Healthy Mind

Welcome to the fountain of your mind, memory, imagination, creativity and mental power! Pour in some wisdom, knowledge, understanding, intelligence and insight for it will burst and flow back outside.

And as they gush outward after processing, internalizing, reflecting, thinking, philosophizing, and pondering them it will spring out some idea, insight, realization and the like.

Keep your fountain clear, and free from unclean or tainted water.

Make sure that your fountain is active with the decent and perfect amount of water that could be sparkling, colorful, flavorful, dazzling and thrilling.

Splash around and check the articles below!


calm yourself using visualization_c

How To Calm Yourself With Visualization Technique?

There are many ways to use visualization but in here discover how it can be used to calm your mind ...
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financially empowered

How To Beat Financial Worries And Be Financially Empowered?

In this article, find out how to overcome financial worries and frustrations, but to be financially empowered instead and check ...
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stress management_c

7 Step Program To Stress Management

As we know, stress is a part of life.  There’s no getting away from it.  In fact, some stress is ...
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7 Powerful Stress-Busting Techniques For Sales People

Close to your edge? It’s time to take a brake and mellow down! Your alarm clock goes off for the ...
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develop your imagination_c

How To Develop Your Imagination?

Every great work in the world first has its place in the human imagination.  If a man is about to ...
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deal with stress in relationships_c

How To Deal With Stress In Relationships?

Relationships are strange things. If handled carefully, they can generate an untold amount of pleasure in your life. But if ...
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how diet ease depression

How Can Diet Ease Depression?

Depression can be offset or even eliminated when your diet consists of nutritional and healthy foods. Indeed, certain foods are ...
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maintain memory functions

How To Maintain Your Memory Functions As You Age?

Aging is a natural process of growth and life. It's a fact and should be faced head on. But, are ...
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Recognizing Worry Is Within Yourself

Are you constantly worrying about everything? Most people worry mostly about relationships, finances, your parents, children, job, school, and everything ...
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more creative

How To Be More Creative?

What is creativity? Creativity is an act of faith and an art of discovery. It is the ability of a ...
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hypnosis an mind

What Is The Relationship Between Hypnosis And The Mind?

The power of your Mind is truly awesome.  You can use your mental powers to achieve success that, up until ...
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Uncover Several Aspects Of Your Memory

Find out more about your memory as well as some mnemonic tactics that you can do to improve it. There ...
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power of concentration

How To Achieve The Power Of Concentration?

How do you concentrate? Why is concentration important, needless to say? Throughout the ages, great people have invariably had great ...
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27 get rid of stress

27 Tips To Get Rid Of Stress

Were you stressed lately? Fret not! There are ways to get away with it. Here are 27 steps you can ...
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stress_affects body

How Stress Affects Your Body And Disrupts Vital Organs?

Stress affects just about everyone’s daily lives. Unfortunately, stress is not a benign thing. It can affect your body in ...
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wellness of mind and brain

How To Take Care The Wellness Of Your Mind And Brain?

How do you take care the wellness of your mind? Check here to learn more about the calm mind and ...
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inspiring ideas and inspired life

How To Make The Most Of Inspiring Ideas And Live An Inspired Life?

What can you do in order to make the most out of your inspiring ideas? Throughout your life, you may ...
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cultivate memory

How To Seriously Cultivate Your Memory?

Do you feel the need of improving your memory? Do you feel as though your memory sucks? Do you have ...
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The Truth About Fitness Of The Body, Mind And Spirit

Physically fit is great! But, do not forget to take care of your mind and spirit as well. Find out ...
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food and memory, caffeine and memory

Food And Memory, Caffeine And Memory

What could be the relationship between food and memory or caffeine and memory? Are you eating the right food for a ...
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how to respond to stress

How Could You Respond To Stress Successfully?

What is the issue? How to really deal with stress? Stress is a day-to-day factor that we all have to ...
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How To Sharpen Your Mind Even When You Are Busy?

How to enhance your mental prowess and ability? It is vital to take care of your mind as you give ...
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stress signals

What are some Signals Showing you are Stressed?

One of the most deterring factors in any stress solution is that the person suffering from stress is in denial ...
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remember names

How to Remember Names with Ease?

Find out how to use our mind to remember names through discussing the virtual systems and some tips on how to ...
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deal with stress

15 Ways On How To Deal With Stress At Work

What would you do when stress at work strikes? Workplace stress is one of the most common forms of stress ...
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brain function exercise

What Are The Brain Function And Brain Activity During Exercise?

There seems to be no end to the benefits of exercise. Research says it will improve brain function. But before ...
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10 Tips to Remove Stress Out of Your Life

How can you become victorious against the demons of stress? How to overcome stress and deal with it? You are ...
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inspirational ideas

Where to Find Inspirational Ideas?

You can find inspirational ideas from a wide number of sources. There's no need to travel to distant places or ...
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How to Prepare Your Mind for an Exam?

How can you successfully set the memory in the right direction towards remembering vital data during exam time? Find out here ...
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What are the Different Types of Inspirational Ideas?

There are general inspirational ideas that can inspire any group of individuals while there are others that are meant for ...
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Practical Steps to Improve your Mind Competency

Who does not want to get better and be better? Of course, you also want to improve your memory and ...
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Alter Mindset_Health and Fitness

How To Alter Your Mindset To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals?

Can changing your mindset helps you to reach your health and fitness goals? Is this one of the factors many ...
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Empowering Yourself And Others Through Inspirational Ideas

Here's an inspirational thought for you - empower yourself first and pass it on to others. This can be possible ...
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Physiological Aspects of Mind and Memory Control

What are the biological processes that take place in one's brain during the process of learning new information? If you ...
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How to Improve your Memory with Healthy Lifestyle?

What actions are you taking to enhance your memory? There is nothing incorrectly in planning to improve your memory. There's ...
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What are some Notions about Creative Thinking?

What are your understanding and thoughts about creative thinking? People seem to have the misconception that only a select few ...
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How to Deal with Stress?

What are some tricks you are doing to deal with stress? Modern day life is so fast paced that it ...
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4 Vital Tips for a Better Memory

As you age, you may feel like your memory is slowly losing its ability to store as much information like ...
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Defining Stress…What Is It?

Stress has been defined in several different ways. Each definition has some kind of relevance, but we shall shortly speak ...
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What are the Factors that Create Stress?

It is a circle, really. First, there is something that causes grief and depression within us, but then we come ...
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How Does Memory Improves by Playing Card Games?

Are there any tricks you are doing to improve your memory? Through time, there are many techniques that are being ...
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7 Creative Thinking Tips in Problem Solving

How many times have you caught yourself saying that there could be no other solution to a problem and that ...
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