What Is The Right Hair Style For You?

What’s the Right Look?

There are so many different hairstyles for different people and different occasions.  If you do an internet search, you will find an amazing number of websites and articles dedicated to that very topic.

You can find everything from articles on wacky and wild hair styles to specific and serious articles on what kind of style suits the shape of your face.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

One of the most common desires for people seeking information about hair styles is what to do when you have a “long” face.

This is particularly an issue with some people who have really proportionately large foreheads.  There are a lot of options for someone who has this particular problem.

Someone with straight hair can create the appearance of more width by using bangs.  Chin-length bobs and cuts can also be effective options because they also work well to create an effective illusion of width.

Curls and waves also add width, but for general appearance sake, it might be wise to avoid short layers that add volume on top.  Bangs can make your face appear shorter because they cover up large foreheads.

While these are all positive options, there are some styles that you will need to avoid.

Any type of style that involves extremely long or extremely short hair will end up elongating your face, which you are looking to avoid in the first place.

If a long face is not a problem, you may want to consider looking for a style that involves long, curly hair.

There are very few looks that turn the head more than long, curly hair.  If you are a girl with long, curly hair and you are having trouble with “frizzing,” one way to stop that is to not brush your curls.

Take the time to use your fingers to break up curls, or you will continue to have the problems you are already facing.

There are many magazines and e-zines dedicated specifically to these types of hair care topics.  For each person, there is a different style.  Find pictures, and try to imagine each look on you.

Does it accentuate your best features?  Does it hide the worst?  Do you like it?  That is the best and most important decision.

If you like your hair, your attitude will show, and it is attitude that attracts other people’s attention more than anything else.  Remember that, and if you find a style that works in your eyes, it will work for everyone else as well.


Hairstyle Software Is All The Rage

Go to a professional hair stylist, and chances are, for a fee, you can get them to input your image to their fancy computer and show you just how you’d look if your hair were cut and styled in a variety of different ways.

The professionals pay a lot of money to provide that service, but maybe not for much longer. Virtual hair styles and hair imaging have now become cheaply available to you on the Internet.

Now, for not much more than the price of a coffee or two, sites such as

Hair Cuts and UpDos allow you to ‘try on’ up to 4000 different hair styles—all at the click of a button. The cheaper end of the market uses photos or drawings of models wearing the hair styles, but with others, the sky is the limit.

Upload your own photo into their software and know precisely how you will look in short hair styles, celebrity hair styles, long hairstyles, curly, straight, punk or celebrity hairstyles, highlights, layering—you name it.

With your own photo on the computer, you can try them all to your heart’s content!

Have you ever become lost in your own little dream world and never wanted to come out? That’s what it’s like. All the styles and ideas you never had the courage—or the patience—to explain to a hair stylist can now be yours.

Imagine a role, an environment, or a setting… and instantly transform yourself into the appropriate persona. Or not! Sometimes you get excellent feedback on what you really should avoid! But that’s the fun of it. No risks! All thoughts are catered for!

Most of the services get you to take a digital photo of yourself or scan a color photo and save it as a.jpg file (scanning software does that for you automatically).

You can do it yourself, or a photo processing store will often do it for a small fee. Each website is a little different, but generally, the upload process is simple and well-explained, and with a few quick clicks, your photo travels to their computer and becomes ready for you to play with.

Most sites allow you to upload a number of photos, so don’t worry if you mess up the first one. Just click on ‘refresh’ and go back to the original. Most sites also have time-based subscriptions, so you’ll probably have from 6 months to a year to play as often as you want.

Now, how do you get from beginner to pro in the shortest possible time? Probably by taking a bit of care in preparing. Get someone to take a fresh photo of you.

Make it full face-on (take advantage, though, if the software you intend to use allows more than one angle).

Once the photo is in the software, you’ll use their tools to blank out all your existing hair, so make that as easy as possible by wetting your hair and slicking it back for the photographer or tying it back in a ponytail before you take the photo.

The aim is to leave your face clear of hair, so it’s easy to produce a clean line around your face in the online photograph.

Now, give yourself plenty of time, because this can become addictive! Do it alone or with friends—and have a hairstyle ball!

have a straight hair

Hairstyles In A Hurry: Fast Tips For Fast Living

It can be hard to get your hair to look like you want it to, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Now you can relax with two great-looking hairstyles you can create without spending much time.

Fast Forward Curl

This sophisticated-looking style is quick and easy.

Begin by making sure you have everything handy: a blow dryer and light hand-held diffuser, a small barreled curling iron, a misting bottle (if you have natural curls), curl-enhancing balm or mousse (if you need it), and a non-stiffening hair spray.

  1. Apply the curl enhancer / mousse to help enhance any natural curl. If you have a lot of natural curl, a misting bottle might be enough.
  2. Gently untangle your hair and create a part in it.
  3. Air-dry your hair to about 80% (use a towel if you are in a hurry).
  4. If you have a lot of natural curl, begin scrunching your hair with your fingers (misting frequently if you are using water).
  5. If you are using a blow dryer, push your fingers into the hair to lift at the roots.
  6. To add more volume, dry your hair upside down while continuing to scrunch with your fingers.
  7. If you have a less natural curl, use a small barrel curling iron.
  8. Once you have it the way you like it, spray with a non-stiffening hairspray.
The Messy Up Do Hair

A popular hairstyle that is quick is the trendy messy up do.

To accomplish this look:
  1. Brush out your hair to remove the tangles.
  2. Pull some of the hair up from the front of your face and secure it with a covered ponytail holder.
  3. Cover the holder with a hair clasp.
  4. At the nape of your neck, gather your hair into a loose ponytail and hold it in place with a hair tie.
  5. Twist the ponytail up to the crown of your head and secure the twist with long hair pins.
  6. Leave several (however many you like to see) of the ends of the twist loose and arrange them as you like.
  7. Pull some of the whippy ends loosely around your jaw to soften your jaw line.
  8. Hold the do in place with a non-stiffening hairspray.

Practicing these and other styles will allow you to change hairstyles quickly. Before you know it, you will be able to race in the door, change your hair style, and dash back out to your next appointment looking fresh and stylish in a matter of minutes.

To give a different look to these styles, change the color, size, or style of pins you use, and also vary the other accessories. In the same amount of time, your hair style can look new and different.

Memorize these and other quick hair styling methods so that you can look your best without spending a lot of time on your hair.

Practice is the key that will allow you to quickly create hairstyles in minutes that are fresh and stylish every time.


  • How do you find the right hair style for you?
  • How do you judge if it is the right hair style for you? What are your considerations?
  • Have you tried using hairstyle software?
  • What is the best hair style for you? Is it long, short, or curled?
  • How do you take care of your hair style if you are in a hurry?
  • Are you adventurous enough to try different hair styles?



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