What are some Causes of Damaged Hair?

As they say, hair is a crowning glory. It’s part of our body to be maintained and taken care of.

What could be some elements that could damage your hair?


Whether you realize it or not, the sun can be extremely harmful to your hair. The same UV rays that damage your sensitive skin can also damage your hair!


The reason for this is due to what hair actually is.


Do you know what your hair is made up of or how it grows?


Let me explain, then you will better understand why the same sunlight that affects our precious skin cells affects our hair in the same manner.


Hair is basically made up from our dead skin cells that when builds up springs from our dermis tissue layer by way of our hair follicles through our epidermis. This is precisely how our hair grows!


Because hair is made up of skin cells, it can still be affected, albeit in a different manner, by the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun just as our skin is. But this is not the only thing to understand about the chemical composition of our hair.


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Hair is mostly comprised of a specific protein called Keratin. Lack of this protein can affect the texture of our hair, so supplements are used to replace this lost protein via specific hair care products. That is why many of them contain “keratin.”


Just as hair is damaged and dried out through the use of blow dryers, curling irons, and straightening irons, so too can the sun have the same lasting effects. This can make your hair appear dull and “lifeless”.


It can also create any of the following conditions: dryness, fragility, brittleness, among others due to constant drying.


Because of this “drying out”, we must replenish our hair just as we do our bodies when we are thirsty. When your hair is dry or damaged, it’s thirsty. This is why many treatment methods for dry hair call for specific moisturizing elements.


In addition, what we eat is also important to healthy hair growth. Since our hair is made up of certain types of protein and skin cells, it should make perfect sense that what we eat has a great effect on the health of our hair, just as it does the rest of our bodies.


Eating a full diet containing protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, and even an appropriate amount of fat is important to stimulate the growth of healthy hair from our follicles.


Several vitamins and minerals require fat in order to be delivered or absorbed by the body. Because of the chemical components of our hair, certain outside elements affect it in very specific ways.


Take for example the sun. As mentioned earlier, long exposure to the sun would be the same as blow-drying or curling your hair with a curling iron.


It dries out your hair taking away vital moisture. It can also cause “split ends” as a result of exposure, or over exposure, as many of us enjoy daily activities outdoors in the direct sunlight.


In addition, UV rays from the sun expose our hair to natural radiation. This type of radiation reacts to the hair in a different manner than it does to our skin, but still has damaging effects. Extended exposure without protection to UV rays can cause our hair to become fragile, brittle, or thinned over time.


UV rays also cause the texture of our hair to change. They can make our hair feel rough and dry instead of silky and smooth.

Protect your hair from the sun. Just like your skin, your hair can become sun-damaged. Wear a hat or apply a conditioner that contains sunscreen to block out damaging ultraviolet rays.


Repeated bleaching, dyeing, perming and straightening causes hair to become dull and lose its luster.


Here are some tips to prevent damage and keep your hair looking beautiful year-round:


arrow_prcvir Moisturize. If you have long hair, leave-in conditioner can help keep your tresses full of life. Cold weather, in particular, can disrupt the moisture balance of the scalp, so make sure to use conditioner in the winter months.


arrow_prcvir Give your hair the spa treatment. When it comes to restorative, indulgent beauty masques, why should your skin have all the fun? Give your locks a luxurious therapeutic spa treatment with a hair masque that is perfect for tresses in distress as well as healthy hair that just needs an occasional pick-me-up.



arrow_prcvir Steer clear of heat. Use styling products such as curling irons and hot rollers sparingly. If you use a hair dryer, set it to the coolest setting possible and do not concentrate the heat on one area of the scalp for a long period of time.


swimming-pool_damage hair


Going swimming, even in our backyards, inside a pool that has been chemically treated with chlorine can also cause terrible damage to our hair.


Both chlorine and salt water can dry out our hair. And, continued exposure simply intensifies these effects damaging hair even further. Not to mention that those with color treated hair can experience discoloration giving gray or green hues to the tint.


Furthermore, the mineral deposits salt water contains in direct combination with sunlight dehydrate your hair on a massive level. It can also make your hair color appear as “brassy”.


All the chemicals used in pools and the minerals present in sea or salt water, adhere to the hair which is what causes these color changes, and can also give a dull, unhealthy look to our hair.


Everything we don’t want when we think about the way we wish our hair to appear!


That is the reason why we must take steps to ensure the beauty, and safety, of our hair before we even step foot outside.


Prevent Split Ends


Hot air and dry weather make your hair loose its moisture and become brittle. The worst condition to every girl’s eye is the occurrence of split ends on hair.


Split ends generally mean the splitting of the hair fiber. It happens when the protective portion of the hair called cuticle, gets damaged.


They can occur anywhere on the hair shaft, but mostly they are seen on the tips of the hair.


It is important for one to understand what causes the hair ends to split. There are various causes of split end in hair.


Over dispensation of the hair with gels, chemicals and brushing the hair harshly can cause split ends on hair.


Using a brush on wet hair or combing the hair with uneven teeth in combs can also harm the hair. Coloring the hair often also damages them.


Split ends stop hair growth and result in broken hair. You can make your hair glossy and grow longer by simply following certain tips on hair care to prevent split ends and broken hair.


To keep your split ends in check, you do not require going to a salon every week. Fashion and beauty industry has invented certain home remedies for treating your dry and damaged hair.


Follow the subsequent hair care tips to rejuvenate your broken hair.
  • Split ends once occurred cannot be repaired. They have to be removed. Take small sections of hair and twirl them gently in a downward motion. The split ends will automatically split out. Then carefully shear the split ends with sharp scissors. Be cautious while removing the damaged cuticles and do not cut the thick layer.
  • Make a protein shake recipe. Mix 2 tablespoons of soy protein powder with a cup of milk, ¼ cup of fresh fruits in a blender. Make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your hair once a week to silken them.
  • Do not go into the open heat without covering your hair.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Trim your hair at regular intervals.
  • Do no forget to apply a conditioner after shampooing your hair.
  • Massage the scalp with warm oil at least twice or thrice a week.
  • Using mayonnaise or beer on your hair can add up to the lost moisture.
  • Do not use a brush on wet hair. Use a wide toothed comb instead.


A variety of hair care products is also available in the market. Shop around and select an appropriate product for treating your damaged and broken hair.


Healthy hair adds grace to your beauty. Take good care of your hair to avoid the occurrence of split ends. Follow the split ends prevention tips and enjoys having long silky hair.


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