Do you have SMART Goals?

Not all goals are created equal. Do you have challenging goals, exciting goals or smart goals?

There is saying by some author “A dream is a wish your heart makes, but a goal is a dream with a deadline.”


Do not let your dream put to waste or just wander around in your head or let it disappear into thin air. Set some goals for it. Create a smart goal to accomplish them and turn them to life.


You can make dreams your realities and once you start making your dreams your realities then, there will no way back and you will be traveling on the merry way of success.


Change your perspective about your dreams, put it in a timeframe and let it be a smart goal.


You might be familiar with this but let’s have a deeper look still. Now let’s check what SMART goals mean.


smart goals



If you are pursuing a target then, you need to be very specific and concentrate on just one thing. A similar scheme is applicable for goals because if you are distracted and double minded then, you may lose your path towards your goal.


Another important thing in making your goals more specific is not to concentrate on multiple things instead, try to make your routine and focus your energy on just one purpose.


Even if you want to run multiple tasks for achieving some goal then, you should split these multiple activities in different time frames because if you run multiple tasks in parallel then, both of such tasks will be half done and they may have flaws in them.


For example, if I want to write an EBook but at the same time, I want to write articles for some paper. Then, I will try to separate these two tasks in different days of the week.


The reason for that, because I know that if I started these two things in parallel then, both of these will become low in quality and I will not be able to concentrate fully on either of these things.


This is the way to make your goal more specific.



A measurable goal is another advantage which you can avail because measurement will encourage you to progress even more and you will become more devoted and strong for achieving your goal.


I will tell you more about measurement and monitoring in coming chapters but here you should make sure that you must not set an unlimited goal. You should always set some easy landmarks which you can achieve and mark your percentage of completion on these landmarks.


If not precisely but, at least make a rough idea and make sure that you are getting closer to your goal with every landmark.


These small measurements will not only help you to get closer to your goal but after every measurement, you can also alter your path if you think that altering the path will rectify the problems.


This is the easiest and simplest way of making your goal getting strategy more refined. People often carry on one plan for the whole goal achievement and face lots of difficulties while you can enhance your goal getting the path in so many ways and this can be possible only by making your goal progress measurable.

smart goals



Attainable means realistic and making your goal attainable means that you should attempt something which should more realistic and possible in a proper and legal way.


If you made some unrealistic dream your goal then, things will start fuzzy and you will lose control over your goal. There is another simple way of making your goal attainable and that is to split your goal into simpler tasks.


You can create subtasks from one big task and that will make it easier for you. For example, if you have to learn basketball then, you should start by just throwing the ball in one direction and on a particular height. This will take you to the next level and you will be able to learn other skills of basketball easily.



Making your goal as much relevant to your field or personality as you can is another very important thing. If you made your goal by following someone else’s instructions then, it may happen that, your circumstances may not work for that goal.


Every goal requires a different set of circumstances because there are different skills, different requirements and different path for every goal to be achieved.


You cannot just select some random goal from someone else’s life and start making your way towards that goal. This will lead you to just chaos and nothing else.


You need to think a lot before choosing a goal and make sure that you have selected a goal after a thorough research on every subject. You should select a goal which should be related to your field of expertise for example if you are interested in sports then, you can make a goal to master some sports.


Similarly, if you are working in finance department then, you can select some goal like making your own finance company and there can be hundreds of such examples but never make some irrelevant goal like if you like sports then, you cannot set a financial goal.

goal setting



It often happens that people set their goals for an unlimited amount of time. This is not the right approach to go because this will relax you too much and you will not be able to work consistently.


On the other hand, if you have a deadline approaching then, it can make you think about your progress rate. You can either make your progress fast or you can relax, depending on the time frame.


An effective way to do that is to make a partner and share your goal with him or her.


This will help you in a way that you will feel accountable to that person. He or she will ask you for your daily of weekly progress towards your goal and that person will also tell you the exact measurement of your progress.


When you know that you have to answer someone’s questions then, you will feel more responsible and work even harder. Setting a deadline also means that, you have to complete your goal in order to start another one.


This will encourage you to complete your goal fast and faster you complete your goal, more time you will get for your other goals and so on.



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