Effective Natural Remedies For Headaches

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What are the effective natural remedies for the different types of headaches? Find out some tips and helpful herbs for you to get well.

Who have not experienced any headache at all? Most adult human beings do and many have experience on this. Headaches can be extremely painful. Often times they can leave you down for the count.

Everybody has definitely experienced a headache once in his or her lifetime. Since it is one of the indispensable and common illnesses everyone experiences, people have learned to find ways to relieve the discomfort brought by a headache.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from headaches on a regular basis, this article is for you.

Before you decide to reach for the medicine cabinet, try these all-natural remedies the next time you have a headache.

Here are the best non-drug remedies for the three most common types of headaches.


Tension Headaches

Of the three main types of headaches, tension headaches are the most common. With this type of a headache, the muscles contract and it feels like something is literally squeezing your head.

The pain can run from one ear to the other and back around. Tension headaches are usually caused by a lack of sleep and/or stress.

Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches



It inhibits a substance known as thromboxane A2 that prevents the release of chemicals that make your blood vessels expand.

Fresh ginger can easily be found at your local grocery store. Crush up no more than an inch of ginger and put it in a pot of boiling water.

Eating crystallized ginger or adding some grated ginger in your drink will be enough as a home remedy for your headache. Using fresh or powdered ginger when cooking your food will do just as well.

This homemade remedy will help reduce inflammation and ease your headache. It works just as good, if not better than an aspirin and is a completely natural plant-based remedy.


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is also a well-known home remedy for a headache. Just put a couple of drops of this aromatic oil into a carrier oil or lotion and rub around your temple, neck, and forehead.

But make sure that you do not get any of the oil too close to your eyes as its vapors can be very overwhelming.

You can also place a drop or two of peppermint oil on your handkerchief and sniff it to help you get rid of your headaches. Peppermint oil has been known to relieve headaches caused by too much tension.

Most health stores sell peppermint oil for about $6. Take the oil and apply it to your hairline. The cooling sensation created by the oil will help relax the muscles in your head and neck.

Rosemary Oil can also be just as effective as a home remedy for headaches. Rosemary oil helps relieve your headaches by helping keep the blood vessels dilated.

herbal tea

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas have also been known to provide headache relief. Peppermint tea and rosemary tea are examples of popular home remedy beverages for your nagging headache.

Drinking a cup or two of your favorite peppermint tea will do wonders for your headache.

Preparing a teaspoon of rosemary in a cup of hot water and steeped for about 10 minutes will also do as well.

Drinking this wonderful concoction three times a day will help you get rid of that headache.

Cluster Headaches

Those who suffer from cluster headaches often describe it as an ice pack in their head. The pain is very concentrated and it feels like someone is stabbing them in the head.

Cluster headaches usually occur in a cluster of days, hence the name cluster headaches. They are most common in the winter.

Natural Remedies for Cluster Headaches

dried chili

Capsaicin Cream

Cayenne pepper is the main ingredient in Capsaicin cream. Put a dab on your finger and apply it to the inside of your nostril. Be sure to place it on the side where you are experiencing the pain.

Once applied, the cream starts working. It works by blocking pain signals. You can find Capsaicin cream at your local health food store.


Chlorophyll Supplements

Chlorophyll is used by plants for photosynthesis in the process of turning carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen.

Chlorophyll supplements promote the flow of oxygen to cells while also protecting the cells from oxidation damage and can naturally help with cluster headaches.

Placing ten drops of liquid chlorophyll concentrate on the tongue several times throughout the day and then drinking some water will help with these types of headaches and can also provide natural energy to get you through the day.

Migraine Headaches

Last but not least, we will cover migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are very debilitating and can have you in bed, unable to move for extended periods of time.

Migraines cause a throbbing pain to occur on one side of your head. As a result of this pain, individuals are usually sensitive to light and sound. It some cases it can even cause nausea.

Migraines can be genetic as they are found to run in certain families. The bad news, however, is women are three times more likely to have them than their male counterparts.

Many experts believe migraines are a result of nerve signals being misinterpreted by the brain. Instead of interpreting them for what they really are, they interpret them as pain.

Treating Migraine

Prevention is still the number one treatment for a migraine. The best way is to make sure that one avoids the factors that may trigger the attack.

One of those factors is stress. By learning to relax a bit and do some stress management, one can prevent migraine headaches from recurring.

Try to spread your workload to a degree, which you can manage. Rest for a while when you feel that you are getting tired.

Another great way is to deal with the attack head on.

Relieve the pain in the head by keeping warm and avoiding extreme temperatures. If the problem is the position of the head when you are sleeping, buy a different pillow.

Choose a fluffier one that will cushion your head better. You can also experiment with a different sleeping position.

You can also rub your temples and massage the area that is painful. Try to close your eyes for a while and let it rest especially when you have been staring at the computer screen for a long time.

Natural Remedies for Migraine Headaches


Acupressure Massage

Acupressure massage has been around for hundreds of years. It is an ancient Chinese healing method that centers around applying pressure to certain points on the body. The pressure is applied to help relieve pain. Doing this type of massage on yourself is very easy.

First, take your finger and place it in the groove between your first and second toe. Press firmly and apply pressure for at least three minutes.

If you can, hold it for a total of 5 minutes before letting go. If you would prefer not to do this yourself, you can always go see a massage therapist.



Feverfew is an herbal supplement that comes from the sunflower family. It has been tested in clinical trials with great results.

During these trials, Feverfew was shown to be a very effective treatment for migraines. It works by decreasing the amount of inflammation in the area where there is

It works by decreasing the amount of inflammation in the area where there is a pain. When inflammation is reduced, it eliminates pressure on the nerves. As a result, the migraine starts to subside. You can find feverfew in capsule form for around $12.


Changing Your Diet

As you can see, there are many different natural remedies for the various types of headaches.

However, one remedy can be applied to all headaches no matter what type. That remedy is to simply change your diet because certain foods can trigger a headache.

Start paying close attention to the foods you consume on a daily basis. Keeping a journal and jotting down everything you eat for at least 7 days is helpful so you can track any specific foods that cause you to have an adverse reaction.

Once you identify a pattern, you will know which foods should be removed from your diet.

Some foods that have been known to trigger headaches include wine, cold cuts, and caffeine or lack of it once one drinks it regularly.


Effective Headache Remedies

Headaches are usually caused by physical and emotional stress. If you are dying to find a solution to your persistent headache, try taking in over the counter remedies like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen.

But if you are not a big fan of prescribed or over the counter medications, try these additional home remedies for a change.


Try using compresses or cold packs.

For tension headaches—the most common form of headache—try applying a warm or cold compress to your forehead and the base of your neck to numb the pain.

check1Try using heat. 

If cold compresses wouldn’t work out for you, try using a warm washcloth or a hot water bottle can ease the pain.

check1Develop a routine of deep breathing exercises.

If you suffer from headaches very often, try sitting in a darkened room, take in deep breaths using your nose, and let it pass through your mouth.

check1Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and biofeedback.

By trying these relaxation techniques, the person who suffers from a headache can feel the pain flowing out of the head. It can also help reduce stress.

check1Relieve the affected area by applying an ointment with heat.

Ben-Gay or Icy Hot rubbed on the forehead or on the base of the neck can give a soothing warm feeling to your head.

check1The power of music.

Try listening to a relaxing music while lying down or resting.

check1Exercise regularly.

Physical activities like regular exercise can relieve stress because it can loosen up the knots and balls of pain in your head.

check1Get enough sleep.

Having six to eight hours of sleep can help you soothe your tired nerves. But, beware of sleeping more than 10 hours because it can cause a major headache as well.

check1If possible, use a neck pillow in bed.

If you are prone to experiencing morning headaches, try using a neck pillow to your neck while you sleep.

check1Totally eliminate caffeine, salt, MSG, and chocolate in your diet.

Load up on lots of fruits, veggies, and water to keep your body well hydrated.

check1If you can, avoid bright light because it leads to a major headache once your squint.

check1Don’t skip meals.

Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar. When your sugar level goes down, your blood vessels in the brain tightens that leads to a headache.

check1Don’t eat foods that have nitrates, sulfites, and msg because these are primary headache causes.

Also, avoid aged cheeses and nuts so you won’t experience headaches.

check1Don’t smoke and avoid smoke-filled rooms.


These are some alternative homeopathic relievers for any headaches you might have. Take care of yourself and do what is best for your health.



Tension Headaches

  • With this type of a headache, the muscles contract and it feels like something is literally squeezing your head.

Natural Remedies for Tension Headaches

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Herbal Teas

Cluster Headaches

  • The pain is very concentrated and it feels like someone is stabbing them in the head.
  • Natural Remedies for Cluster Headaches
  • Capsaicin Cream
  • Chlorophyll Supplements

Migraine Headaches

  • Migraines cause a throbbing pain to occur on one side of your head.
  • Natural Remedies for Migraine Headaches
  • Acupressure Massage
  • Feverfew
  • Changing your diet

Effective Headache Remedies

  • Try using compresses or cold packs
  • Try using heat
  • Develop a routine of deep breathing exercises
  • Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and biofeedback
  • Relieve the affected are by applying an ointment with heat
  • Use the power of music
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get enough sleep
  • If possible, use a neck pillow in bed
  • Totally eliminate caffeine, salt, MSG and chocolate in your diet
  • If you can, avoid bright light because it leads to a major headache once you squint
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Don’t eat foods that have nitrates, sulfites and msg. because these are primary headache causes.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid smoke-filled rooms


– When was the last time you had a headache?

– What is your usual remedy when you have a headache?
Were you always dependent on pharma drugs?
Have you tried taking natural medicines when you have a headache?
If so, what is your experience taking them?
What natural remedies have you done to relieve headaches?




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