting and colorful by making tasks simpler for you.

For example, if you have to write a book on people’s opinion about a particular subject then, instead of doing research for one week and writing in next week, you should split the tasks and gather information for 3 days and write about that information for three days.

This change will not let you get bored and your work will also be done in proper way. Another way of making your progress more concrete is to share your goal with someone.

This strategy works for many people because when they know that they have to answer someone about their daily of weekly progress then, they work even harder.

This partner can be your wife, your hubby, your best friend, your son, your daughter or anyone whom you trust.

The progress report also depends on the volume of the goal. You can make a weekly schedule, monthly or annually. For personal goals, it is recommended to have weekly reporting because that is a best-suited approach.

monitor your goals

Progress Means Getting Close to Success

If you can measure the progress of your goal, it means that you are on the right path.

Progress measurement depends upon the volume of your goal because you can schedule either weekly reporting, daily or even annual but reporting is a must.

When you see that you are making a considerable amount of progress, it will take you to one step closer to your goal.

You can note your daily or weekly progress and when you will see this progress chart, then, it will keep you interested in your main goal because you will start getting the fruits of that goal with every little step that you will take.

monitor your goals

Monitor your Goals Instead of Changing your Goal 

Changing your Goal or Modifying it is Cheating with Yourself

There is another common misconception about goal setting process that you cannot change your goal.

This is a wrong concept because you can modify your goals according to your progress.  If you are experiencing more problems than expected then, you can always change your goal course.

The main goal should not be altered but you can always change your approach to the goal.

If you are failing in approaching to your goal and your progress measurement system is showing you very less or zero progress then, you should alter the whole course and start making a new effective plan.

Some people say that changing goal course is not a good idea because it can discourage you from approaching the goal.

This is true to some extent but you can alter your course once and do not make it a habit to change the whole plan after regular intervals of time.

Try to execute your steps with perfection and get results. If you started to experiment a lot then, this will disturb the whole momentum and it may happen that you get tired of struggling.

The basic theme of goal should never be changed. Instead, you can just modify your approach according to the latest suitable circumstances.

Circumstances do not remain even all the time and they can change with times.

It may happen that you had set your goal and its progress path according to some different circumstances in mind and when these things change then, they do not give any kind of ultimatum.