10 Tips to Remove Stress Out of Your Life

How can you become victorious against the demons of stress? How to overcome stress and deal with it?

You are already aware that stress is not good for you in every angle.


To start, stress is a response of hormones within the body. These hormones create all kinds of sensations  that you feel.

Focus these hormones on reacting positively instead of allowing them to react negatively and take you into the gulf of depression.

What to do instead?

You have the power within you to build a high amount of enthusiasm and positive energy.


Remember that stress is fleeting. It won’t last as you thought it is. Do not let it be a permanent baggage in your life.

Aim to remove the factors that caused stress and let your hopes and motivation turned on at all times.  Your optimism is like your first aid or like a shot in the arm when the events get tough.


Here are some things that you have to pay attention to.

1. All kinds of stress can be worked out.

2. Have the determination to do it.

3. The way you begin is to first come out of the denial.

4. Then, think about the factor that has caused you the stress in the first place.

5. Sit down and think some more. What can you do in order to resolve that factor?

6. How does eliminating the stress-causing factor help you?

7. Work towards it. You cannot remove stress without putting in some effort.


Thus, when you are facing a stressful situation, it is going to trigger some kind of response. You are surely going to react.

When this happen, most people react negatively. But, you should learn how NOT to do that. Control your mind and have a grip on yourself.

Choose the positive side of things instead of surrendering to the unpleasant signals of stress.  Motivate yourself instead of behaving negatively. Divert your attention and energy to what is pleasing and encouraging. Of course, if there is a way, remove the cause of the stress and the stress itself.

Exert some effort to eliminate stress or lessen stress our of your way. But, are these stressors worth your attention? How about shifting your mind, look into a different angle to look on the positive side of things and have a better understanding of the situation that you are in?

Assess yourself and the situation or the people involved. Do you have to respond or do you have to react to the said situation?

Remember that reacting and responding are different from each other. Responding involves thinking and understanding while reacting is a feedback from the burst of your emotion at that moment.

Pause for a while and take a deep breathe and then direct your self-influenced response in the right way.


overcoming stress


Now, we are going to talk about some strategies on how to remove the stress out from your life.


How to Remove Stress Out of your Life?


Applying these tips in your life are helpful in relieving stress, in working out the current stress out, and in giving a new lease to your life. Living a lifestyle sprinkled with these suggestions can prevent future stressors from baffling your life.


1. Breathe

There would be a lack of blood circulation in the vital parts of the body like your brain when a person is stressed. This is the reason for obstructing positive responses of the body.

Now, to thwart if that happens, deep breathing exercises can work wonders.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do. Inhale deeply through the nose and hold for a count of five. And then exhale through pursed lips for a count of ten. Let the air go all the way down.Imagine peace and relaxation coming in along with each inhalation as you breathe. And all of the stress going out every time you exhale.


Doing things helps you feel better as it prevents your body from over-reacting and will bring things back to normal.

As soon as the air enters  the lungs, it is exchanged into the blood and blood begins flowing with more energy. You will feel more relaxed and there is more blood supply to the brain. There is a solid scientific validation for this. So, try another form of breathing exercises.


2. Accept the Stress

Before anything else, this is a very important first step in getting rid of stress. Open up and speak up if there are any uneasiness on your part or if you are feeling stressed out in a situation.

Pause for a while, examine yourself and embrace it instead of fighting and denying your concerns. How can you eradicate the reason for the mess you are going through if not through this first?


3. Talk with People You Trust

Now, that you acknowledged that you are stressed, open up to your trusted friend, confidant or family member about it. Who among your circles you trust the most? Share the difficulties you are going through with them.

That person may not be able to help you with your situation but unloading your burden to them and opening up your problems definitely make it lighter. They might support you in different ways but the fact that somebody knows about it gives you easiness.


4. Relax and Have Fun

Look for ways for you to relax or to have fun. It might be a short-term solution but it is favorably effective. Participate in some activities that you love doing or spend time with your hobby.

It can be watching movies or curling up with a book. Maybe visiting your favorite places or taking a small vacation. Better do these things than remaining stressed out. Do what you have to do to take a break from the situation and give time to yourself.


5. Go on a Trip

A good way to relax is taking a vacation or even just a short trip. It will remove you from the usual place and got to experience a different environment for a while. Go on a trip with your best buddies or simply by yourself.

Remember, looking pictures and videos of your past travels, holidays and party pictures perk you up for a while. Gather more beautiful memories and come back with a renewed mind and focus.


6. Exercise

Visit the gym if you are stressed. Exercise is a productive way of defeating stress in your life. If you do this often, the external and internal stressors do not affect you as much.

Of course, aside from a great benefit of making your body fit. It will only show that a fit body has a fit mind.


7. Do Not Lose the Humor

There’s no need to be grouchy or grumpy when you are in tough situations. Remember to laugh. It is good for you.

Read funny books or reading materials, watch good comedy shows or hang out with your friends who are living in a light mood. You can also browse some funny cartoons, gifs, and videos online. Find other ways to perk you up.

Do not let the stress eat you from within. That’s why they say that laughter is the best medicine.


8. Do Not Accommodate Negative Thoughts

If you are stressed out, you might be tempted to have some negative thoughts like hatred, jealousy, vengeance, low feeling and so on. Avoid overthinking and thinking this kind of negative views.

Whatever you are going through right now, it will pass. There is no need to go beyond or go over other thinking that should not be there in the first place.


9. Pamper Yourself

Instead of drowning into stress, choose to love yourself. It is a wonderful idea to pamper yourself whenever you are in this situation.

Visit a salon for some beauty  treatment or a spa for some massage or other relaxing treats. Again, be kind to yourself.


10. Do Not Over-Expect

Stop thinking of how much you can get and stop letting those feelings rule you. Do not think in advance of some unreasonable expectations.

You will get what you deserve at the right time. Things will take their course when they are meant to be for that reason. Live happier in a stress-free life without any high expectations.


Now, what is your favorite stress-buster? What do you usually do whenever you are in a stressful situation?



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