Weight Loss

Welcome to the Weight Loss Lane! As you journey along, you might encounter some road bumps, detours or even some stop signs. But even then, if you are in this trip, get and get going.

Let the journey be the destination.

Along the way, you might gain some or lose some but as you focus and determined to reach your destination, it leads to a different path of lifestyle change and healthy living.

Let the journey be memorable and enjoyable at the same time.

Step up now and read the articles below!



Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

A unique method to lose weight naturally is through an age-old process called the process of hypnosis. Find out more ...
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south beach diet_c

What You Should Know About South Beach Diet?

There are many ways to lose weight and the most popular one involves eating more of proteins and fats with ...
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strength training

How Strength Training Helps In Fat Loss And Getting Ripped Abs?

Have you considered including strength training in your fitness routine? In this article, find out how strength training burns fat, ...
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how lose weight in one week

Is It Possible To Lose Weight In One Week?

One Week Weight Loss Plan Losing weight can be easily understood and workable even in just a week! Specific methods ...
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zone diet

What You Should Know About The Zone Diet?

The Zone Diet promises that dieters can expect to lose one to two pounds per week. One to two pounds ...
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Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet

Eat more and weigh less? Really? Sounds like a scam, right? Fortunately, it’s not. Dr. Dean Ornish has based his ...
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fat smash diet

The Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet by Ian K. Smith, M.D. is a New York Times Bestseller. It has received acclaim due ...
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What You Should Know About The Sonoma Diet?

Have you heard of the Sonoma Diet? It’s one of the most popular diets in the world and there’s a ...
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diet myths and nutrition

What Are Some Diet And Nutrition Myths To Watch Out For?

There are many myths concerning, diet, nutrition, and weight loss spreading since. Along with some diet busters, check below if ...
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volumetrics diet

What Is Volumetrics Diet?

If you’re tired of diets and dieting and just wish there was a way to eat, feel full and lose ...
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ultrametabolism diet

What You Should Know About The UltraMetabolism Diet?

The UltraMetabolism diet is a plan unlike any other plan on the market. It takes a whole new approach to ...
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green tea diet

What You Should Know About The Green Tea Diet?

Going on a green tea diet can be one of the best decisions for your body. Perhaps you’re the type ...
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What You Should Know About The Mediterranean Diet?

Looking and feeling good is what everyone wants. Exercising and eating right are the only ways to achieve this. People ...
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vegetarian diet

How To Switch To Vegetarian Diet?

Have you decided to go on a vegetarian diet? But, how do you have a smooth and healthy transition from ...
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paleo diet

What Is Paleo Diet?

What is the origin of Paleo diet? Are there some benefits you can gain? Learn more including some tips and ...
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What Are The Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism?

You will be absolutely amazed at the difference you feel when you have eaten meat for a short period of ...
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How To Get Chiseled Abs Even At Home?

View more on edocr If there is one standard that most of the world uses to determine whether a person’s ...
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fad diets

What Are The Dangers Of Fad Diets To Your Health?

Are you into fad diets? You think you just want to be fit. But, how can it be risky or ...
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38 eating tips

38 Eating Tips To Lose Weight

Are eating habits important in losing weight and taking care of your health in general? Aside from exercise and workouts, ...
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lose weight functional strength

How To Lose Weight With Functional Strength?

What can functional strength do with weight loss? But before that, let us find out first the importance of functional ...
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benefits of cycling

Why Cycling Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight?

To gain benefits from cycling you don’t have to be super fit, an athlete or anything of the sort. The ...
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Why Pilates Is Beneficial To Your Health And In Losing Weight?

There are many forms of exercise programs. Pilates is among the most popular. Did you know that there are numerous ...
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Do You Want To Know Some Diet Tips And The Diet Secrets Of The Stars?

How much do you know about diets? Find out more about the pros and cons of diets, avoiding fad diets, ...
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weight loss_heart health

How Could Weight Loss Enhance Your Heart Health?

Your heart will respond differently when you are losing weight. On the contrary, being overweight can result in an increased ...
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boost metabolism to lose weight

How To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally To Lose Weight?

First, find out the process and function of metabolism. Then, check the foods that speed up metabolism and easy ways ...
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active ways to lose weight

30 Active Ways And Tips To Lose Weight

How to lose weight without purchasing a gym membership? One of the key factors here is to get your body ...
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pedometer_get you walking

Why Using Pedometer Can Get You Walking to Lose Weight And Be Fit?

Why would you start walking using a pedometer to lose weight? When it comes to losing weight, a simple approach is ...
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17 Tips To Help You Check Your Drinks In Losing Weight

Have you  realize that what you drink is the first step in losing pounds? Watch out what you are drinking! ...
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before diet

What You Should Know Before Going Into A Diet?

Do you want to know more about diets? The whole world is going the diet way today. Either people are ...
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Top 20 Effective Weight Loss Tips

Are you struggling to lose weight? When it comes to losing weight why is it that we always want to ...
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Eat Healthy Breakfast For Health And Weight Loss

Are you are a morning person? Is eating breakfast part of your daily routine? Do you eat healthy breakfast? Then, I ...
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What is the Relationship Between Self-esteem and Weight Loss?

Weight loss and self-esteem can be likened to a scale, as one side goes down the other side goes up ...
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