What Are The Solutions To Some Hindrances To Meditation?

What could be some obstacles during meditation and solutions to effectively push through your meditation? Nothing in this world is without effort.

When we want to attain our goals, we face many hindrances and obstacles in our way. Spirit and will power must be used to remove these obstacles from your way, or to mold these hurdles in your favor.

Sometimes, people are hyperactive and anxious in nature. Some anxious people withdraw because of their negative attributes while some people use their negative energies to gain positive goals, and use their hyperactivity and anxiousness in creativity.

Meditation is the process of attaining peace in life. If you will withdraw in the face of hurdles, you will not be able to attain your goals like peace and harmony.

Here are some hindrances which can come in the way of meditation.

Habitual Distraction of Mind

It is the habit of our mind that it keeps on thinking the things that are desirable for him. Our mind wants pleasure seeking, and it becomes difficult for it to calm down and concentrate on one object.

Ill Feelings

People may confront with bad feeling during their meditation sessions. These feelings can be due to the new physical postures because the body is not used to for such positions.

Sometimes, it happens that while developing concentration during meditation, we begin to concentrate on undesirable people and things. These things make us leave our meditation session.


Restlessness or unsteadiness is the thing that comes during meditation sessions when we are trying to concentrate our mind on one thing.

This type of concentration produces a large amount of mental energy. This mental energy then converts itself into physical energies.

By doing this, it becomes very difficult for a beginner to even preserve his posture during the session.


It is another thing which works as a barrier during the meditation session. Slothfulness refers to fatigue or slowness. Many things can induce this tiredness in you, for example, a long hectic day.

When you will start meditation after a hectic day, or with many tensions in mind, you will not be able to concentrate in meditation.

It is important to free your mind before practicing meditation. Another thing is that, when people start meditation session after a long hectic day, they find much pleasure in sitting and emptying their minds.

Instead, they focus their minds on more complex practice, they choose to leave their sessions or go to sleep.


It can be harmful during the meditation session. Try to convince yourself before indulging in meditation. If you don’t think that it will help you in any way then be sure that, it is not going to help you.

If you are not convinced of the power of meditation, you will find it less enjoyable, and it will be more likely that you quit it at an early stage.

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Solutions For Hindrances During Meditation

We have discussed five major obstacles that can prevent any person from attaining goals during meditation.

Many people believe that there is no problem which exists without a solution on this earth. With this, experts have suggested some solutions for these sorts of problems.

The important thing for getting a solution for your problem is your awareness for your problem. One should know that what kind of problem he is experiencing. Only in this way, one will be able to find the correct solution of the problem.

These solutions are as follow.

Solution for Habitual Distraction of Mind

As we have seen that different desires can divert us during the meditation session, one can bring his attention back to meditation.

Experts suggest that in such a situation, a person should concentrate on his breathing. This could help in concentrating on meditation steadily and unconsciously.

Solution for Ill Feelings

Being kind is the perfect solution for eliminating ill feelings. Whenever feelings of hatred and aggressive comes in your mind, try to calm down yourself, take a break and try to change ill feelings with healthy feelings.

You need to think about the pleasant things during this procedure. The best and practical thing is to be kind to you.

Kindness with your own self is essential because ill feelings are most damaging for your own mind and health.

Once you begin to take care of yourself, you will not destroy yourself with negative feelings, and it will also produce positivity in your attitude.

Solution for Restlessness

One can eliminate the feelings of restlessness through concentrating on lower parts of the body.

One should notice the breaths are coming into the abdomen. This deep breathing will develop one’s concentration slowly.

Another thing which one should adopt during restlessness is self-instruction. Saying “calm down” with every breath can be helpful, as well.

This self-instruction has great importance in Psychology, where clinicians teach self-instruction to individuals with anxiety in order to slow them down.

Solution for Slothfulness

Illumination or bright light is the best solution for the problem of slothfulness or tiredness.

Experts have recommended that one should focus on senses coming from your upper part of the body if he wants to reduce tiredness.

Another thing is that one should concentrate on any bright object if feeling tired. If you want to close your eyes, there should be enough light in the room that you can feel even with closed eyes.

Otherwise, on should conduct meditation session with open eyes because dark or dim light produces depression in individuals.

Solution for Doubts

The best thing to eliminate a doubt is to enhance your knowledge about the issue. If you are fully aware of the effects of meditation, then you will be less doubtful about its effects.

Another thing to reduce doubts is to experience doubted thing. Be dedicated to meditation for some sessions, and you need to carry on with that further if you find it useful.

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Other Techniques

There are some other techniques that one can try during meditation. I will discuss all of them briefly.


Sometimes, it is useful to concentrate on obstacles and their outcomes. Minor obstacles will be lightening away through this method.


If one comes to know about an obstacle, one should stop there for some time. One should let these situations go.

Hopefully, these momentary situations will pass away soon. One should not practice detachment during the condition of tardiness otherwise, the person with become more tired than before the exercise session.


If the obstruction is firm, and previously prescribed methods are not working over it then, one should try to push them softly. In this way, they will not be able to disturb you for a longer period of time.

check4Winding up session

If you find that no method is useful for breaking your barrier, then you should wisely wind up the session and realize that your mental condition is not compatible with meditation that time.

Don’t think that all your effort during the session has come to nothing, because there is a series of sessions during meditation, and experiences during the current session will give confidence for the upcoming sessions to be taken effectively.


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