What Makes Transcendental Meditation Different?

transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation is one of the most well-known and widely practiced types of meditation.

This is the root of meditation; if you learn the proper ways of meditation, you will gain delight from your meditation practices.

Whenever anyone talks about the joys of meditation, it means that the person is talking about different types of meditation.

These are types of meditation because these practices persuade peace, accord, and relief from stress in an individual.

In this post, we will try to understand how these different meditation techniques are effective in daily life and how they bring joy to an individual’s life.

Transcendental Meditation is one of the types of Meditation practices. This is actually the type that has received much attention.

Researchers have conducted many kinds of research to settle down the effects of Transcendental Meditation.

It has been observed that even 20 to 30 minutes of transcendental meditation can bring relief from stress.

Moreover, there are many other benefits of transcendental meditation, which will be discussed later in this article.

Introduction to Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation is a type of meditation that is a little bit different from other types of meditation.

It can have many positive effects on your personality if you practice it two times a day.

It is considered less time-consuming, and one has to spend 20 minutes for one session of Transcendental Meditation.

This is the technique that a person performs easily with closed eyes.

There are different things about Transcendental Meditation which needs to be considered and that a person must know.

These things will be discussed one by one. Maharishi introduced transcendental meditation 50 years ago. In this way, India is the origin of this technique.

After this, Indians are transferring this valuable technique from generation to generation.

They have developed proper teaching institutes for transcendental meditation.

  • This is the simplest technique of all. One does not have to put a large amount of energy into it. It has to be practiced with closed eyes.
  • One can learn Transcendental Meditation with slight effort. Practicing it is quite delightful.
  • The best thing about Transcendental Meditation technique is that it does not require any belief. Anyone who is practicing it without belief in it can benefit from it.
  • Transcendental Meditation helps increase the activity of the brain, and many types of research have confirmed these findings. This technique helps enhance intelligence, creativity, problem solving, and decision-making.
  • Transcendental Meditation technique is just taken as a technique for making health better. This does not change your lifestyle.
  • Transcendental practice helps in controlling stress and blood pressure. This preservation reduces the risk of stress, hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, and heart attacks.
  • This technique is only one of its kinds. It plays a considerable role in the self-development of an individual. This is the thing that is not present in other techniques.
  • There are expert teachers for teaching transcendental technique. These teachers follow up on their teachings as well. In this way, a person can learn and practice it again and again to get maximum benefit out of this technique.

The main concept while teaching transcendental technique is to get access to the inner world of silence.

This inner world exists in every individual. In this hustle and bustle of life, reaching this calm world helps individuals realize their inner energies.

When a person reaches this inner world of calmness, his brain works with greater integrity and produces better results.

There is a large population all over the world that is practicing transcendental meditation to purify their lives.

This is why this technique has become one of the most widely used techniques of meditation.

The ultimate goal of Transcendental Meditation is to help each member achieve pure consciousness.

By doing so, the individual will be able to find peace with himself or herself and also with the rest of the world.

It is a simple, natural, relatively effortless meditation technique where the mind can easily and naturally look into the source of thought, achieving the settled state of the mind, which is known as the Transcendental Consciousness.

It is said to be pure consciousness, which is the source of all creative processes in the human mind.

Differences between Transcendental Meditation and other types of Meditation

There are several differences between the transcendental meditation technique and other types of meditation techniques.

The first important point is that all other techniques instruct individuals to think about something. All techniques teach the development of concentration to achieve certain goals.

On the other hand, to some extent, transcendental meditation allows the control of the mind with concentration.

The other major difference is that other techniques of meditation work on the surface level of concentration on thought or breath.

The transcendental technique directs an individual towards a deep inner state of calmness, which enhances their overall level of awareness.

By reaching this innermost peaceful state, it eventually has positive effects on the personality of an individual.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

There are several benefits to transcendental meditation. This is the only type of meditation that has received researcher’s attention.

According to one rough calculation, six hundred researchers have benefited from the effects of transcendental meditation.

These are the different benefits of transcendental meditation.

Increased Activity of the Brain

It has been observed that transcendental meditation helps the prefrontal cortex connect with other parts of the brain. This thing helps to enhance the overall activity level of the brain.

Moreover, the prefrontal cortex is involved in executive functions of the brain, such as decision-making and problem-solving.

So, the higher level of connections from other parts of the brain enhances its activity level.

Decrease in Stress

If someone practices transcendental meditation daily, it decreases the activity of Sympathetic nervous System.

In turn, the sympathetic nervous system expands the blood vessels and reduces the amount of stress hormones, such as adrenaline hormones.

In this way, transcendental meditation helps reduce the stress of an individual.

Once a person gets rid of stress, there are a few chances for him to be affected by a heart attack, hypertension, or stroke.

Enhance Performance in the Workplace

As we have seen how transcendental meditation affects the major regions of our brain, this enhancement of the brain’s performance also enhances the performance of an individual at their workplace.

Better intelligence, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities make people perform well in their jobs.

By using meditation practices, individuals make a habit of remaining peaceful and passive even in stressful situations, which enables them to meet challenges during their job.

Better Performance at Schools

It has been observed that meditation practices at the school level increase the level of happiness and eagerness in children.

Meditation helps students reduce their study-related concerns and hopelessness.

Meditation also helps children with disabilities improve their performance. Through meditation, they are better able to concentrate on their minds.

Moreover, transcendental meditation increases brain activity and executive functions of the brain, which helps reduce the symptoms of learning disabilities.

Promoting Peace in Society

Transcendental meditation has the potential to change society in a positive way.

If people practice this meditation technique in groups, it can produce better results for them.

A green forest cannot be green until every tree in that forest is green. In this way, a society can never become peaceful until every individual feels peace inside themselves.

Maintaining Focus

It helps in building and maintaining the focus of an individual. A person cannot focus on or concentrate on anything when there are several things in his mind.

Transcendental meditation helps the individual reduce distraction and develop concentration. In this way, people develop the potential to focus on their goals.

Better Relationships

Transcendental meditation softens the heart of an individual as well. It induces patience in an individual and helps him to treat everyone kindly.

This kind of attitude increases the popularity of the individual among his family members, friends, and colleagues.

More than 500 clinical studies have been done on Transcendental Meditation. One study shows that members who are in their 50’s feel much younger.

Another study shows that it improves your academic achievement, creativity, and intelligence.

Those who have been practicing it claim that it reduces problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Even those who have had addictions to alcohol or drugs in the past say that this has helped them kick the habit.

In short, Transcendental Meditation is able to improve your physical health.

Probably the biggest surprise is that one study showed that members of this movement have had fewer medical problems than those who are not.

Given the benefits it can do to those who practice it, this is probably the reason why some companies in the US offer this program to their employees.

This is because management knows that stress costs them more than 200 billion dollars annually, which means a decrease in the worker’s productivity.

One example of a company that offers this to its employees is General Motors.

This car company has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for several years, and results from a study showed that this increased productivity in the workplace, improved morale, and had a good impact on the physical health of their workers.

There are even some who have mistaken Transcendental Meditation and the organization itself for being part of a religious cult.

This is because another name by which it is known is “Science of Creative Intelligence,” which in fact is a degree that you can get after you graduate from the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

It should also be pointed out that Transcendental Meditation is scientific, so you don’t have to abandon your current religion.

In fact, it can be done with little effort, so it is possible for you to achieve pure consciousness regardless of your age, gender, educational background, culture, or religion.

Transcendental Meditation makes you look inward, so you are able to turn those dormant potentials into realities.

Of course, this can only happen over time and with practice, so you will soon be able to experience an endless world of possibilities.



Transcendental Meditation is one of the most well-known and widely practiced types of meditation.

Introduction To Transcendental Meditation

  • This is the simplest technique of all.
  • One can learn Transcendental Meditation with a slight effort.
  • The best thing about Transcendental Meditation technique is that it does not require any belief.
  • Transcendental Meditation helps increase the activity of the brain
  • Transcendental Meditation technique is just taken as a technique for making health better.
  • Transcendental practice helps in controlling stress and blood pressure.
  • This technique is only one of its kinds.
  • There are expert teachers for teaching transcendental technique.

Difference Between Transcendental Meditation And Other Types Of Meditation

  • Transcendental meditation allows the control of mind with concentration
  • It directs an individual towards a deep inner state of calmness, which enhances their overall level of awareness.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

  • Increased activity of the brain
  • Decrease in stress
  • Enhance performance in the workplace
  • Better performance at schools
  • Promoting peace in society
  • Maintaining focus
  • Better relationships



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 – What are the effects or benefits of transcendental meditation to you?